Media Evaluation Q5

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Transcript of Media Evaluation Q5

1. By Debo Awobayiku QUESTION 5. HOW DID YOU ATTRACT/ADDRESS YOUR AUDIENCE? 2. In our film opening we used a variety of conventions in order to appeal to the younger British audience who enjoy horror/thriller films. In this question I will discuss in detail the different areas in which looked at in order to create a fast pace thriller film set in the London. 3. NARRATIVE We believed to appeal to our target audience: young teenage film lovers we needed to add a scene which would interest them from the very beginning but at first wasnt sure how to go about doing this. Eventually when we were in our premature stages of filming our first scenes in our initial script we saw that it wasnt going to be sufficient enough to keep our audience interested and so after some debate decided to conform to traditional horror conventions by including a chase scene which ended with the victim still being kidnapped. From the very first scenes we ensured that we captured the character Sarah in a peaceful yet gloomy environment using the background noises of nature and was assisted through the use of editing which will be discussed later on in the question. This as well as the chase scene and the final scene before the film title was included to provide the film suspense, tension, an upbeat sequence and ending the opening with a climax to ensure the younger British audience are attracted to the film in the opening scenes 4. FILMING/EDITING In order to create our ideal atmospheric feel to our film opening we manipulated the contrast of the footage to present the characters in a gloomy and dark environment to emulate the mood which we were going for. We achieved this by isolating the background noise and amplifying it as well as editing the colour correction to make the footage darker. By doing so we juxtaposed these two settings giving the film an edgy atmosphere and unnerving feeling of a dangerous lurking figure keeping the audience attentive as the film develops. Additionally we added in the credits using a typography which we believed would contribute create the unnerving feel furthermore we edited the colour of the text to match the colour of our film title. This way, by providing consistency to our opening and slowly building up to our title our audience will be satisfied with the film in just the opening scenes. Furthermore with our camera angles towards the ending of the opening scene we tactically hid the antagonist, Danny behind Sarah by positioning the camera at an angle which captured the moment where he caught her without giving away his position giving the audience a satisfying jump scare.