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1. EvaluationQ5 How did you attract/address your audience? 2. Music Consumption The picture on the left is the answer frommy questionnaire to How do youconsume your music As CD was the most popular answer Iwas influenced to make a free CD offeron the front cover of my magazine as away of attracting my target audience. I think that this would address the needsof my target audience and influence themto buy my magazine. 3. With the Guttenberg principle in mind I used the preliminaryoptical area at the top left of the page for my masthead. Thiswas so people immediately identified my magazine before theysee anything else. I then try to further attract my audience by using the strongfallow area in the upper right hand corner. I positioned a sidestory with photographs in this area as well as a competition offerso my readers would want to know they can win something. I also positioned my main coverline so that it is in line with thereading gravity of the page so it feels natural for my audience toread and I made it quite large to attract people. I used many coverlines on my front cover so my audience feelthey are buying something that is going to be packed full ofinterviews, features and articles. 4. These two images below are taken from my focus group and both share opinions on my work. The left one comments on how I have done well in keeping the house style consistent which is a good way ofattracting my target audience because it looks more appealing. It also says the layout of all 3 pages is good and Ihave done well in using up white space which I am very pleased about as it means my magazine looks like it has alot to offer in the way of stories and interviews, etc. The image on the right talks about how my colour scheme is conventional and eye-catching which is going tohelp me attract my target audience of all ages through sticking to conventions because all generations will be ableto appreciate it. He also says the photography is strong which is a very good thing as it means my audience will bestimulated by the images. 5. This is the feedback I got on my questionnaire when people wereasked What is your favourite feature of a magazine? I looked at these results and decided to write my double pagespread article as an interview instead of a news story as a way toaddress the needs of my target audience. I used a lot of sans serif fonts when designing my pages because if you want to attract a very largedemographic such as people of all ages you need to make the pages easy to read and they also need tolook quite neutral and not stylised in any certain way. By using the sans serif fonts I believe I achievedthis because it follows the conventions of a lot of other music magazines. My magazine shares a similar look to that of Q which is a magazine aimed at people over the age of25 but can still be enjoyed by people of all ages including myself, a 17 year old male. For this reason Ibelieve my magazine could also be enjoyed by people of all ages and for this reason I have achievedmy goal of making my target audience people of all generations.