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brandaudiencethe big ideacreative strategyexecution media strategytipsie is a new monthly alcohol subscription optionPrices range from $35-$125 monthlyOfferings: themed boxes and drinking accessoriesStrong emphasis on social interactionSeek comfortAt home bars are trendingWant to co-create products with brands on social mediaPersonal goals > professional goalsThey dont know what to do at homeEmerging adulthood"Alcoholic Beverages (at Home)." American Lifestyles 2014: Looking Forward - US - April 2014. Mintel Group Ltd, Apr. 2014. Web. 25 Feb. 2015."Alcoholic Beverage Drinking Occasions - US - May 2014." At Home Drinking Locations. Mintel Group Ltd, May 2011. Web. 25 Feb. 2015.Arnett, Jeffrey Jensen. "Emerging Adulthood: What Is It, and What Is It Good For?" Child Development Perspectives 1.2 (2007): 68-73. Child Development Perspective. Society for Research in Child Development, 2007. Web. 25 Feb. 2015.Greco, Jim, and Danny Brager. "MILLENNIALS REDEFINE THE ALCOHOL BEVERAGE LANDSCAPE." Newswire. The Nielsen Company, 11 Jan. 2011. Web. 25 Feb. 2015.Schawbel, Dan. "10 New Findings About The Millennial Consumer." Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 20 Jan. 2015. Web. 25 Feb. 2015.[1][2][3][4][5]Jungle Juicers vs.Savvy Sippers

Average income: $52,000StabilityAdult responsibilitiesRelationship statusComfort & confidencePrioritiesThey have reached the end of the stage of wanting to go out to bars.

They are returning back to the home, not because they have to,

but because they seek comfort while avoiding the chaos of bars.Savvy Sippers are not accustomed to entertaining at home, since the days of throwing house parties when their parents were gone for the weekend.

They are unaware of how to create fun, exciting cocktail parties.Older Millennials want to entertain at home, they just need to be shownhow

Transcript [1] : I see your listening to Iron Maiden, you sweet, sensitive little devil. I bet you have a drink in your handor at least you wish you did. Click the banner to see what we listen to, while headbanging softly at home.Transcript [2] : Feeling throwback Thursday? So are we. And we made a playlist, just for you. Youll like the way we work it. No Diggity.

#tipsietimeUsers share their experienceFollowers have access to tipsie contentPromotional material and new product info

Consumer involvement effortUsing #mytipsie, users interact with our brandEvery quarter, one winner is selectedInfluence new themed boxes

20,000 subscriptions in the first 2 monthsGain social media followersGenerate earned media Earn the trust of our audience

$100,000Millennials place in the life cycle in conducive to home entertainmenttipsie can show them how to achieve this without compromiseInherent benefit: the Most Exclusive Bar in Town

aerdnaIron Maidenaerdnaaerdna's AlbumGarageBand 6.0.5aerdnaThrowback Thursdayaerdnaaerdna's AlbumGarageBand 6.0.5