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  • 1. Ancillary Task Magazines Bethany Harvey

2. Magazine DrawingsBefore producing my magazine, I did a pencil draft on what I want it to look like. After I produced the first drawing draft, Iwanted to see what colours would work best so I coloured a third of the magazine draft and then once Id seen what coloursI liked, I made a new draft and coloured it all in.For my magazine, I wanted all the students to appear in this one just so the audience can see who features in the film. I putthem in order of size, so that it looked in proportion and so you could see all the characters clearly.I drew these drawings, first with pencil, then pen and then all in colour so that I had an idea of what I wanted. I put themagazine title at the top, because this is what is usually found in most magazines and also, overlapped the title with themain image to show how reputable the magazine is. I placed the film title across the image so its noticeable to what filmthe image goes to. This is the drawings of my first magazine draft, of what I would like. 3. Magazine Drawings continued...Just in case I didnt like my first magazine draft, I produced some more drawings so that I can have two different ideas inwhich I can use for my magazine.This magazine drawing has more horror effects to make it suit the magazine, so I had an idea to how much information Iwanted on my magazine cover.This drawing I got the idea from a part of my trailer, which is where the figure is looking through the books at the audienceto make them feel more engaged, and I thought that using this image it would help the audience to have an idea to whatthe film could be about, but not giving to much away.I have kept the title the same, but changed the title of the film differently, as I have added the clock behind the title andalso to have blood dripping from the title so it looks more effective. 4. Magazine Draft 1After producing the drawings of an idea of what I wantmy magazine to look like, I produced the idea onto thecomputer. As you can see the magazine looks plain anddoesnt look very effective to the genre of the magazineand the film. However, from doing the drawings firstand then producing the magazine, I knew what sort ofpictures I needed to take and also, how the layoutwould be.Meanwhile, after producing the first draft of mymagazine, my thoughts were that I didnt like it and thatI wanted to change a few things to make it better andmore suitable and because of this I produced anothermagazine, but with the improvements I wanted tomake.I produced this magazine on Adobe Photoshop CS4,which I found difficult to use at first, but as I started toproduct the draft of my magazine I found lots of thingsthat I could do to make my magazine more effectiveand suitable to the genre. 5. Magazine 1 FinalAfter producing the first draft of my magazine, therewere a number of changes that I wanted to makebecause I didnt think my magazine looked effective orsuitable for its genre.The things I changed are; The colour of the background from white to black sothat it looked more Horrific. I added a feature on the magazine so that it advertisesnot just the featuring film but other stuff to, this alsomade the magazine look more full. I moved the title of the film down to the bottom justabove the news line at the bottom. I used the same font as the title for the feature at theside which is in a blood drop to emphasise the horrorgenre.Because of these improvements my magazine nowlooks more effective to the horror genre so that it willattract the right targeted audience, as well as the filmlooking more horrifying because of the darkerbackground and the stern look on the cats faces. 6. Magazine Draft 2After producing the drawings of an idea of what I wantmy second draft of my magazine to look like I producedthe idea onto the computer using Photoshop CS4.However, after producing the drawing draft onto thecomputer I saw that some of the things I wanted to goin place, actually didnt look well on the magazine.Therefore, I didnt copy the draft I drew completely tohow it looks because I saw straight away some of thethings I needed to change.Meanwhile, after producing the draft of my nextmagazine idea, my thoughts were that I didnt like it tomuch and that I wanted to change a few things to makeit better and more suitable and because of this Iproduced another magazine, but with theimprovements I wanted to make. 7. Magazine 2 FinalAfter producing the first draft of my second magazine idea, therewere a number of changes that I wanted to make because I didntthink my magazine looked effective or suitable for its horror genre.The things I changed are; The colour of the background from white to black so that it lookedmore Horrific. I got rid of the second blood drop because it didnt look aseffective as I planned. The title format is now different, because I felt like I should relatemy magazine to my posters so that its recognisable for theaudience, therefore I changed the font of the title of the film, andreplaced it with the format of the title from my chosen poster idea. I moved the barcode to the top because I thought that seeing allthe books was that important. I removed the clock because the new title already has it in there. I changed the main image to greyscale and this was so the red eyeeffect I created on Photoshop would show up more on the characterbehind the books.Because of these improvements my magazine now looks moreeffective to the horror genre so that it will attract the right targetedaudience, as well as the film looking more horrifying because of thedarker background and the image I have used looks more scarier.Also, this magazine final also relates to my poster and the filmbecause the main image is out of the film, I just used the greenscreen to place the eye behind the books. 8. FINAL CHOSEN MAGAZINECOVERI chose this particular magazine cover because; Its suitable to the genre of the magazine and the film Its an appropriate colour scheme to the theme of themagazine. The magazine relates to the poster and the film. It is appealing and attractive to the audience, as wellas giving them a slight insight to what its about. 9. Images I used for my magazine ideasI took 13 images in total but chose these 2 because they were moreeffective and appropriate to the magazine cover and related to mydrafts well.I used the eye picture because it was the image that was closest tothe eye as the others were half a face and I decided that I onlywanted the eye showing so I could change the eye colour onPhotoshop.There was a complication withthe other image being takenbecause I didnt have a greenscreen big enough to fit thewhole of the cast in.Therefore, when editing theimage on Photoshop I was ableto use the magic wand on thegreen screen part, but I had touse the rubber on the otherparts where the green screendidnt cover.