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Districtmail 26 jun 2014

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    DONDERDAG, 26 JUNIE 2014 Prys: R6.20 | Tel 021 853 0211 | www.districtmail.com | districtmail.mobi




    BL. 3

    Club rugby

    Anarrow1912win for




    Gunmenopen fire

    in shoppingareas


    A security officer was shot and

    wounded, and a shot was fired at

    awoman in twoseparate shooting

    incidents in the Helderberg one

    onMonday 23 June and the other

    on Friday 20 June.

    Atang Leboto (23), a security offic-

    er at Executive Risk Consultants

    (ERC),was shot in the stomach on

    Monday, when two men robbed him

    during a routine cash drop-off in

    Main Road, Somerset West.


    ployee of Vodacom Helderberg Vil-

    lage Walk, the incident occurred at

    about 10:50 in front of the store.

    She recalls two men approaching

    Leboto and words being exchanged

    between them before a scuffle broke


    were trying to rob Leboto of a black


    ants then drew a firearm and shot

    him in the abdomen. The employee

    saysLeboto fell togroundandthetwo

    men ran down Victoria Street.

    According to ER24 spokesperson

    Russel Meiring, paramedics found

    Leboto in a critical condition. Meir-

    ing says advanced life support was

    performed before Leboto was trans-

    ported to Mediclinic Vergelegen.

    ERC operations manager, Angie

    Brink says Leboto was on his way to

    FNB to deposit an undisclosed

    amount of money for Essential

    Health Pharmacy at the time of the

    shooting. Leboto was accompanied

    by an employee of the pharmacy. Ac-

    cording to Brink, after the incident,


    oto, said shesawoneof theassailants

    in the pharmacymoments before the

    drop-off. She suspects that he saw the

    money being handed to Leboto.

    A spokesperson for Mediclinic

    Vergelegen confirmed that Leboto is

    stable and is recovering from the at-

    tack, although it is not known when

    he will be discharged.

    According to Lieutenant Colonel

    Andr Traut, spokesperson for the

    provincial police, a case of robbery

    andattemptedmurder isbeing inves-

    tigated and no arrests have yet been


    The other incident occurred at

    13:30 onFridaywhenDanieBotha al-

    legedly fired shots at his former girl-

    friendintheparkinglotat theVillage

    Shopping Centre in Gordons Bay.

    According to Sergeant Chrisy

    Young, acting spokesperson for the

    Gordons BayPolice, thewomanwas

    in the back of a BMW that was being

    reversed out of a parking bay, when

    Botha fired a shot at her and shat-

    tered one of the windows.

    Young says the victims daughter

    and son-in-law were with her in the

    carat the time.Thepair got out of the

    vehicle and wrestled Botha to the

    ground, seizing the firearm.

    Botha, originally from Port Eliza-


    der, domestic violence, anddischarg-

    ing a firearm while under the influ-

    ence of alcohol and in public. He

    appeared in the Strand Magistrates

    Court on Monday and was released

    onR1 000bail.Thecasehasbeenpost-

    poned to 5 September.

    The victim had apparently been in

    a three-year relationship with Botha

    before he kicked her out of his home

    two weeks ago.



    Top photo: Danie Botha is arrested after the shooting in the parking lot

    at the Village Shopping Centre in Gordons Bay. Second photo: Lieuten

    ant Charles Riffel of the Somerset West Police and members of Vetus

    Schola/Helderberg Crime Watch at the scene in Main Road, Somerset

    West where Atang Leboto was shot. PHOTOS: JAMEY GORDON



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    26 Junie, 2014



    A navy blue Opel vehicle

    caught alight on the cor

    ner of Sarel Cilliers Street

    and Aerodrome Way, in

    front of Strand High

    School at around 12:00

    on Friday 20 June. The

    Strand Fire Brigade was

    called out to the scene

    and managed to extin

    guish the fire. The driver

    of the Opel escaped the

    blaze uninjured, said

    Strand Fire Department

    spokesperson Liezel



    R44000 lost in fake coin scam


    The owner of a commercial div-

    ing business in Strand, Trevor

    Bailey, was conned out of a total

    of R44 000 by a local resident,

    Jacques Gerber.

    Bailey laid a charge of fraud

    againstGerberonceherealised that

    Gerber had sold him aKruger Rand

    and five fake gold coinswith former

    president NelsonMandelas face on


    Gerber was arrested on Saturday

    14 June and after appearing in the

    Strand Magistrates Court on 17


    tody and sent to Pollsmoor Prison.

    He currently has three charges

    against him at the Strand Magis-

    tratesCourt.Whenhewas arrested

    on the charge of fraud, he was also

    charged with possession of suspect-

    ed stolen property, possession of

    drugs and possession of fraudulent

    documents relating to coins.

    Bailey said that Gerber initially

    approached him in January this

    year with uncut diamonds for sale.

    With a history of having worked in

    the SAPSs diamond and gold unit

    in the 80s, Bailey said that he had

    no interest in the diamonds. Uncut

    diamondsholdno attraction forme,

    its a dirty industry.

    Gerber then sold Bailey a Kruger

    Rand, which he said was worth

    R14 000, for a special price of

    R8 000. Gerber claimed that he was

    desperate for themoney and that he

    hadabuyer linedupwhowouldbuy

    theKrugerRand fromBailey for the

    full price.

    Bailey suspects that the Kruger

    Rand was fake, but before he could

    verify this, Gerber then asked for

    the Kruger Rand to be returned to

    him so that he could sell it. Bailey

    has yet to see his money.

    Gerber also sold gold Mandela

    coins to Bailey.

    Smelling a rat, Bailey decided to

    contact theScoinShopintheSomer-

    set Mall, who confirmed that the

    coins were in fact part of a promo-

    tional range that they distribute in

    order to attract business to the


    Gerber appeared for a bail hear-

    ingat theStrandMagistratesCourt

    on Tuesday 24 June and at the time

    of going to print, the outcome of the

    hearing was unknown.

    One of the gold Mandela coins that

    Jacques Gerber sold to Trevor Bai

    ley for thousands of rands, which

    are in fact only promotional items

    manufactured by a local coin com





    Members of the SomersetWest Po-

    lice arrested five men in connection

    with two recent burglaries at a high

    school. The burglaries occurred be-

    tween 26 and 29 May. Items such as

    power tools, 10 computers and com-

    puter equipment were stolen.

    Three computers were recovered

    fromabusinessman inParow, two in

    Rusthof, Strand and two in Garden

    Village, Somerset West.


    (25), Johannes Fortuin (23) and Nico

    de Goede (34) were arrested for bur-

    glary. Moses Ngubane was arrested

    for purchasing stolen property.

    Themenappeared in the Somerset

    West Magistrates Court on Tuesday

    17 June. The case is postponed until

    30 June.

    All of the men are in custody at

    Pollsmoor Prison until their next ap-


    Anyonewith information can con-

    tact Detective SergeantNolanFisher

    on 021 850 1359.




    ing the publics assistance regarding

    an incident where a 61-year-old man

    was stabbedwhilewalking inDrama

    Street on Friday 20 June.

    The incident occurred at about

    17:50 when the elderly man was ap-


    money. When the elderly mans as-


    he revealed a sharp object.

    Themanwas transported to hospi-

    tal for medical treatment.

    Anyonewith information can con-

    tact Detective Warrant Officer Han-

    nes Niemand on 021 850 1401.

  • 3DistrictMail

    26 June, 2014



    Frustrasie inMacassarkookoor


    Behuisingsproteste inMacassarhetDins-

    dag gewelddadig geraak toe inwoners en

    wetstoepassers slaags geraak het.

    Die betoging het Maandag begin toe lede

    van die Macassar Village Outreach-projek

    die oggend n tweede petisie aan raadslid

    John Heuvel by die munisipale kantore wou

    oorhandig omdie insluiting vanLwandle-in-

    woners in n beplande behuisingsprojek vir

    Macassar teen te staan.

    Patricia de Lille, burgemeester van Kaap-

    stad, het vroer die maand ges di behui-

    singsprojek sal voorsiening maak vir inwo-

    ners van Lwandle, insluitend Sollys Town,

    Greenfields, Pholile Park, Wag n Bietjie en

    die onlangs-afgesettes van die Sanral-grond,

    asook inwoners van agterplase in Macassar.

    Volgens Elizabeth Adams, voorsitter van

    Macassar Village Outreach, is n petisie met

    sowat 400namedie vorigeMaanda