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  • 1. NarrativeResearchAssignmentBy Ursula Otieno

2. Vladimir Prop Claude Levi- Strauss Tvzetan Todorov Vladimir Propp was born Claude Levi- Strauss a French Todorov is a Russian17th April 1895.anthropologist, he was born 28th theorist, he was bornNovember 1908March 1st , 1939 He developed a theorybased on Russian he developed the theory of Developed a theory aboutFormalists. His Theorybinary opposition . Narrativenarratives and how theyapplies to action/fiction can only end on a resolution offollow a three partfilms.conflict. Opposition can bestructure. (Equilibrium-visual (light/darkness,Disequilibrium -Newmovement/stillness) or Equilibrium)conceptual (love/hate,control/panic)The Theorist 3. Means, a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced (this is usually the start of the film when every thing is ok)Means, a loss or lack of equilibrium in relation tosupply, demand, and prices.(This is the stage in thefilm were things become unbalanced and fall apart).Means, when the disequilibrium has found aresolution and when the equilibrium is restored.(This is usually the happy ending when allproblems our solved)Equilibrium, Disequilibriumand New Equilibrium 4. Transformers is a film that uses Equilibrium, Disequilibrium andNew Equilibrium.When the main character is fine living a normal life This is when he meets the transformers and then the evil transformers try to take over the world and he is in the middle of the situationThis is when he meets the transformers and thenthe evil transformers try to take over the worldand he is in the middle of the situation Equilibrium, Disequilibrium and New Equilibrium Example 5. Binary Opposition is pair of related termsor concepts that are opposite in meaningExamples are Black and white Happy and sad Good and bad light and dark, etc. Binary Opposition 6. In which a memory is suddenly and unexpectedly revisitedKill Bill is an example of a film that usesflashbacks, it is in black and white toshow it is from the past.Flashbacks & Flashforwards