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Assignment Research. Places to Start Your Assignment Research. Course Materials Database (CMD). CMD. The CMD is an online repository where lecturers can put articles and book chapters which are very useful for their units. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Slide 1Assignment Research
Course Materials Database (CMD)
The CMD is an online repository where lecturers can put articles and book chapters which are very useful for their units.
Lecturers often put resources into the CMD which are relevant to your assignments.
Assignment Research
Course Materials Database (CMD)
You can get to the CMD through the Blackboard site of your unit. You can usually find it on the Learning Resources page.
Assignment Research
Course Materials Database (CMD)
From your unit’s Blackboard site, you will go straight to the list of resources in the CMD for that unit.
Click on the hyperlinks (blue and underlined) to retrieve the resources.
Assignment Research
Subject Guides
Subject Guides have been developed by the Librarians for each faculty to provide guides to the resources available in the Library.
You can find the Subject Guides on the Library web page.
Subject Guides
Assignment Research
Subject Guides
Search for the subject guide you need in the list under ‘Browse by Subject’
Alternatively, you can use tags
for your search
Subject Guides
In the subject guide, use the green tabs across the top to find different types of resources.
Other useful information can also be included
Assignment Research
Quick Find
Quick Find is a search tool that will search through the QUT Library catalogue and various databases to find a large range of resources on a particular topic.
Simply put your search terms into the search box and click on the magnifying glass
Assignment Research
On the Search page you can refine your search by
content type
subject terms
‘more options’ give you the choice to include and exclude multiple categories
Limit your search to recent publications by moving this left hand tab to the year you want
Or you can put dates in the boxes
If you are looking for peer-reviewed articles, click on the box up here
Click on the name to find the resource
Assignment Research
Quick Find
There is the option for an Advanced Search next to the search box
The Advanced Search page gives you the option to look for resources:
Written by a particular author
Containing particular words in the title
Published in a particular journal
Assignment Research
Find details about Librarian help on the Library web page
You can talk to a librarian at the Library Helpdesk or chat online
Assignment Research