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Picture of the main cast or presenters, usually in-front of the location or a setText usually starts in bold with an opening paragraphConsistent paragraphing throughoutPicture of a previous front cover from series 1Title of show next to the logo or title card, with a brief intro beneath designed to entice the reader inSelection of picture giving some but limited insight into show


The picture is clearly staged to show the three protagonists posing in a stereotypical teenage positionThere is a coloured box at a slight angle which gives a reader and potential viewer a brief run through of the bits they need to knowThe title stands out and comes across the picture slightly to give a modern and cool look

The paragraphs are formatted around the quote and picture which has a short pun caption beneath itThere is a quote from an interview within the text, likely to be a highlight or best quote to draw in the reader

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING MORRISSEYPicture of the main cast or presenters, usually in-front of the location or a setThe text here is layered into three long columns. This isnt a nice way to present the information and makes it a very difficult read. A rhetorical question followed by a brief purpose of the documentaryA few different pictures give some insight into the documentary. Here, there is a small caption describing the pictures.

There is a small text box with additional information regarding the production

DOCTOR WHOA large picture of the cast and the infamous TardisA cut out of the Doctor in an action pose with a pun of New Who!

The text is very small and conciseTwo small pictures show the crew maintaining the scene with small captions beneathThe two main actors are seen reading the script for the new series

UNITEDPicture of the main cast or presenters, usually in-front of the location or a setThe title is made bold to stand out however they use the words we stand below it to show unity of the football team and reference the titleText is minimal compared to size of picture, suggests the text will be vague and give little awayBased on a genuine tragic event, they have included photos to match the actors and real players

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN A quote from the review, different colour and bold font for key wordsA box containing other films suggesting if fans liked these, theyll love thisPicture of the main cast or presenters, usually in-front of the location or a setText is positioned around a graph showing predicted interest curveEnding paragraph sums up the review in about 20 wordsFilm title is more central and not designed to be the attention grabbing title

AVATARMain characters are shown together in a key scene seemingly emotionalThe film title is in capitals and bold in a red text boxTwo pictures at the bottom of page, neither revealing much about the filmText is kept to just two small paragraphs at bottom left of pageA facts box detailing the films budget, release date, director and starring actorsA small circular box gives the film a rating out of 5

ETHIOPIAThe text in columns are surrounded by small pictures of EthiopiaA faded map of Ethiopia is visible behind the textQuotation is used as the central title in order to appeal to a wider audienceAn array of brightly coloured pictures makes up the bottom