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  • 1. The Walkmen - Lisbon

2. Band name
Release date
Album review
Album name
On sale at HMV
Record company
3. Fonts are different, but very similar both use a serif font basis to represent their music bold, guitar-based and an indie rock genre.
The image used as the background for the advert is very cryptic it isnt definite what it actually is. This helps draw the eye to the writing.
By keeping it very simple, the designer has been able to create something that uses a lack of visual content to its advantage.The font stands out, and the star image motif of the image is prominent throughout.
The use of a green wash across the background image adds another colour, but keeps it bright and noticeable. It also allows for the font to stand out prominently.
The image is used across all three major platforms album cover, website, and on their promotional material. However, it is different sections of the image, which then becomes apparent as a woman sitting down.
The use of very soft colours with bold typography across the top of it shows that the music is very soft, with a heavy kick which comes in the shape of a horn section on each track.
4. Album Cover
Magazine Advert
Website Store
5. White Lies Tour Advert
6. Artist
Tour Guests
Tour Dates
Ticket Website
Single Details
Artist Website
Album Info
Record Company & Management
7. The band only use one font throughout all their promotional material it has been used to list all tour dates on their advert too.
The advert uses quite dark colours, which, seeing as the band are listed as alternative rock, is very typical of the genre.
The band rely very heavily on their guitars, but without knowing this, you wouldnt assume they are a rock band straight from the ad. This defies the connotations of genre characteristics.
The picture of the two girls is used as the bands star image motif, as again, it is used across all their platforms advert, website and album cover.
By not laying any text over the image at the bottom, the readers eye is immediately drawn to the picture. This helps develop it as the bands star image motif.
8. Magazine Advert
9. Chase and Status New Album & Tour Advert
10. Artist
Album Name
Tour Name
Tour Dates
Ticket Hotlines
Ticket Website
New Album Info
Ticket Info
Record Company & Management
Artist Website
Myspace Website
11. Two very similar fonts are used on the advert one for the band name, which is used on all material with their name on it, and the other which lists all other information on the poster.
The star image motif of the duo is a bulldog, and was used throughout their previous albums promotional material as well.This theme has been continued with this new album and features prominently across allplatforms.
The use of an extreme close up of the dog has given the designer a lot of space to place the writing, whilst keeping the appearance of the dog intact. This is a very clever way of using the space as best as possible.
The black and white picture of the dog, with the vibrant yellow of the typography, is very effective, and gives the connotation that the band are up-tempo and quite energetic which is spot-on, as they are a dance duo.
I think this is a very effective advert, however, it does not immediately inform the reader of exactly what genre the band are, but it does give you a good idea.
12. Magazine Advert