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  • 1. Summary of poster and magazine analysis
  • 2. Main characters are usually centre of the poster with text placed around them. The title of the film is conventionally in bold sans serif font so it stands out. Characters are usually shown in the same clothes on all promotional packages to make them easily recognisable. posters usually use long shots so you can see all the characater(s) Credits of people involved in the film are conventionally placed on the bottom third of the poster along with the release date. 2 Actors name and film slogan are often used
  • 3. The masthead is usually the largest font on the cover and is conventionally sans serif. Main picture taking up most of the page with the cover story title across it. Coverlines are often placed down both left and right sides of the cover advertising other stories inside the issue Date, issue and price are often shown underneath the masthead. Bright colour scheme and pull quotes are conventional . 3
  • 4. The masthead of the magazine is conventionally the largest font on thefront cover as its the name of the magazine and so is well recognised. Themasthead is always placed at the top of the cover. Its usually bold sans seriffont to make it stand out more to the audience and tends to stay verysimilar across all issues of a magazine. Its also conventional for the date andprice to be placed around the masthead in much smaller font (as shown onthe empire masthead). There are also Coverlines placed above bothmastheads advertising other stories inside the issue of the magazine. Thewebsite of the magazine is also often placed in smaller font near themasthead. 4
  • 5. The main picture on a magazine cover conventionallytakes up most of the page and coverlines are usuallyplaced around it. Often the picture is placed over partof the masthead (Megan Foxs head blocks the I on themasthead). The picture is related to the cover storywhich is the main story covered in depth in an issue.Both long shots and close ups are used on magazinecovers and the colours that the person on the frontwears are usually seen in the colour scheme (the purpleMegan Fox is wearing) and the red, white and bluecolour scheme associated with captain America. 5
  • 6. Coverlines are often placedaround the main picture onmagazine covers. They tend tobe placed on the sides of thepage (left on the Hellboy coverand right on the Thor cover).They advertise smaller storiesincluded inside the issue.Magazines often use a + sign toadvertise other coverlines whichis usually at the bottom of thepage (shown on the Thor cover. 6
  • 7. The largest font on a film postertends to be the logo of the film, ittends to be sans serif and bold tomake it stand out to theaudience. The logo tends to beconsistent over all posters tohelp create a brand identity. Thiscan be placed at the top , bottomor middle of the poster. Its oftenan eye catching colour to helpstand out (both are red inpictures). The American pie logostays the same through all thefilm franchise to help create abrand identity 7
  • 8. Film posters tend to use mid or long shots as it showsmore of the character and therefore makes them moreidentifiable to the audience. This also shows the clothesthat the characters are wearing which makes thecharacters more relatable to a teen audience (more so inthe Beta house poster). Credits are typically placed atthe bottom of the poster along with the release date asshown in the Superbad poster. The characters on theBeta house poster also suggests that it covers typical teencomedy stories (relationships and sex). 8
  • 9. Film posters often contain slogans from thefilm, as seen on the hangover 2 poster thewolfpack is back and Bangkok has them now.Another common convention on film posters isto list other films from the same film makers. (onthe Superbad poster, from the makers of the 40year old virgin and knocked up. Film postersalso advertise the actor names (friends withbenefits poster), especially if they are big stars asthis will increase the popularity of the film ifpeople are fans of the actors. 9
  • 10. Teen comedy posters often use brightvibrant colours to attract a teen audience.Bright colours will attract the audienceseye more. They also use clothes andprops that a teen audience would be ableto relate to. Examples of the brightcolours used can be seen in the Betahouse and mean girls posters. 10