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Magazine Spreads Ancillary task - Tom

Whats conventional about this?Page numbersRelevant subtitlesRelevant imageThis double page spread acts as a review for the film, it has text layered in columns which will help the audience follow as they arent reading from a huge block of text.Even in the article there are images, or subtitles in order to make sure that the audience arent reading a long piece.

Theres a short summary of content at the end to recap everything.

The still from the film may generate some interest from the fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean films if they see it.

Whats conventional about this?Page numbersRelevant subtitlesRelevant imageTitle introducing the pieceThis has been laid out in an interview style format. You have the interviewer asking something, which is highlighted in red text, then the response just underneath the question. The art is visually appealing to attract the attention of viewers, we are drawn to it and may be interested in reading the article when they see its to do with a famous actor.

Whats conventional about this?Relevant imageLogo of the product, somewhat works as a titleCrosses over two pages via the image

Its a detailed analysis look at the system, which reads well as the black, red and white dont conflict that much.

Poses a question to the audience as a kind of challenge, which may influence them to go out and get involved with the product.

It does look somewhat basic since it isnt doing too much visually, the image at least has some conflicting colours.

Even thought it looks basic, its effective as it wont take attention away from the article.

Whats conventional about this?Eye catching headlineTitle of piece is the logoEye catching imagerySubtitles in different coloursPage numbersThe way that it is set out may not be the most appealing to viewers as the text seems crammed down at the bottom to make room for images and the title. It wraps around the screenshots too which makes it somewhat challenging to follow.

There is an interview with the project lead which may be interesting to the readers as itll give some insight into the product.

And while the images do take up too much space, they are at the least relevant to the product being covered.