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Ancillary Task - Research

Ancillary Task - ResearchBy Dawid Tomczuk

Album Adverts

Zedd True Colours

Background graphicsArtist nameAlbum titleRelease informationWebsite detailsAlbum contentThe image visible on the advert of Zedds album portrays a very abstract graphic composition. The colourful composition resembles the joy and happiness which is achieved by the progressive house music due to its listeners mainly partying and attending clubs. The purpose of such image is to attract the audiences attention via the vibrant colours so that they can notice the advert amongst the crowded streets causing it to be stuck in their head. From my point of view the paint splash look-a-like image reflects current party settings where coloured powder is thrown at the audience causing them to be covered in colours. The advert follows the typical conventions of music album adverts due to its portraying an image, the artists name and album title, as well as mentioning the release date, website information or the most known tracks which appear on the CD. On this particular advert we can see that the artists website has been mentioned which allows the audience to acknowledge any tours which are happening. This feature is used amongst music adverts however it does not appear very often. I believe that Zedd has specified his website due to him not having a stable audience and by not being well known amongst other progressive house artists. The advert includes the necessary features however it does not include them in the correct placements. The effective use of fonts in this advert has clearly separated the most vital parts which the audience is meant to see at the first glance to the information which they will read while they are interested in the advert. The name of the artist is very bold, written in a very sharp font which is considered to be his set artist logo. The album title is written in a simple yet bold font that clearly allows the audience to recognise its name, allowing for ease of reading. The contrasts between size and width of the font for the artists logo and album name clearly shows the importance of information on the advert. The last use of text in the advert uses a bolder font which purpose was to emphasise the website details therefore making it stand out in the advert. Looking at both the advert and digipak I have noticed that the artist has kept the same artist logo. He then has used the same font which he has used for the advert in order to write the track list at the back of the digipak. Apart from the text Zedd has included the same graphic image on the front of the digipak as he has used on the advert as well as continued the same bright colour of the background therefore creating a corporate image between the two different mediums. The colours which appear on the advert are very contrasting. The bright background allows for the black text to be read very easily improving the clarity of the advert. On top of this the vibrant image contrast with the bright background therefore emphasising the colours causing the advert to be very eye-catching. This particular example of a music advert challenges the typical layout of a advert. The artist name which typically appears at the top of the advert is placed under the image with the rest of the information such as the album title, track info and contact details. I believe that as a result of this the advert is more appealing to the audience as the image attracts their attention first which then transfers them to the vital information.

Band nameWide shot of building in Hackney ( where the band originates from )Release DateReviewAlbum titleRecord label logoAlbum contentRudimental - HomeThe image which appears in Rudimentals advert portrays a city location. The building which has been captured in the image is located in Hackney, where the band is from. This image has been deliberately used in this advert due to the album title which is called Home. As a result they advertise where they are from. The image consists of a wide collection of colours which was additionally seen in Zedds True Colours album. The building captured centrally in the image includes graffiti on its side which is emphasised by the use of vibtrant colour. The same image has been used on the Digipak however they differ in terms of brightness and saturation. The image on the advert is much brighter and includes sharper colours in order to catch the attention of the passing public. The purpose of the image in the advert is to represent nostalgia from the band as they show where they are from to their audience. This allows the band to get emotionally closer to the audience as they present where they originated from, showing that they are the same as everyone from their fans. In contrast to the advert by Zedd, this Progressive House advert does follow the typical conventions of a music magazine. The band name and album title are allocated on top of the central visual interest in the image (building) whereas the albumcontent, release date, record label and review information are allocated beneath it. This as a result creates a stable advert as the information is spread across the top and the bottom therefore causing the advert to not be overfilled with information. Across the whole advert I have spotted a use of two different fonts. The font which has been used on the bands logo is additionally used across the information on the bottom of the advert creating a set house style. The only exception is on the album title Home. The album title has been written in a finer font which is less harsh for the eye therefore creating a positive connotation for the word Home. The biggest link between the advert and the digipak is that both mediums have used the same image as their background. This as a result allows the bands audience to memorise the advert and then purchase the CD as they recognise the same image in store. In terms of the layout, the digipak has kept the same positioning of the bands logo as it has been positioned in the advert. On the other hand the major difference between the advert and the digipak is the placement and font used for the album title Home. On the digipak the album title is allocated in the bottom right hand corner and is written in a much more handwritten style therefore providing it with a much more sentimental feeling, which reflects the feeling of being at home. The colours visible in the advert are very bright and contrasting therefore cause the advert to be brought out and catch our attention. I believe that a use of a wide variety of high contrasting colours is vital in Progressive House adverts due to the fact that they present joy and happiness as well as energy that the music transfers to the listeners. The adverts has a very strong layout as it follows the common layout found amongst many adverts therefore making it very effective. All of the features follow the conventions therefore the information is easily transferred to the audience .

Ed Sheeran - X

Artist nameBackground graphics reflecting the album nameAlbum titleReviews from known sourcesRelease informationWebsite detailsThe large X which appears in the middle of Ed Sheeran's advert portrays the albums title. The graphic image is very simple therefore making it very easy to notice and understand. The area of the image is dominated by the X which as a result can be seen from far distance which clearly portrays the albums title. The advert consists of two borders at the top and bottom which have been used in order to emphasise valuable text in a contrasting colour. As a result of this, the image composition allows the advert to intrigue the audience and inform them in a suitable method. Ed Sheerans music mainly fits into R&B and Pop especially the album X due to its joyful tempo and very bright vocals which are reflected by the colours which create harmony within the advert. As we can see in the advert the artists name is allocated at the very top in the black border, following the typical placement .The image is allocated in the middle and any vital information beneath it. As a result the advert clearly emphasises the vital information such as the artists name and the release information at the bottom and the album title X whereas the information such as the reviews on the green background are less important. By this advert being from a R&B music genre I believe that it portrays a well structured advert in terms of its codes & conventions . On the other hand I believe that the conventions found in this advert would not apply to Zedds or Rudimentals adverts as they appear to be more abstract.font used by the artist on the advert looks very informal due to its uneven shapes and texture however it suits the genre as it is connotes that Ed Sheeran's music is quite loose and playful. By the use of such font it does stand out against other adverts as it is rather original however I believe that it could cause various problems to read especially from a distance whilst passing it on the public. In terms of the digipak and the advert I have found a very close relation in terms of the colours, graphics and font that both mediums have used. The advert has used the same X design for its front of the digipak therefore allowing the listeners to immediately notice the album which was advertised. The front of the digipak is green whereas the back is black therefore the artist has continued the same colour combination from the advert onto the digipak creating a corporate image. The font is kept consistent throughout the advert and onto the digipak . This is a very good example of corporate identity between the two advert and digipak. The colours used on the advert are very calm and harmonizing as they go well together allowing for text to be emphasised due to its high contrast. As I have mentioned before the layout of the advert is very d