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  • 1. CLICK2CHIC.SI LAUNCH CAMPAIGN Category A Strategic use of the media mix
  • 2. ABOUT CAMPAIGN Launch of, largest Slovenian online cosmetics shop Launch campaign: 12. 31. October 2012 Multi-channel communication strategy, which covered all relevant touch points. We created an interactive experience by branding locations in real life to show that in our shop you can shop almost everywhere. Digital displays with top products from Each product was attributed a unique SMS code. The user sent an SMS for a product and received a unique code that gave him either a discount or a free product. The users started using codes after November 1. RESULTS IN A WEEK ( opened on 25. 10. 2012): Total number of visits: 249.627 Total number of unique visitors: 25.060 Average time spent on site: 3.40 min Almost 20 % of visitors accessed using mobile device or tablet. More than 100 entries through QR- codes. 2.444 users joined our Facebook application, sent 35.105 invitations and gathered 18.091 products, together we received more than 9.000 Facebook fans.
  • 3. TARGET GROUPS AND COMMUNICATION GOALS Target groups: All in the age of 16 to 49, focusing on: mobile and trendsetting individuals, early adopters, women from 25-49 with higher purchase power. Communication Goals: Build brand awareness and position as trendsetter and largest Slovenian online cosmetics shop. Present products sold online and bring web UX in offline channel with communication tools that consumers trust (SMS). Generate buzz, trigger desire to shop and promote broad consumption online. Show accessibility (shop from everywhere mobile, tablet, computer ). Direct users to online store and gain conversion.
  • 4. DIGITAL DISPLAYS Digital displays with top products. Each product had an SMS code. The user sent SMSes for products and received unique codes that brought him discounts or free products. Every code included a discount, but the user didnt know its content until he registered on and checked the code out. Digital displays repeated in Facebook application. In November, users were able to start using codes with discounts and free products. We also enabled massive entry points with the use of multi-channel and support of traditional media-mix for high reach.
  • 5. DIGITAL DISPLAYS We created an interactive experience by branding locations in real life to show that in our shop you can shop almost everywhere. We placed digital shop displays on most frequent locations kiosks, posts, LPP bus Adapting communication messages to the location where the ad was presented. All of them had QR-codes.
  • 6. COMMUNICATION STRATEGY Enable instant engagement on different entry points through targeted communication adjusted to different target groups. Trendsetting strategy and creative solutions that were not seen before in Slovenia. Multi-channel communication strategy: Combination of general online media ( and niche online (,, ) and print media (Elle, Cosmopolitan). Targeted performance advertising on Google, Facebook, Mobile and Positioning of shop and products in beauty categories of and Print and classical outdoor. 7 second TV-ads. Owned media: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter:
  • 7. Channel Media / portal / Type Format Campaign type Communic. goal Outdoor Kiosks, posts, LPP bus and other locations. Digital displays Branding and tactical awareness Building brand awareness and creating an interactive experience. TV POP TV 7 second TV-ad Tactical awareness Building brand awareness. Online media high reach Ad-takeover, background, banner, and PR. Branding Building brand awareness among broadband users. Niche online media,,,,, Background, banner, sponsorship, takeovers Branding + Performance, targeted product advertising Brand awareness and informing about service and products. Print Elle, Cosmopolitan, Story 1/1 ads Tactical awareness. Building brand awareness among opinion leaders. Online shops, Affiliate and shop links Performance Position in online store market and gaining backlinks. Facebook Premium positions and ads, Facebook application Text ads and sponsored stories Performance + Branding Present AmisTV 3.0 and inform brand ambassadors. Search and Content Google Search Slovenia and Content Nework, search Text ads, banners and video advertising Performance Building positive affection towards Amis by offering all infomation needed. Owned media Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Mailing Content Education Build performance through useful content.
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