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Q5. How did you attract/address your audience?

To ensure my magazine would sell well I decided to chose a price for the Rock music magazine that is suitable and is reasonable. To find out the average price of similar magazines I looked in my local supermarket and compared the prices of popular best selling magazines. My magazine falls quite a bit under that. The price of that I have chosen for my music magazine is 2.99 so that it is cheap and affordable for the target audience that I have designed my music magazine to attract.

I will attract my audience by keeping within the conventions of Rock music magazines, and the rebellious, anarchic aesthetic that my audience are interested in and are attracted to. I chose the colours scheme that I have for my music magazine to give the magazine a dark and anarchic aesthetic that is associated with the genre of Rock music, with red, yellow, green and black the image of Akos which is the main focus of the pages is really extenuated and stands out a lot and is really eye-catching.

To attract my target audience I have used a grungy and anarchic aesthetic that is related to rock music and this will attract the audience that follows that genre of music and the artists and lifestyle that go with it.

The use of language on my front cover is just normal everyday colloquial English so that it is easy for the audience to read and understand, for the language on the front cover I did not want to use such a formal text as it is not a classical music magazine but I thought that it would be more appropriate to use standard formal English so that the music magazine that I have created will have a wider audience base and will be easier for people to understand. I didnt use any profanity in the magazine so that it is suitable for a wider age range. If I were to describe I would describe the music magazine that I have created as a chilled out, but anarchic and rebellious feel.