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  • 1. Research into ancillary products
  • 2. The bands name and album title The album leaf into the blue again is located on the top right hand corner in a small handwritten font. Its much like a signature from an artist, its simple and small. Suggesting that there is no need for it to be in your face as the target audience would know the band. A brown, paper like, border is used around the cover, it is the same colour as the font, which in turn makes catches the attention of the audience as everything else is a different colour. The detonated meaning of the image is a table with dirt , nails, thread going around the nails and paper. However, abstractly the image is of a beach, the blue cloth being the see and the dirt being the sand. The nails and thread is like a net, that isnt allowing anything passed. The name of the album and the front cover share a semiotic relationship as the title of it is Into the blue again, blue being the sea, and the cover is an image of a beach. Analysis Covers The Album Leaf Into the blue again Overall, the cover is quite simple, there arent colours that stand out and the bands name isnt centred across the cover.
  • 3. Analysis Covers Radiohead OK COMPUTER Once again, the album title and the band name is in a smaller font, a block font is used as its called OK COMPUTER and stereotypically, that is a commonly used computer font. The bands name is in their own font, it used on all, if not most of the bands posters/albums/promotional merchandise. The picture itself is a negative of a motorway. Its made to look busy and chaotic. The use of a negative image made it look quite arty and different to other products out there, differentiating the band and creating a sense of uniqueness. A silhouette of a person at the back of the motorway. Two posters entitled; Lost Style and Lost Child suggesting that theyre both of similar importance, which in a way, the cover is making a statement as to what is wrong with the world. An image of a person is faded into the main image, it looks like hes running away from something with something in his hands. Another sub-image; Nose of a crashed aeroplane, people fighting and a cross inside a blue banner, suggesting that this needs to stop, the fighting and terrorism.
  • 4. Analysis Covers Brand New - Daisy This album cover is so simple, it is literally just a mid shot of a fox in a forest, with a few snow flakes falling. Depth of field is used as the fox is in the foreground, as well as the snow flakes, the focus isnt on the forest behind. The cover doesnt have anything to do with the name of the album, there isnt a daisy in sight. Due to this simplicity the band comes across as people who dont really care what the artwork looks like and that it is all about the music. This is a stereotypical trait of bands in this genre, theyre just a bit too cool to care, using the approach that the music will sell the album. The font and font size is so simple, it looks like Times New Roman, the colour white had to be used as it wouldnt be able to stand out if it were any other colour. The image is very centred, the fox is right in the middle, as well as the bands name and the name of the album, there is also a tree right in the middle, with two trees symmetrical to each other next to it.
  • 5. Analysis Website homepage Alexisonfire
  • 6. Analysis (Continued) Website homepage Alexisonfire
    • The background image of the homepage is the cover of their new album Old Crows/ Young Cardinals which is a form of promoting their most recent album.
    • There are several links all over the page, the header is the bands name with several hyperlinks beneath, Home, News, Tours etc.
    • The font style is something which is used on several of the bands previous albums, in a way; their own font.
    • There are tour dates in the top corner, easy to see as well as accessible if someone wasnt a regular computer user.
    • Furthermore, there is also a news section showing whats going on, it is also regularly updated to keep fans informed. There is also a Mailing list hyperlink on the page which allows you to get E-mails from the band; news and information.
    • A section is there for a featured video, which I presume would be changed quite often; primarily being used for interviews, live performances and music videos.
    • Finally the page is primarily being used to inform and promote new material.
  • 7. Analysis Website homepage Interpol
  • 8. Analysis Website homepage Interpol
    • The homepage is very simple, the background is a picture of a deer as most of their album covers are often images of animals.
    • There is a scroll down box on the side with blog entries about what the band has been doing, basically just to keep the fans up to date.
    • The header is a menu made with flash, when you mouse over the headings they begin to fade, its a nice feature to have.
    • You are also able to skip through clips and pages on the header.
    • On this homepage there isnt too much brand promotion, instead just links to the forum, shop, myspace etc.
  • 9. Analysis Website homepage Death Cab for Cutie
  • 10. Analysis Website homepage Death Cab for Cutie
    • Everything on the page is centred around a stamp of the band name. All the sub features are based around it.
    • Most of the images on the page are made to look old, theyre using an old school television and mic, as well as black and white images.
    • The page has quite a lot of flash on it, when scrolling over certain images, there would be an animation, for example, scrolling over the mic induces electric shocks to come out of it.
    • Its also very busy, there is a lot going on; Fan clubs, mailing list, news, photo album, tours, shops, and free ticket competition.
    • There is quite a lot of promotion all over the page, ticket giveaway and free ipod applications. Also advertisement for their new album Photo Album