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5. How did you attract/address your audience?

5.How did you attract/address your audience?By Scott Walker

Generic ConventionsI have used clothing such as Jordans, Adidas, Topman and Nike to entice the reader by showing their favourite brands. The artists I have used in my cover-lines are either existing artists whom the audience will be familiar with or made up artists whos names I have created using a typical method of choosing their name for example T.Y.B and K-Fizl.The background of the images used help the audience relate to the Featured artist as he is in an urban and grimey background , this is a convention of the genre as quite often music videos and album covers will feature this type of environment.

Appealing to a working classThe clothing I have chosen is not unachievable, they are items that the audience can look to buy, therefore they arent frustrated by the artist and dont see him as being boastful and trying to be better than his upbringing.As most of the artist come from humble beginnings, the readers can use them as inspirations as they have been through similar situations and have come out stronger and better for it.The language I have used is specifically targeted towards the lower/working class. I tried to use language that the audience would be used to, such as beef and

The Colour Scheme I have kept a rather basic colour scheme as the genre isnt very over the top and outrageous it is usually low budget and sincere. The genre has stayed relatively true to its origins with the goal of making its own form of mainstream. This allows me the freedom to use a wide rang e of colours, although I have tried to keep the urban and grimey look for the contents and double page spread.I have tried to keep all of the fonts the same 2 colours, Red and white. I have done this as I feel that if there are too many colours it could come across as a music magazine

Annotated Images

I have used an Urban style for my masthead so that I feel that the audience I am targeting will respond most to this style, as something like a graffiti masthead would look too childish and they would not want to read this magazine.I used a featured strip for my magazine as the reader I am targeting will want to know exactly what the main features of the magazine are and dont really want to flick through each individual page to work out what articles they want to read.