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  1. 1. My Perfect Audience Member Evaluation Q5
  2. 2. New idea During the production of the film, we decided that our original audience member was no longer our primary target audience. We thought that someone more like my cousin would be more likely to watch (and really enjoy) our film.
  3. 3. This is my cousin: He is well dressed, and very intelligent. Besides playing on his x-box, he likes to go out with his friends. He enjoys fancy dress parties (hence the hat and mustache) and will always participate in educational games such as cross words etc. He already has a part time job and is saving up for university and his first car.
  4. 4. My cousin it the kind of person that listens to old music (from the 60- 80s). He is very comfortable in his own skin as his parents have brought him up to be confident. He is reasonably well of, although does not pat for education as he goes to a grammar school. He is incredibly intelligent and like to watch educational T.V programs such as National Geographic. His favorite film is double indemnity a classic film noir. I posted our final film onto my FaceBook wall and his comment reads; Very professional, Look forward to seeing the rest of the film one day . This proves his love for film noirs.
  5. 5. Our perfect audience member is probably a mixture between the nerd tribe and the get paid crew tribe. The majority of our audience will be men between the ages of 18-45.