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Assign 9: Individual Research

I watched the film and a few clips form the movie a nightmare on elm street.

I learned the following things:

The victims don't know that there is a threat until a death has occurred.The location is normally isolated or abandoned and they can get help or rescue.Costume and make up play a key role in making it more believable and scary..There is some times a male victim that survives through shear will or a female who is left alive and in the end overcomes the problem/monster.

The costume and make up use to create Freddy Krueger

This is an abandoned house which is telling them to stay away

I watched the movie and remembered it so looked at a trailer for final destination.I learned the following things:It is common for them to die in the most violent ways.There has to be good mise en scene so lots of blood and gore for it to be as believable as possible. There has to be a place they have go to get to so they are put in danger.There has to be a range of characters who are involved.They have to die in a order so it makes the situation more threating.

This is an example of having good mise en scene as this looks real so it make the audience more scared and terrified.

This is an example of certain characters dying first as this character is the character who I rude to every one and it cooked alive for it.

I looked at the conjuring form a suggestion from a friendNormally set in a new house or an isolated location and the location will be old.Story involves a back story of the property or location and what happened an age ago.The characters in this type of movie can be different but they mainly are a couple of family some times a group of females.Lighting is a key technique in this type of movie as it makes the mood more sinister and evil.Hand held camera techniques are use a lot as it create more affect and atmosphere.

This location is an isolated house which is relatively new, they use this a lot

This is an example of a hand held camera used to follow them round the place.

This is the movie sinisterAn immortal being of power that cant be killed.You cant physically see the creature but you can see it through objects.Uses some one else as the killer so the being does not interact with them.The types of cloths and the lighting used can be used to create a tense and sinister atmosphere.Children are used to create an evil situation because they are week minded and there innocence makes the whole thing more dark.

This is an example of only seeing the creature through a camera orOther device.This is a child who is possessed so this make it seam more scary and dark.

The next one is insidious

Evil spirits which take over a innocent persons body.

Subtle props such as boxes, cuddle toys and sleeping gowns.

Ghosts which appear mainly at night.

Unusual bends with the body, this is show a lot in other films.

Semi detached or detached house. This is used because this is more believable and realistic for the audience when watching the trailer or film as they have similarity's.

The drawing made by a child of the spirit that has posses him.

This is an example of the props as its a grandfather clockDown a dark hall way which would scare people.

Here is the movie Jaws A lot of unexplained killing happens at the beginning.

They think it is a normal thing not a mutation or ancient being

It is very hard to kill and the army cant do anything against it only specialist or discovers of it can harm it

It always strikes when the people are paying the less attention to the situation

The deaths have to be over the top to make the threat seam more real.

Surprise attack by the creature when not paying attention