Assignment #13 (p2): Group Ancillary Research And Analysis

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Transcript of Assignment #13 (p2): Group Ancillary Research And Analysis

  1. 1. Chosen Level Some Could At least three magazines or more each.
  2. 2. Im reviewing
  3. 3. What kind of things are in themagazine? Being a listings magazine it gives people thebest1. Restaurants2. Clubs3. Venues4. Films5. Music6. Shopping7. Styles...
  4. 4. Who is the audience/target audience? How do you know? The target audience isaimed at social people whoenjoy night out withfriends or after work i.eUni students and workingto upper class people I think its a cross of bothniche and mass audienceits aimed at both malesand females and from unistudents to people in therelate 40s so there is no reallimit
  5. 5. How is the magazineorganised/structures?P: 4-23 ; Are interviews & reviewsP: 32-62 ; Has ad for venues andconcerts, reviews of films, music,clubs, cabret, comedy, art etc Our double page spreadi= P: 68-78 ; Also has some reviews ,would go in p4-23 asThe Eating & Drinking Awards, Topnear the front is where10... Pubs with storiespeople are more likely so see our page, this is the area for TV, documentary and stars interviews, reviews and Ads
  6. 6. What are most of the pages about in the magazine about? It varies from ...Fashion Interviews HealthConcertsThe way in which our documentary can fit in is through themagazine being diverse so is our documentary
  7. 7. What do they advertise? They tend to advertise events among otherthings ...British airways offers, Vodafoneoffers, Toyota offers, JohnLewis, Hp windows 7 laptops,Time out guides, Master card,ConcertsOur documentary ad can fitperfectly as this magazines isdiverse with allows are range ofdifferent things to be advertised
  8. 8. Where is it magazine available? Its available in 67 countries worldwide
  9. 9. How much does it cost to use a full double page spread in the magazine?This is the full list ofpricing in the magazine This is the price for adouble page spread
  10. 10. Items Shown/Discussed in Magazine Editors letter Taste drink, travel Cars Features e.g James Brown Cover Start Article 100 best things in the world Fashion Grooming GQ directory Art Sport Music Film Action
  11. 11. Who is the Audience/Target Audience Men as its a gentlemans magazine Middle classes articles are focused on expensiveconsumption 30s 40s mature magazine Font is bold and simple writing Man Rage! to createconnection with male reader, they could relate Colours red and black mean danger men areattracted to danger Mass because its conventional to mens taste cars,watches etc Front cover features a playful seductive woman within bed with clearing to get male attention
  12. 12. How is the Magazine Organised/Structured?Details of the month Taste CarsFeaturesFashion Talk Our documentary fits here
  13. 13. How is the Magazine Organised/Structured?Our Documentary Article would feature as a Double Page spread in the Talk Section as it features the greatest shows on earthwhich our documentary would be a special possibly put before or after the film sub-section.
  14. 14. What are most page about? Mens pop culture Cars Gadgets SportsOur documentary fits into this becauseit heavily features gadgets and technology, thus linking to the use of media.
  15. 15. What do they Advertise? Watches Perfume Fashion Technology Alcohol Batteries
  16. 16. Where is GQ Available? US Germany UK Spain Russia Australia Italy (MenStyle) India France Mexico Japan Korea South Africa Taiwan China Italy Portugal
  17. 17. Size of Magazine Adverts/Articles
  18. 18. Cost of a Full Double Page Spread Key:PricePrice with 10% DiscountPrice with 15% Discount Price with 20% Discount Double Page Spread would cost 3,000 / 4,000
  19. 19. Wired
  20. 20. What kind of things are inside the magazine? Movie posters Car posters Information on the latest pc tablets Designer items Information/pictures on new technology Images of other magazines
  21. 21. Who is the audience/targetaudience?Technology nerds because of the.. Lengthy paragraphs about the latesttechnology Futuristic fonts and background The adverts are mainly smart phone andtablet related smartly dressed professionals on cover
  22. 22. Niche or Mass?Niche audience because.. Technology nerds are a small, specific group Mass audience wouldnt be interested
  23. 23. How is the magazineorganised/structured? Posters of cars and jewellery Articles on technology focused topics Retailer adverts Articles on international brands
  24. 24. Where could your double-pagespread, which is an article featuresyour documentary, fit in?My double-page spread could be included in the technology focused topics section.This is because my documentary topic is aboutwhether media platforms are demographic orhegemonic.
  25. 25. What are most of the pages about in the magazine? Technology Adverts Articles
  26. 26. How could your documentary fit into this? My documentary would be in the technology section as it is in relation to media platforms.
  27. 27. By looking at the adverts, what do they advertise? Latest gadgets Cars Jewellery
  28. 28. How does this connect to targetaudience?The target audience are very technology awareand can adapt to using the latest technicalinventions.
  29. 29. Where is the magazine available? Bookshops e.g, WH Smith, Waterstones etc Android iPad Kindle Online Subscription