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  • 1. Jonathan WarrenAncillary Task Digipack ResearchWiz Khalifa O.N.I.F.CFront CoverCD DesignBack Cover

2. Jonathan WarrenWiz Khalifa O.N.I.F.CThe genre of music represented above is hip-hop/rap by a famous rap artist named Wiz Khalifa, this is his 4th studio album called O.N.I.F.C.Front Cover The front cover shows the artist sitting in a chair wearing the type of clothes that are very typical to the rap genre, the big fur coat represents how rap artists like to show off their wealth and see themselves as being very stylish. The artist also has many tattoos which is associated with rap culture. The trousers that the artist is wearing are also very unusual which represents him as a trend setter. The colours used are mainly blue, shown by the background which is incredibly simple which may be to illustrate that the main focus should be on the artist himself.Back Cover The back cover of this album is just a darker copy of the front with the track listings over the original image. This is very effective in making sure the messages behind the picture get through to the audience. The type face used for the tracklist is very simple and easy to read, this makes sure that fans can easily check to see what tracks are on the album and generally makes it more appealing to the eye.CD Design The design of the CD for this album is incredibly simple. The entire background is a very similar shade of blue that was used on the background of the front cover and this makes it look more professional as the colour scheme uses very few colours so it does not look messy. The simplicity of this design is very striking to the eye. The only detail on the CD is the font used to outline the name of the album and artist. The font used is simple and because of the size used for the name of the album, it is also quite striking. 3. Jonathan WarrenMachine Head The BlackeningFront CoverCD DesignBack Cover 4. Jonathan WarrenMachine Head The BlackeningThe Blackening is the sixth studio album to be released by famous heavy metal band Machine Head. The images above represent the music genre metal.Front Cover The cover of this album is very stereotypical of the genre metal it depicts a skeleton type figure sat on a chair, this is stereotypical of metal as a genre because generally the genre uses very dark, depressing themes and a skeleton fits in with the iconography of metal. The cover is also entirely in black and white which adds to the very dark theme of the album and makes it very eerie. The font used on the front is quite a jagged, eccentric font which is very common to metal as a genre because the font needs to look threatening in order to fit in with the iconography of metal.Back Cover The back cover continues to follow the house style in terms of colour scheme as it is also purely black and white, this is an effective technique that makes the digipack look professional. The font used for the track listings is quite hard to read but looks very striking and has a certain element of menace to it, which helps to show that the album is of the heavy metal genre. The back cover also has an image in the centre that shows a demonic-like character which is very scary and further supports the stereotypical view that metal music revolves around hatred and anger.CD Design The CD design for this album is fairly simple with an image, the track listing and some small print on it, including the artist and album. The picture continues to follow the theme of demos and scary characters, which supports the house style and gives it a very specialized look. The font used is also consistent with that of the fonts used on the front and back covers and the colours used on the CD are also only black and white to keep within the colour scheme. 5. Jonathan WarrenColdplay MyloXylotoFront CoverCD DesignBack Cover 6. Jonathan WarrenColdplay MyloXylotoColdplay are an incredibly well-known and successful Indie/Mainstream band. MyloXyloto is their fifth studio album and represents the Indie Genre of music.Front Cover The cover of this album is very colourful which makes it eye-catching and helps the band attract potential buyers, this is a very good sales technique. The colourful front also connotes that many famous indie bands like to use a wide variety of colours to attract fans when designing the album covers. There are lots of graffiti style fonts in the background which could be used to try and link the band to a younger audience by showing they are trendy. The font used for the name of the album is incredibly large and bold but also see through, the simplicity of this font on top of a background that is very busy and unorganised helps to make the actual album name stand out above everything else.Back Cover The back cover follows the general house style by keeping the design very colourful and messy. This mix of lots of different colours makes the album stand out from others and is very striking to the eye. The track listing font is the same as the main font on the front cover, this is useful in maintaining house style and gives the album quite a professional look. The simple font that shows what tracks are on the album stands out because it overlays the unorganised mix of colours behind it which is the same technique that is used on the front cover.CD Design The CD also uses many colours continuing to follow the house style but also has a black spiral containing all the track listings going round the CD. This makes it easy for the audience to read the tracks straight off the CD and is a design that is used by quite a lot of artists. The font used on the actual CD is quite a lot easier to read than the font on the front and back covers and this is probably because it has to be a lot smaller to fit onto the CD so it has to be a simple font.