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  • 1. CompanyLOGO Shairazi AimanAlmuhaimin B. Mohd Zahrin Rashida Erni Binti Mamat Mohd Eusoff B. Husin

2. www.scaminoreal.comBackground of DepartmentImplementation of Quality in Practice EvaluationSuggestionConclusionsConfidential 3. Established during the British Colonialadministration in the early 20th Century The Institution was known as theAudit Office. When the Federation of Malayaattained its independence in 1957, thepost of Director of Audi Malaya waschanged to the Auditor General.Confidential 4. -To manage auditTo prepare quality and activitiestimely Audit Reports toefficiently andParliament and State effectivelyLegislatures -To be a model employer VisionMission To be recognized to carry out audit in as a keya professional and contributor independent manner towards financial and to produce managementbalanced report to the parliament and excellence andstate legislatures enhances by the towards enhancing year 2020 good governance in the public sector.Confidential 5. www.scaminoreal.comIntegrityEsprit De corpsResponsibility CorporateCultureProfessionalism IndependenceConfidential 6. www.scaminoreal.comTo certifyTo conduct financial audit in astatements, professionalissue audit manner in certificates accordanceand prepareaudit reportswithwithin four internationa months l auditing receiving thestandards.annual financial statements..Confidential 7. Maintain extensiveSystem inter relatedpoliciesObjectives CustomerTextsatisfactionProcesses Standard Proceduresprovide a framework for continuous improvement Confidential 8. Produce the report to ensure the reportingin conformity with the InternationalAuditing Standards Quality assurance is achieved by in-houseaudits on a planned and regular basis toconfirm that procedures have beencorrectly followed Confidential 9. www.scaminoreal.comQuality Quality Policy National Audit DepartmentQuality ObjectiveConfidential 10. Quality Ensuring the highest quality in theperformance of duties by emphasising agood working culture continuous professional development. Confidential 11. Quality Objectives To certify Financial Statements, issue AuditCertificates and prepare Audit Reports withinfour months of receiving Auditors completeAnnual Financial Statements. To complete Financial Management Audits andissue the reports within three months. To ensure Financial Management Audits ofFederal and StatesMinistries/Departments/Agencies are conductedat least once in three years.Confidential 12. Quality Policy The National Audit Department iscommitted to quality and professionalauditing and reporting in conformity withInternational Auditing Standards. The National Audit Department iscommitted to continual improvement in itsQuality Management System and toreview the organizations QualityObjectives to ensure customersexpectations are met.Confidential 13. National Audit Department always dealwith the governmental agencies. Andproduce the report to ensure the reportingin conformity with the InternationalAuditing Standards. National Audit Department implementedthe Audit Rating System based onAccountability Index (AI). Confidential 14. The objective of AI is to assess the extentof financial management of Ministries,Departments, Statutory Bodies, LocalAuthorities and Islamic Religious Councilsin adhering to the government financiallaws and regulations.Confidential 15. www.scaminoreal.comPlan Speculate The TakeactionsResults GatherInformation analyze Check validity Confidential 16. Leads the customer expectation by givesthe commitment and committed to auditingall reports. Creating the satisfied to the customer itcan influenced the great of value, servicequality, integrity and the relationship thatthe department build with the customers. The indicator of the service quality,department also provide all expertise toensure all the reports are done withintimes Confidential 17. www.scaminoreal.com1 23The auditors andThe departmentsThey will reviewcustomer arecan interprets all times to times sowillingness toextents financialthat the report arecooperate without in all agenciestruly authenticallyany problem without anywithout anycomplaint from reflection from theother agencies original reports. Confidential 18. www.scaminoreal.comBribeUnfair Redundacy AbuseAbuse bribes is to customer orTheas their really clean theorganization redundancy the wants the image of the will directlyfinancialgood report so customer point to the managementhat they can who has badauditors t report and have a good records in because of theimpression or financialbad image of customersgood trackrecord holders management thefailing toin auditing report.organization update the areas. informationConfidential 19. www.scaminoreal.comcareKPI Confidential 20. National Audit Department really cares to the customer By doing the quality possession, the customer will receive good feedback and learns to improvise steps by steps Furthermore, also gives the encouragement towards the professional attitude to the workers. They must accept and takes all responsibility and produce more highly quality and practice its. Introduce the quality objectives, quality policies and quality product really significance to the department and enhance the credibility, accountability, and transudation as the leading auditing department in country.Company Logo 21.