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Personal Narrative ProjectMiss P.s Identity UnitContentsWhats this project about?Project componentsTimelineRubricThings to keep in mindWhats thisproject about?For the past few weeks, we have been talking about identity what influences it, how its formed, and what role it plays in our lives. Weve read, heard, and seen many expressions of identity, across time, geography, and form.

This project is your opportunity to tell your story the way that you want. You have read, listened to, and seen many different formats of self-expression. What have you learned about why authors make choices about using certain formats? What have you learned about identity? What have you learned about yourself? ProjectcomponentsThis assignment has four components: Personal narrative proposalPersonal narrativeIdentity ExhibitionReflection paperThis may seem like a lot, but I will be helping you throughout each component. In addition, you will be helping each other.

This project builds on the hard work youve been doing all year, so have confidence! Youll do great!1. Personal Narrative ProposalIn this 3-page paper, you will identify the format in which you want to create your personal narrative. It is an opportunity for you to think about what you want to say about your identity, how you want to say it, and why using evidence from the texts weve read, of course. Personal Narrative Proposal: Structure The statement youre making about your identity (who are you?)The format you choseWhy you chose that format, citing examples of narratives we read during this unit and how examination of those contributed to your decisionHow this format will help you articulate what you want to say about your identityWhat you will hand in for your first draft assignment (structure, length)Any questions you have or help you might needPersonal Narrative Proposal: RubricNEED TO CREATE2. Personal NarrativeYouve spent weeks examining how people have chosen to express their identities.Now, its your turn.In the format of your choosing, tell the story of who you are. Consider questions such as, Who am I? What has shaped me? What communities do I identify with? How is my identity affected by my environment/culture/experiences?

Personal Narrative : Structure This structure is entirely up to you. You may choose to write a poem or an essay, perform a spoken word piece or dance, or something else entirely. What matters is that it feels authentic to you, and that you have provided me with a clear argument as to why that form is the one you choose (in your Personal Narrative Proposal).Here are some things to consider to get you started:What forms that we looked at resonated with you?What elements of your story do you want to prioritize (e.g. facts or emotions)? Which forms allow you to do that?

Personal Narrative: RubricNEED TO CREATE3. Identity ExhibitionNow that youve created your personal narrative, I want to give you an opportunity to share it.Our class will present and display our identity work to classmates, family, and friends at the end of the unit.

Identity Exhibition : Structure Its up to you to choose how you want to present your work; due to the personal nature of this assignment, you may choose to share only one element of your narrative or reflection paper, or talk about your process.

Identity Exhibition : RubricThis assignment is graded purely on participation.

4. Reflection PaperYou can take a breath here; this reflection paper is designed to help you and me understand what youve learned in this unit.

Reflection Paper: Structure It will be a journal entry of 3-4 pages. There is no formal structure; instead, I want you think about the following questions: Has your conception of your identity changed?What will you remember about this work?What lessons will you take forward?

Reflection Paper: RubricThis assignment is graded purely on participation.

Things to keep in mindThis project is about you. You are the experts on your own identities, and I want to learn from your expertise. This project includes choice about how you want to do certain elements. You get to decide the format thats best for you. This may seem overwhelming, but I know you are capable of doing it. You will have help from me and from your classmates.