Final Ancillary task

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Transcript of Final Ancillary task

  • 1. Final C.D Digi-Pack cover


  • This is the final Digi-Pack I feel does reflect a form of real media product. On the previous presentation I have explained how my ideas have changed. I allways intended to use photos from the shop rather than creating images as I wanted to use Star image motif which is important for a bands first album.

3. Album Cover I kept the photo as the album cover rather than the collage of images. 4. Inside Cover I rubbed out thethe edges of the photo to give the image a worn look. I kept the lyrics in the bottom but took out the ashtray. 5. Third Panel This image is suited as a third panel as the colours and mirrors fit the previous images. Also, the fact you cannot see all the picture isn't a necessity as you can still see the mirrors. 6. Reverse Album I kept this as the reverse and am happy with it being used. I thought about using it as a front cover but have the track listings in an interesting place shows creativity.