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2. MY AUDIENCE!My media product is a rock music magazine, which is aimed towardsboth male and female genders, around the age of 15 to 20. I havecreated my magazine so that it will provide my audience with amagazine that will suit there needs and satisfaction. I produced aquestionnaire before I began creating my product so I could find outwhat rock music fans would want to see in a magazine. Thisquestionnaire helped with the basics e.g. colour, five favourite bands,what interests you most about magazines etc. This information helpedme plan my layout colour and allowed me to have an understanding ofwhat my target audience expected. 3. FRONT COVER!My front cover attracted my addressed my audiencethrough the main image as the model, uses direct eyecontact in order for it to catch the eye of the targetaudience, as he has an edgy and angry feel about him,which where the two most chosen moods from thequestionnaire, his attire is also looks very rock like andthe colours also fit perfectly with the colour schemealso chosen by my audience, red, yellow, black andblue. I have used white graphic to highlight certaincover lines to make them stand out and look moreappealing. I have also used it at the bottom of my barcode so I can add extra information; issue, date, price.These colours present a rock feel as red connotes passion and many musicians and music loversare passionate about there music, it also shows anger a chosen mood, black creates a sense ofpower, and the colours blue and yellow are very calm and welcoming colours which allow theaudience to feel welcomed. The magazine also consists of many famous rock bands, whichattracts the audience and the audience be able to connect with the magazine more. 4. CONTENTSPAGE!My Contents page has attracted and addressed myaudience through the three images, the two at thebottom left both use direct address and create an edgyvibe to the page, to show that it a rock magazine on ofthe is dressed in KISS make up and is in black and whit tocreate a mysterious vibe. The main image at the topshows that is a rock magazine through the mise en sceneof her clothing but the model is also smiling allowing theaudience to feel welcomed into the magazine.The colour scheme is the same as the front cover to show that the magazine is consistent and toreflect the colours of rock. I have also created a lot of content to show that there is a wide rageof topics and exciting news to update on. Another important thing that will attract the audienceis the subscribe at the bottom, I have looked at the magazine Kerrang! to give me ideas, and thiswas one of them as many magazines use them, so I have created a subscribe to attract myaudience into buying the magazine every month for 3.00 instead of 3.50. I have also usedgraphics to highlight the headings to make them stand out and to make the page look attractive. 5. Double PageMy Double page spread has attracted and addressed my audience as the article is about a newup coming band called Merger, and is about how they started to where they stand now. Thecolours scheme is similar to the contents and cover, as I have filled the page with black to allowthe writing to stand out and the writing is Red, yellow and white, which are colours thatrepresent there passion for music and to show how they are unique and how they bring outpower in their music. And I have used a black and white image, which I have taken as a collageof different thing about the band, I couldnt meet with them so I have been a little creative andimaginative. I have used the title Band in a Box as the article is about their album Ouside theBox so I have played around and been imaginative. Also the Heading stretches across the wholepage like most DPS do. To help me with layout designs I have been using the magazine Kerrang!To help me figure out what the audience likes best in the articles as I wanted to make sure myarticle met the standards they hope a rock magazine would meet.