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Ancillary task research

Ancillary task researchDouble page spread and Radio advertsRebekah

Doctor who

The large picture making up the majority of the double page spread will be the first thing to draw the reader in as it stands out the most in the article.The strapline introduces the article, often written in a punchy manner, will encourage the readers to look at the article by giving a hint to what its about.The combination of black text on a white background allows for an easy reader for the viewers.The headline is a pun which will draw the readers in, and also relate to readers who are already fans of doctor who.

Vampire diaries

The headline Blood Brother is a pun used to draw in existing viewers of the show but also new viewers who may be intrigued to know more about the show.The large picture used as the main focus of the double page spread is used to draw the desired target audience in, with the picture being so rich in colour it will stand out in any magazine.The Whos who? section at the bottom of the double page spread allows for the readers to get to know the characters. This is another way to draw in the readers and without even watching the show they already have some understanding of what the double page spread is promoting.

Niki Minaj

One image is used in the double page spread, the bold and fun image represents the pop culture and is specifically catered to the target audience of that genre of music. The vibrant lipstick of the artist compliments the pink background.The layout of the text is set out in an interesting way, typically catered to a younger audience, as the text is set out in a way that allows the reader to read short bites of text at a time. Certain quotes have been pulled out of the article to draw in the readers with the exclusive parts of the interview being what you see firstThe colour of the article is very pink, this gives the article a very girly and feminine look to it, catering the the female target audience most commonly reading this article.

My Dinosaur life

The text has a childlike feel to it with the font of the writing being very scratchy and relaxed, this suggests that the article is targeted at the younger generation.The colour of the fonts being contrasting red and black allows for the title to be the main thing about the article.The layout of the text also suggests that the article is for a younger audience as it is split up into bite size columns, easy for someone to read.The large picture of the man will also be one of the first things that the reader will see, for those that already recognize his face, they will be drawn in straight away as they would want to know what the article is about.

Tesco radio advert

The slogan Every little helps is a well known association with Tesco, and so anyone hearing that slogan will automatically associate the advert with Tesco.A clear and precise voice is used, its easy for listeners to understand and so the message will be portrayed clearly and effectively.The tone of the voice gets louder towards the middle of the advert in order to keep the audience engaged throughout the whole advertThe audience are addressed directly in the radio advert which gives it a more personal and direct feel to the audience.

Snickers Radio advert

The advert uses the companies slogan which will be commonly recognized amongst most listeners and so and association will be able to be made very quickly.The radio advert uses humor as a way to engage with the target audience; an advert that makes someone laugh will be much easier to remember, and stick in someones mind.The voice over gets louder during specific parts of the radio advert in order to draw the listener it at the most important parts of the advert.

Wonga radio advert

The radio advert uses a jingle to make it easy to remember and stick in the listeners minds.A clear voice is used, which make sit easy to get the message across and easy for the listeners to rememberThe voiceover is upbeat which will easily attract the attention of the listeners and they will be more intrigued to know what the advert is about