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  • 1. Q5. How did youattract/addressyour audience?
  • 2. F CR OO VN ET R
  • 3. To attract the target audiences attention I only used 4 colours for the front cover. I used teal, a dark navy blue, white and black. When I researched into music magazines I found that all of them only used a limited amount of colours for the front cover. This is effective as it attracts the audiences attention due to the house style being maintained, so I did the same for my front cover in order to achieve this. Also when asking my focus groupquestions based on my front cover they said the same. I used the masthead as another way to attract the audience.The name Underground would attract the target audience to this magazine as it ties in with the genre of music. A stereotypical view point would be that teenagers and young adults that are interested in this type of music would be associated with the underground lifestyle and that they would hang around underground. Also the style of the masthead goes alongside the genre of music and the word itself. The edgy font represents a graffiti style that would often be seen underground as youths tend to graffiti where they are less likely to be seen. This would connote rebellion. As a header across the top of the front cover I included popular artists associated with this genre of music. This will attract the target audience as they may aspire to be like them and they may be good fans of their work. Another way of attracting the audience to the front cover is the price of the magazine. The target audience that I have hoped to aim my magazine at is both males and females aged between 17-25 years old. Also my magazine is mainly aimed at working class/middle class, so I feel that at 2.50 my magazine is affordable for both social classes. Also the word plus on the bottom of the front cover suggests that the audience is getting more for what they paid for so this will divert the audiences attention to it.
  • 5. To attract the audience to the contents page I maintained the house style of the magazine by using the same colours that I did on the front cover of the magazine. This way the magazine looks professional as is appealing to the target audiences eye. I made the background colour of the contents page black. This way the white and teal colours stand out against it. I made sure the masthead that I used on the contents page was the same as the masthead on the contents page. This way the audience knows that the contents page belongs to that magazine and that they can link the front cover to the contents page. Also having the same masthead on both pages makes both pages look professional and eye catching. The black background again emphasises the masthead and makes it stick out on the page. The images that I used on the contents page were another way of trying to attract the target audience. The firstimage was of the main artist that was used on the front cover. Using another image of the same artist emphasises the fact that he is the main feature of the magazine. The artist is making eye contact with the audience which creates a relationship between them. This again is used to entice the audience. The fact that he is wearing a Levis t-shirt makes it that more appealing to the audience because they may look up to him as quick and successful artist as he is able to afford expensive designer wear. Another image that I used for the contents page is of a new female artist. This would appeal to the female side of the target audience as they may aspire to be like her and would be of an interest into her music. At the bottom right hand side of the page I included a feature that was a competition. This enables the audience to get involved and be in with the chance of winning a pair of trainers. This adds a interactivefeature to the contents page which benefits the audience. I also included a picture of trainers on the side so they get a visual image of what they may win.
  • 7. To attract the target audience to my double page spread I again maintained the house style of the magazine by using similar colours to the front cover and contents page. This again makes the magazine look professional and makes it more appealing to look at. When I researched into magazines I looked at various double page spreads. On one of the double page spreads that I came across, the title of the article was just the initials of the artist. I decided to emulate this idea because its short and sweet. I changed the first letter into a colour that matched the colour of what the artist is wearing in the image and the second letter I put in black. Then I overlapped the J over the K which looks effective so is appealing to the audiences eye. From my focus group they responded towhat they found most appealing by saying the same. I then centralised it on the page which makes it stand out. For the article in itself I organised it into columns which again reinforces the professionalism. I made sure thatthe questions were in a different colour to the answer so this way they differentiate from each other. The colourof the question matches the colour of the title and what the artist is wearing which makes the page appealing to look at. The style of the font that I used for the description of the article relates to the genre of music which willappeal to the audience. Again I used the same masthead as featured on the front cover and contents page on thedouble spread so that the pages look like they belong together. The main image anchors the article and the mise- en-scene of the image again, relates to the genre of music. The audience will grow a liking to this because the background of the image is edgy and adds interest. I included bylines and placed them on top of the image which makes them easily noticed. This adds to the professionalism of the magazine as from my research I found that every magazine had bylines on their double page spread.