Wave Trip Launch campaign

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Wave Trip is a musical arcade game for iPad and iPhone by Lucky Frame. This presentation was part of the planning process, as such was being updated continuously. This is the most recent version.

Transcript of Wave Trip Launch campaign

  • 1. #wavetrip Marketing Shizzle Jan/Feb 2013
  • 2. What we wantTop Bad Hotel salesGet some buzz around the game
  • 3. ProblemGet discovered on the App Store is a mess
  • 4. How we fix it Creating great content Leading people to the landing page Generating organic traffic* Seeding the game to influential websites*Inbound marketing, creating content that educates/entertain people. Those peoplethen become more exposed to the idea, creating a sense of familiarity, likability and trust
  • 5. Before Launch
  • 6. Videos3 videos based on familiar situation where Wavelit appears to the actor while playing the game
  • 7. MicrositeSmall tweaks to the Wave Trip page to make it look more in line with the campaign ? Design to be decided
  • 8. Tracking systemSet up a tracking system to judge effectiveness https://tapstream.com free for 45 days
  • 9. Beta seedingSend out beta codes to influential websites and bloggers
  • 10. Beta seedingTry to reach a different crowd seeding the game to big tech/gadgets blogs and magazines
  • 11. Beta giveawaysCreate a Wavelit print-out, ask people to share pictures with it in common situations and give away codes to the best ones
  • 12. After Launch
  • 13. Gameplay videoA funny Gameplay video showing people reactioninstead of the actual game to create more excitement
  • 14. Prizes giveawaysTo reward the best scores/levels shared via Twitter/Facebook/Instagram*
  • 15. Social Media Presence Produce a series of images with the character in funny situations (paper foldable Wavelit?), to release regular- ly on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
  • 16. Timescaleweek 1week 2week 3week 4week 5
  • 17. Future Ideas
  • 18. More contentCreate more videos using wavelitcostume (wavelit running no stop)New prize competition
  • 19. Measure effectivenessNumber of sales (10k target)Number of views on YT(at least 20k in total)