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Ancillary Task (magazine) - research

Ancillary Task (magazine) - researchA2 Media Studies

Little White LiesLittle White lies is an independent UK film magazine, produced by the Church of London. The front cover of every magazine is entirely based around the featured film, so each cover is completely unique. However, one constant is the header/logo of the company, which is always in the top middle of the cover. I looked into the magazine because it has a niche audience, which is similar to mine and Millies production company. I like the idea of having a very central image to the magazine cover, however I do think that I will include some information about what is going to be included, so the readers will have some sort of idea before they pick it up.

Sight and sound Sight and Sound is owned by the British Film Institute. This magazine is targeted towards more educated audience as it is an academic magazine. This is enforced by the simple typology and the colours chosen to be on the cover, which give a sophisticated image. The main slogan normally refers to film festivals, directors or film names, with a main image relating to this. This image takes up the whole cover, which again makes it seem more cultured.This is the opposite to what I want my poster to do. As my target audience is much younger than this magazines, I want there to be interesting details which will catch the eye of a younger person. This can be done by using more than one image, having exciting typology and catchy slogans.

What have I learntFrom researching these two different magazine covers I have learnt that they normally include one main image. This can be a colourful one or a more monotone image, depending on what target audience your magazine has. Unlike film posters, magazine covers keep it very simple with little text surrounding the image. However, I want my magazine to include convergence, such as things like QR Codes in order to catch the attention of a younger eye. Using a QR Code will potentially increase interest into my trailer, due to the link leading to the YouTube clip.