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  2. 2. FRONT OF DIGIPAK I went for a simple look for the first idea, as the band members would be stood against a black background with a spot light behind them, casting shadows against their faces. This would make them stand out really well and be eye catching. The band name would be in a lighter shad of black to make it look like the text was imprinted into the case. 1
  3. 3. SIDE AND BACK OF DIGIPAK The side of the digipak would obviously link to the text that I will have used on the front of the digipak. The text will be in bold sans serif text in a slighter lighter black, making the text look as though it is imprinted. The record label indent will also be in this colour. For the back of the digipak I will have the text in the same font, the bold sans serif text in a slighter lighter black, for both the band name and the track list. In the bottom left corner I will have the barcode and the credits to the producer, distributer and the copyright logo. The title of the band will be in a slightly lighter shade of black, and will be the largest text on the back. The track list will be in a medium sized font, and will fill up most of the back, and it will be central. The credits and copyright will be in a very small font in the corner. 1