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Transcript of Ancillary task poster - research into simlar

  1. 1. Ancillary Task -Film Poster Page Research into similar products
  2. 2. British Social Realism Film Posters
  3. 3. Photoboard
  4. 4. The first step that i took with the film poster is choosing which image to have as the main image, the reason that i decided to use this particular image is because i believe it shows real representations of young people and relationships. It also shows all of the characters apart from Molly selected as i wish to use to effect of blurring.
  5. 5. Here shows the image of the blurred out characters, the reason for this is because it focuses on the main character, the reason that it is blurred is during the research it seemed as if most British Social Realism film posters seem to be heavily edited in the background.
  6. 6. In the next part of the film poster i wanted to emphasise the main character, one way i did this is by selecting the apple and making a more brighter red, the reason for this is because one of the themes is Adam and Eve and that when she eats the apple she loses her innocence due to the peer pressure in society.
  7. 7. One of the most obvious ways to attract audience is by having a title that stands out, for example i knew that i wanted to use the colour red as it matched with the colour scheme throughout furthermore, the font is the same font as the title sequence which helps with consistency throughout the project.
  8. 8. One form and convention that this film poster has met is the use of the quote and rating from a film review magazine. For example, I used a quote from the film magazine I created myself, although the ratings and critique are important because it may persuade audience to go and see the film however, I have put the character in front of the text to show the importance of the characters. In addition to this, i have put the main actor and actress in the corners so the audience can identify with them. In addition to this, i added a tagline one bench, lots of drama as a way for the adueince to engage with the film.
  9. 9. The last thing, that i added to the film poster was a credit block which essentially gives all the details of the film including the production company, director, script writer, actors and actress. The next then i did was add a logo of a production company as well as an age certificate. However, after this was created I handed out several copies and surveys for them feel out and some of the feedback i received included that they didnt like the whitebackgroup of it which is why i changed it for the final drafts.