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2. The reason i chose many of the effects was because i wanted to go along with my theme. My Cd cover is black and white and the reason i chose this was because i wanted it to be slightly different as many covers are in other effects such as sepia or in colour. The black and White theme also matches the idea of the whole album. Black and white represents the olden days and going back to relive memories which one of the songs on the album is named. On the cover the band can only slightly be seen and i wanted it to look like this as the album name is 'stepping out of the darkness ' it supports my whole idea of the band as they want to send out a message that they are not going to hide anymore and are coming out of their shells and their characters are shining through . This also represents the main song 'Live it' in which i chose for their first video. The representation of the video is that they are finally living their lives how they want and not letting their fears take over and not letting anyone stop their dreams from becoming reality. 3. The back cover is also in black and white to also portray the image I want to get across. The reason I chose this picture to use for my back cover was because the image captures the band all together and shows how close they are. This shot is also different as it doesnt show their faces but instead shows what they are looking to and thats the future. The scenery also plays a big part in this image as it is simple but also shows a big field which represents being free. I also positioned them girl boy ,boy girl and made to look as if the girls are leaning on the boys for support. The proximity of the band is also extremely close to show they are a strong band and represent a good image. 4. The poster I created is different from the Album as this is not in black and whiteas I wanted to create a contrast between the two advertisements for my band. The image I used to promote the band is not of the bands face or body but just their hands to create a star shape. I chose this image because its different and I believe it is also eye catching if it was shown on the streets. I also decided to place the text which is also important inside the shape as it makes the information stand out more as thats what the audience need to see. I edited the picture and made the brightness and saturation higher to create a stronger and visible image.