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Research for Shoots

Research for Shoots- Ancillary TaskBy Sophie Bennett

Hair & Make-upGirlsHair:The girls hair will be straight and down for some scenes. For other scenes the girls hair will be in 2 pony tails with ribbon.Make-up:- Very minimal, natural makeup as the models are only children.BoysHair:- The boys hair will be either naturally pushed back/over to the side or put back with gel.

CostumesGirlsColourful Spring clothing:Flowery dressesBright coloured topsBlouses White jeansDenim jeansSkirts Co-ordinates BoysColourful Spring clothing:Denim jeansDifferent coloured topsDenim shortsFabric shortsTracksuits

Outfit Number 1(Girls)Casual WearFor the first outfit, I am going to have the girls wearing knee length dresses of the same style but in different colours. I want the dresses to be to the knee because its a spring collection not summer. The shoes the girls will be wearing are pumps. I also want the girls to wear or have a cardigan over their shoulder, the colour of the cardigan will match the colour of the shoes. The cardigan could then be used as a prop like you see at cat walks, the models walk towards the camera and flick their cardigan/jacket over their shoulder.

Outfit Number 1 (Boys)Casual WearThe first outfit for the boys will be casual fabric shorts. I will then have both of the boys wearing white trainers, then they will be wearing a round neck T-shirt which will match the colour of their shorts.

Outfit Number 2 (Girls)Going out WearFor the two girls second outfit I am going to dress them in going out clothing, rather than casual wear like the first outfit. The girls will be both wearing a sparkly party dress, again to the knee. I will then have them wearing sparkly sandals for their shoes. The dresses will be short sleeved. They can then wear a party cropped cardigan like the one below.

Outfit Number 2 (Boys)Going out WearFor the second outfit for the boys I again want them to be more dressy than the first outfit, therefore I will be having them wear blue/navy denim jeans with a shirt, either plain or checkered/stripy. For their shoes as they are young boys they will again be wearing trainers as I feel smart shoes wont look right on little boys.

PropsFor my Ancillary Task I do not want to use any specific props as I want it to be all about the clothing because in my main task the adverts will involve a number of different props as I want the children models to be doing an activity so when editing I can make it in slow motion. If I do use any props in my Ancillary Task it will only be the clothing itself. For example if the girls take off their cardigan and flick it over their shoulder.

LocationStudio location: White backgroundBlack backgroundPink background Blue background