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Emotions & Stress - the influence of emotions on our level of stress and performance, causes and symptoms of stress.

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  • 1. Emotion & Stress!!!! Murray Hunter

2. What Emotions are they feeling?CouragePassionate intimidatedNervous EnergeticDeterminedExcitedAnxiousOverwhelmed Competitive ChallengingGreen are positive, Red are negative and yellow emotions can go either way 3. What Emotions is he feeling?ProudAwkward Passionate Tense ConfidentShy ScaredExcitedConfusedBig-headed Overwhelmed 4. What Emotions are they feeling?UncomfortableImpatient CuriousDisappointed UninterestedBoredDistracted Excited 5. What Emotions will he be feeling?EnergeticEnthusiastic Under pressure ChallengedAnxious Responsibility Focused ConfidentHeroic/powerful Overwhelmed Afraid 6. What Emotions will she be feeling?Scared Nervous FearfulApprehensive PanicShockBraveryRelief 7. What Emotions are they feeling?Excited SpiritElated DisappointedFrustratedEnergetic Happy Tension 8. What Emotions will they be feeling?NervousTenseConfidentScared ConfusedFocusedExcitedBlurred 9. What Emotions will he be feeling? AwesomeFascinatingFearAnxiety Thrill Excitement Courage Panic Freeze Apprehensive 10. What Emotions will you be feeling? SurprisedFear Anxiety PanicFreeze TenseShock Scared Confused 11. What Emotions will you be feeling? Mentally Alienated Bored unstimulated Low self-esteem Group affiliation Hot Unsatisfied 12. CourageThe different sets ofemotions will heavily influence performance. Passionate intimidatedDeterminedEnergeticOverwhelmedAnxious Challenging 13. Determination makes the difference 14. Different weight and balance of emotions mayBig-headedproduce different behaviour & performance Confused Awkward Tense ScaredOverwhelmedShyPassionate ConfidentExcited 15. What are the Symptoms of Stress?Poor healthHigh blood pressure Low immune systemFatigue Loss of emotionalDistresscontrolLoss of self esteem Loss of awareness Loss of optimal decision Anger & temperNot an exhaustivemaking ability list 16. Self expectations What are the causes of stress? Home lifeRelationships AuthorityWork EnvironmentExpectation of Others Self esteemDiet Self Efficacy Not an exhaustive Lifestylelist 17. The Personal Effects of StressStress attacks the body 18. Characteristics of Positive & Negative StressPositive Stress Motivated DecisiveWe do need some level ofstress to work effectively FatiguedFocusedIndecisiveAlertIrritable Effective AnxiousCreativeIn-effective RigidNegative Stress 19. Increase of energy Negative Energy Positive EnergyLow self EsteemExcitementAnxiety Worthlessness Gravity Belief in Success Gravity Sense of Challenge Feeling ofPassion Powerlessness Things not going well Moving forward towards success Assumption ofWhere we are nowworthlessness Tension Persons VisionThe difference between what a person en-visions and where they are now createsstress or tension. If you have a belief in success, this is positive gravity. 20. Level of Awareness In control of The anxiety line emotionIndividual OverwhelmedSea of Emotionin emotion 21. Intensity of Emotions and Effectiveness of Decision Making Decision MakingEffectivenessEmotions as DrivingForcesEmotions asEmotions as Restraining Forces Dysfunctional Forces Intensity of Emotions 22. Perceived RealityObject/Event The Hierarchy of EmotionsAffectedPerception/ EmotionsRecognitionSocially Related EmotionsVaried (Socially Constructed)Mix ofComplex EmotionsEmotions Loyalty, Sympathy, Pride, Humility,Confident, Achievement,Embarrassment, Indignation,Bewilderment, Pity,Elation, Satisfaction, Boredom, Shame,Disgust, Frustration,ConsciousSurprise, etc. Unconscious Core Emotions Core Emotions Anxious, Happiness, Guilt, Greed, Envy,Depression, Hope,Interest, etc.Primal EmotionsDeep Inner SelfFear, Anger Sadness,PleasantUnpleasantLoss, Hate, Joy, Pain, Pleasure, Curiosity,Deep Subconscious: Self-esteem, self-efficacy, Feeling of hopelessness, Low Frustration tolerance, Sexual Desire, etc. Awfulness, etc.Leftover fromPrimal EmotionsEvolution 23. Our personality is a mix of emotions just like Milton theMonster 24. How emotions influence our perceptions, thinking and decision making Influences the types of heuristics/Motivations will have a cognitive biases used in cognition positive/negative & IntensityOur Perception Processes Environment connotation to DecisionsPossible features Evaluation ofDecision orof an opportunityOur Cognitive opportunity or intention toevaluation of the exploit theOther stimuli Processesfactors involved inrequiring some opportunity a decisionform of decisionOutcomeemotional stimulusInfluencesMotivations Attention &Emotions (Creates Post Patterning Decision Emotions, Emotional Reappraisal Process e.g. Emotional Reappraisal Process Emotional Influence on satisfaction) Perception, Cognitive & Motivational Processes 25. To understand stress, the emotions behind them, the causes and thesymptoms is not a matter of reading a book about them, but ratherexperiencing them and reflecting upon those experiences.This is the way to learn and developempathy, imagination and creativity 26. There is a scarcity of thinking in the world This is when emotions take control