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  1. 1. This poster is very similar to the teaser trailer for Dear John in a variety of ways,the image used in this poster is of the two main characters situated in abeach environment which the trailer mostly is, the setting creates the ideathat this is a holiday romance and it is also an opportunity to show the settingthat the film will be based in.The camera shot used is a medium long shot of the two main characters thisshot allows the viewer to understand the close relationship between thesetwo characters. Everything surrounding the couple is slightly faded andblurred out which means that they are the main focus and implies that thefilm is all about their relationship.Surrounding the couple everything is very bright and light and contrasts withthe darker clothing that the couple are wearing, by having them in darkercolours it draws the viewers eye to focus on them, it also means that theirfaces are quite light from the reflections and particularly draws you to thatarea in particular. Very soft and calm lighting has been used which suits thesetting as holidays are meant to be relaxing and calm, this works well with thepose that the couple are in also as they look comfortable with each other.Unconventionally for romance films the text on this poster is yellow and whitewhere as you would image more pinks and reds for romance and passion butinstead these colours continue the calm and soft feeling that the poster hasand the ideas it creates for the mood of the film.On this poster we are shown quite a lot of information about it, in order to sellthe film the to the widest audience it can appeal to. On the poster thelargest pieces of text are the name of the film and also the name of the maincharacters, this allows to attract any big fans of the two actors which areoften seen in romance films. We are also told where the story has come fromin order to attract fans of the book that the film is from and also fans of otherbooks/films by the author. There is also much smaller text telling the viewersother people who are involved in the making of the film or who are in the filmwhich again attracts a wider audience. There is a small area saying a roughtime of when the film is released so the viewers can look forward to seeing it.The final piece of text which is shown on this poster is a question/quote whichrelates to the ideas behind the film, by having the text saying What wouldyou do with a letter that changed everything? it creates anticipation for theviewer as they want to know what is going to happen as the poster is quitesimple in an intriguing way which is likely to make the viewers want to watchit more as the lack of information allows them to create ideas and they willwant answers and to know what is going to happen in the film. Anotherimportant piece of information on the poster is the website for the film whichallows the viewers to find out more information and clips from the film.
  2. 2. Unlike the Dear John poster the setting of this poster is quiteunclear as it is very blurred and the main focus is the couple.Having the image focus on only the couple creates the ideasthat the film is really all about them and they are main focusthroughout which is a typical convention of romance films.This picture again like the Dear John one is just of the coupleand the shot shows that there is a very close relationshipbetween them, this picture is quite passionate and romanticas they look as though they could be about to kiss thiscreates a clear outline of what the genre of the film is.The camera shot for this picture is a medium shot as it allowsthem to be the biggest thing in the poster and makes themthe main focus.The lighting in this poster is all quite bright showing that therelationship between them is very joyful and loving, behindthe characters the lighting is very bright which highlights themand again makes your eye focus on them, the characters aredressed in darker clothes which flow together and link thecouple together.Again like the Dear John poster the colours used for the text isyellow and white which isnt the colours which implyromance, but as the picture is so romantic and loving pinksand reds arent needed. Instead the bright light colourscreate a warm and joyful feeling for the film and that therelationship between the couple is very happy, the coloursalso insinuate calmness and relaxation.On this poster again we are told the names of the mainactors which is a typical convention of all romance films. Weare also shown the name of the film and further informationabout who was involved with the film; names of people andcompanies. Unlike the Dear John poster we arent told andrelease fate for the film at all. Again we are given an websitefor the film which will allow viewers who are excited for thefilm to find out more about it and possibly see clips from thefilm which arent shown in trailers. A very important piece oftext which is shown on the poster is quite large text and willreally appeal to a wide audience is the text saying INSPIREDBY TRUE EVENTS. having this text instantly appeals to viewersas seeing something that is based on real life events createsa more interesting and realistic feeling to the film.
  3. 3. In the poster for Remember Me you cant really see where it is situated but theblack and white slight shadow of buildings implies that it could possible be ina city. The poster is tilted to a slight angle and looks a little bit scruffy andworn out, this creates the idea in the viewers head that this isnt a typicalperfect romance film and instead it is different and a bit rough possibly.Again like the previous two posters the shots used for the image is amedium/long shot which shows the couple very close together andinsinuates that the relationship between them is very close. By having veryvague surroundings the image focuses solely on the couple and againimplies that the film is mostly about their relationship or that they are the mainfocus. Both of the characters appear to be smiling which creates the imagethat the relationship between them is very loving and happy which creates acontrast on the poster.The contrast on this poster is that differently from the other two posters thephotograph used is black and white, the black and white creates a slightmorbid feeling to the film and contrasts with the happy expressions on theirfaces. Using a black and white picture also creates a traditional feeling to thefilm especially as the edges look worn out and create the image that this isan old photograph.The lighting used in this photograph is quite bright behind the focal pointwhich is the two characters which highlights them as it shines on their faceswhich draws your eye to look at them, again they are dressed in dark clotheswhich contrasts with the dark background and makes them the main focus.Unlike the other two posters the text used follows the conventions of what youpicture the colours of romance to be by using red, but the way they haveused this red with a black and white image creates a slightly painful feelingto the film rather than the passionate feeling you would imagine.Again like the other two posters we are shown the names of the maincharacters in quite large writing which is a main selling point for the film and isthe way to attract the most viewers, on this poster we arent just shown thenames of the two main characters instead we are shown names of a varietyof actors as this could attract an even wider audience as some of theseactors arent typically seen in romance films so this will hopefully attract awider audience. We are again like all posters told the name of the film aswell as further names of people and companies involved in the making ofthe film. We arent told the release date of the film but just that it is comingsoon which can create anticipation for people who want to watch the film.Like both Dear John and The Vow poster there is an important piece of textwhich has relation to what the film is about or what is going to happen in thefilm saying Live In The Moments this implies that their could be somesadness in the film and will really help to attract viewers as this will help tomake people excited for the films release.
  4. 4. The romance genre isnt often seen on the frontcover of film magazines as they tend to featureaction, adventure or mystical films. The only frontcover that I have been able to find related to theromance genre is Entertainment Weekly magazinewhich features film, TV, music etc. The front cover ofthe edition features Twilight Breaking Dawn, theimage used for this front cover is very conventionalimage for a romance film this is because a mediumshot is used and it shows both of the main twoactors, both of the actors and very close to eachother an are in a loving pose which looks as thoughthey could kiss. The pose that they are in is veryiconic of the romance genre and creates apowerful effect. There isnt a large amount of texton this front cover as it isnt needed as the actorsshown are highly considered with their characters inthe film. The blue background behind the twocharacters creates a soft, calm feeling surroundingthe couple and the romance. The text that is seenon the page very strongly implies that it is a lovefilm using words such as Love Sex and Babythese words a typical conventions of romancefilms. On this front cover we can very clearly seethat there is buzz word which will attract readersExclusive will particularly appeal to fans of thefilm as this means that they are going to find outnew things and many know things before anyoneelse does. Like all magazine covers we are shownthe name of the magazine in the largest writing butdoesnt take to much of a distraction away fromthe film. We are also shown the name of the film inquite large writing to attract fans. There is also allthe typical things you see on any magazine frontcover such as the edition number, the date etc.Which are all conventions which I will feature in myan