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Transcript of Ancillary task media

Media- Ancillary Task

Media- Ancillary TaskBy Sophie Jones


Plain, dull colours used on poster to show that its a drama/thrillerBold, mysterious title to catch audiences attention and grip themCinema release date included to inform the target audience Mysterious picture of eyes in the background to give a more dramatic feel to the poster- as if the main actor in the centre of the poster is being watchedMain actor in the centre of the poster- typical conventionMain actors names at the top of the poster to inform the audience who is in the film


Close up shot of the main character ChloeSerious looking picture to show that its a dramatic filmBig, red coloured title to represent danger and drama which is conventionalMain actors names in a clear font that stands out and grips the audiences attentionThe picture of Chloe takes up the whole background of the poster which will attract peoples attentionIncludes information and details about the film to inform the target audience


White, bold writing used for the titleMain actors names at the very top of the poster over the actors faces which shows the audience who is in the filmThe actors arent smiling- they look very serious which is a convention of dramasA catch line is included on this poster to make the film more memorable to the target audienceA soft, dull colour scheme is used- there are no bright colours which shows that its not going to be a happy, light-hearted filmInformation/names are included at the very bottom of the poster


Very dark, dull colours are used on this poster to inform the audience of the genre of the filmA short quoted sentence about the film to attract the audience and make them want to watch it Title of the film is in the middle of the poster to grip the audienceActors name included to show who is in the filmActors on this poster arent smiling and look like theyre worried or in trouble which is a typical convention of dramasNo bright colours are used at all which suggests that bad things happen in this film



Strange, scary looking picture of the actors to attract the audience- makes them want to watch the film more and find out what happensBold, white headlines and titles which are typical conventions of magazine coversInformation on the front of the magazine cover to make the target audience interested and look at the picture Includes the name of the film in big, bold writing The picture of the main actors suggest that the film is going to be dramatic and interestingThe only bright colours used is the writing to give information to the audience about the film which will attract them


Big, bold name of magazine to attract target audienceWhite, plain background makes the magazine cover seem interesting and will make the audience wonder about what the film is aboutBlack swan takes Ballet to the edge used to promote the film by taking something pure and nice like ballet and mixing it up by suggesting that something dramatic is going to happenBy including it in a dance magazine, it will attract the right audienceIncludes the main actor of the film on the front of this magazine


Both main actors in the film are shown on the front of the magazine cover which is a typical convention when promoting a filmDark, mysterious colours are used to give an interesting dramatic feel to the filmInformation about the author of Twilight is included to interest the target audienceBig, bold titles and headings to grip people so they read the magazine- typical convention of magazine coversActors have serious facial expressions on their faces to give away the genre


Black, bold writing is used for the title of the film to grip the audienceMain actors included on the front cover which is a typical convention when promoting a film on a magazine coverIncludes other things which are included inside the magazine to encourage people to buy it and read whats insideInteresting colour scheme, suggesting the film is action packed with lots of drama included within the plotActors have a dramatic look suggesting what genre the film is