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2. ALBUM COVER 3. MOOD BOARD 4. MOOD BOARDWe directed Hilary to pose similarly to the images of Beyoncthat we found using the search engine, Google.In our opinion, she did this well as many of her poses looklike those of Beyonc.Additionally, we attempted to do Hilarys hair and make upsimilar to that of Beyonc.We felt that the hair style of the image in the bottom righthand corner looks identical to the image of Beyonc on theleft of that image 5. RESEARCHTo get an idea of how to design ouralbum cover, we looked at examples ofBeyoncs album covers and analysedthem. On the next slides, you will be ableto see the examples which we analysed. 6. When looking at these album cover examples,we noticed that Beyonc tends to use a closeup image of her on the front cover and a midshot or long shot on the back cover.This is what inspired us to use a close upimage of Hilary on the front cover and a longshot of her on the back.Furthermore, we realised that her poseschange on the front and back 7. FIRST IDEABelow is an image of the first album cover that we designed: 8. ANALYSIS/FEEDBACKWhen analysing this design, we felt that it was too busy andthere was too much going on.We thought that the red background colour was too strongand that the inside cover, especially, looked too eventful.As we wanted to create the best album that we could, westarted again but this time using softer colours.When getting feedback, it was suggested that the colours onthe background of the original image of the front coverlooked better that the red put in place. Therefore, we usedthis as our starting point when creating the second albumcover 9. FEEDBACK FROM MEDIATEACHERThe main focus of the feedback was on the text althoughcomments have referred to other factors too.The feedback he gave was that the text should stand out more as thepicture is a very strong one and therefore, it takes away from the text.Secondly, he noticed that the colour red used for the text is not the same asthat of the background. However, after we explained to him that it matchedthe colour of the lipstick, he understood why we had chosen that colour. 10. My teacher felt that Times NewRoman did not suit the back albumcover. This is because he believedthat it looked very old fashionedwhereas a more modern font stylewould suit Beyonc. 11. FRONT IMAGE WITHORIGINAL BACKGROUND 12. In terms of text, we saw that she hashad the name of the album under herown name on multiple occasions.Therefore, we used this idea in ourswhen deciding on where to place thetext on the front cover. 13. For the inside of the inside album cover, we wanted tochallenge what Beyonc normally does. Beyonc,again, focuses on herself in the inside album cover.However, we wanted to go against this because we feltthat it would be a nicer idea to have a picture of thecouple as the main song of this album is Brown Eyesand the image of the couple was taken on set.We thought that this would be a good challengebecause the main songs of Beyoncs are usuallythose that has a more wild side (fast beat), whereasthe main song of this album is a slow, emotional one. 14. FEEDBACK 15. Our album cover design: 16. PRINT ADVERT 17. RESEARCHAt first, we were confused about how to start ourprint advert. Therefore, we looked online forexamples.However, we found that Beyonc does not havemany print adverts.To resolve this problem, we looked at print advertsof similar artists, Rihanna and Adele. 18. EXAMPLES: 19. OUR 3 DESIGNS 20. FEEDBACKTo decide on which design to go through with, we invited 6 peoplewho were within the age of our target audience, showed them thethree designs and made them choose which one they preferred.We asked them to tell us which one grabbed their attention themost.We did this because a print advert has to gain their audiencesattention immediately as it should persuade them to buy the album.5 of 6 people said that the first design was the one which theypreferred. Therefore, we decided to use this as our final design forour print advert. 21. FURTHER IDEAS WHICH WEHAD: 22. ANALYSIS OF FINAL IDEAThe red faded block which we have at the bottom of the printadvert was inspired by Rihannas print advert. We gained thisaffect through using the faded edged eraser tool, increasingits side and erasing the top block of that layer on Photoshop. 23. We got the idea to use the front cover on the print advertfrom Adeles print advert