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Ancillary task research for music vidoes. Part of A2 coursework.

Transcript of Ancillary Research - Emily M

  • 1. Will.I.Am always has the samehaircut, which in itself hasbranded him as a music artist. If amale was to go into a barbershop and ask for the samehaircut as Will.I.Am, they wouldknow exactly what they aretalking about.This is the opening page of Will.I.Am's website yet again another plain and simple theme. It instantlyintroduces you to his latest tweets, and an enlarged photograph of himself, very similar to the oneused on his album cover. Using the same, familiar, straightforward image of Will.I.Am is also a brand initself, as it familiarises the audience with him and keeps his image exactly the same: professional.After opening another page on thewebsite, the same clear, bold,orange theme sticks onto it, whichactually shows how he is as anartist clear and bold with hismusic.

2. This single cover also includesWill.I.Am's logo but relates to thename of the song. A candle isburning on top of the power buttonas 'It's my birthday'.From looking at both the album and single cover of 'Willpower'and 'It's my birthday', it is clear that Will.I.Am has set a themeof his products. Will.I.Am's logo is one which everybody willrecognise as soon as they see it, and is similar to a powerbutton. This may symbolise the fact that his music 'gets theparty started' and that when his music is on, everybody is readyto party to it.My opinion:I really like the idea of a clear and boldcoloured theme throughout all productsthat Will.I.Am releases as it shows that hehas a clear mindset as a music artist. I willdefinitely be thinking about using asimilar bold theme in my digipak andwebsite homepage. 3. Sam Smith's website homepage gives off a very different impression of him as anartist, compared to how Will.I.Am's does to himself. This shadowed image of Saminto a black background shows him off to the audience as a very soulful singer, whomeans every word he ever sings. The homepage itself is promoting where he willbe next performing with times and dates etc. His name is also something thatboldly stands out to the audience, as it is white and in capitals, something that youwould never miss. 4. The album cover of 'In the lonely hour' is very similar to thehomepage of Sam Smith's website, with a bold, blackbackground, with him sat down, in a spotlight, lookingdown and very upset, head in hands etc. This shows SamSmith as again, a very soulful pop artist who writes songs asthough they are to the girl he is trying to get at, not just forhis fans to listen to. The tracklist on the back of the albumcontinues to keep the dark theme, with the list of songsshown in a white, capital lettered font. This album coverportrays Sam Smith as a very mature artist, even though heis just 22 years old.I think that this singlecover portrays SamSmith as the morepop artist than thesoulful that he is. Thisis a really good way inwhich to attract histarget audience ofolder teens, as thebright colours aremore attractive than ablack background.My opinion: I like the idea of the dark colours representingthe type of music that the artist makes, and so will keepthat in mind. 5. This is Lordes website homepage very similar to Sam Smiths in the fact that it clearly statesthe name of her album, and of course her name. The image of her is also similar, with herlightening the area up, although she is looking down (again, similar to Sam Smith). The font ofthe website and her name is exactly the same style as the album, which present s a particulartheme to the audience. I like this idea because it gives a direct link of the artist to their targetaudience. As one of Lordes songs is the one who I am producing a video for, I believe that thistheme should somehow be continued, but in its own unique way. 6. The same plain, bold text is used on the album cover of Pure Heroine , the same way that Sam Smith has.As said before, having the plain theme on all products made for the album Pure Heroine shows that theartists are more focussed on their music, rather than the artwork of their album cover/ websitehomepage. However, it is important that the album cover, especially, is still somewhat attractive so thatthose who arent aware of Lorde and her work, would want to buy the album and see if they enjoy hermusic as much as everyone else does.My opinion:I think that this is a good idea for an artist who sings a lot more soulful songs, rather than pop, as it doesgive off more of that sort of impression, rather than a colour pop impression. 7. This is the album cover of Ed Sheerans recent album X which is where the single Dont is from. Yetagain, the name of the album stands out towards the background colour (big bold X against a brightgreen background). His first and oldest album, +(artwork on the left) also has this colour theme, butinstead shows his face. This theme was purely used to represent the colour of his hair, which is whateverybody knows him for the ugly ginger with the beautiful voice. Like Will.I.Am, there is a clear colourtheme going on with the album artwork, which clearly seperates each album produced. There is also atheme between the names of the albums (math signs), with no doubt that the next album will be adivide or minus, which also helps the audience recognise the work produced by this well-known artist. 8. Unlike the others, this homepage has a very different layout and theme. Ed Sheeran has his ownfont that nobody else could find on any fontpage, which makes him a bit unique to all otherartists. I think this, along with his music, really makes him stand out against other pop artistssimilar to him. However, I think that the lack of a theme makes the website homepage look alittle low quality, compared to others like Lorde and Sam Smith, as there is no organisation. But,I like the idea of having the most recent YouTube video linked onto it, and of course having thepromotion of his most recent album. 9. London Grammar is a band that is most similar to Lorde in terms of music genre (soulful pop). Thishomepage is similar to all of the above in the way that it clearly states the name of the band, and alsoshows their most recent YouTube video. The theme of the page is also their artwork (shown on nextslide), which shows a clear link between the two products that they provide to their audience. 10. These are the two most recent album artworks of London Grammar, which are extremely similar.This band clearly has the logo within their name (AMMA connected together), which is used onboth album covers. The only thing that makes the two pieces of artwork different is the backgroundimage used against the logo/ name. This is another way in which it will keep the familiarity of theband to the audience, making it a lot easier for them to identify the band whether it is online, or ina music store.