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1. Suyasha Tamore 03 Deepika Chaurasia 13 Jagruti Jadhav 14 Rupali Ghvare 12 2. Letter to the client 3. INVESTMENT TODAY THE NEWS YOU DESIRE INTRODUCING 4. INTRODUCING THE NEWS YOU DESIRE 5. COMPETITORS Economic times Financial express Business standard Financial Chronicle Business Line 6. COMPETITORS Economic Times Financial express Business Standard Financial Chronicle Business Line Investment Today 7. To set world class standard in the newspaper industry through providing a diverse range of high quality news of daily economic affairs. Mission - To set world class standard in the newspaper industry through providing a diverse range of high quality news of daily economic affairs. 8. Current Market Situation Investment Today is a newspaper that is going to be introduced in the Business Market of Indian Cities. We are focusing to all levels of Business people. Specially for investors, Proprietors, Shareholders, Business men, Vendors, etc. 9. Target Audience Investors Proprietors Shareholders Business men Vendors Middle class people Employees Public and private sector Other business associations 10. To provide fair and accurate news of the economic situation. Higher Circulation that leads to high sales. To face strong competitors. OBJECTIVES OF INVESTMENT TODAY 11. Experienced professionals, market & economic experts articles Quality news Targeted to all business class people Reasonable price Good Research and development department New in newspaper industry (introductory stage) poor distribution network strong competitors limited experience of customers Increase the distribution network Market is very big and attractive Takeover of the distribution Growing focus on e- paper and social media Existing competitors Economic instability 12. Newspaper geographic location Investment today is available in different metro cities like : Mumbai Delhi Kolkata Bangalore Chennai Hyderabad Ahmadabad Investment today will be available in different metro cities 13. PUBLIC RELATIONS STATERGY 14. Objective/ Goals To reach target audience To create market position To create an image of our newspaper in the consumers mind as compared to competitors newspaper 15. Target audience for PR strategy Shareholders or Investors Employees Suppliers Distributors Consumers/Reader Mass Media Government Financial Institutions Advertiser Social media 16. 1. Front page 2. Politics Today 3. Politics Today 4. Brands Economy 5. City Today 6. City Today 7. Business Today 8. Career in Business 9. IT Finance 10. Eye on World 11. Editors View 12. IT Ideas for investment 13. IT Classifieds 14. Sports News Paper review 17. Budget less than 5,00,000 Activity Estimate coast Research 65,000 Hire expert economist 1,00,000 (to write blog, article on Social media) Press release 35,000 Press conference 60,000 Mobile application 75,000 Gifts or presents 1,00,000 (to get attention of advertiser and journalist, reporters) 18. Tactics PR plan of a newspaper launch 19. 60 to 90 Days before Launch Creating twitter and Facebook page and website to promote our newspaper Set up a basic pre-launch web page with a simple sign up form to collect contact information from people interested in reading our newspaper, using either a service like LaunchRock or the VerticalResponse opt-inform. Creating Blogs on various portals 20. 30 to 60 Days before Launch Start writing content for our launch site to attract the search engines, as well as new visitors. Content should use keywords that customers will use when looking for a newspaper. Post links to the articles we write to our social networks and continue to drive signups to our email form and gain more social followers. Keep building a pre-launch audience thats invested in our product before it even hits the shelves. Meet with software developers creating successful applications 21. 5 to 30 Days before Launch Start writing and maintaining blogs Posting articles on various sites Wring pitch notes to various reporters, journalist, bloggers, expertise and professionals to write about out newspaper on their blogs and sites Posting on social networking sites Writing press release and newsletters To get advertisers for publishing their ads in newspaper 22. Day of launch Send an email out the night before to the people who signed up through our pre-release site so that they can be the first to get access to our newspaper On the day of the release, send out another email and post links to the page hosting or selling our product across all of our social channels. Encourage the people who signed up for our pre-launch site to share the news with their networks, perhaps even providing some kind of an incentive such as a discount or a special subscription designed just for that group. 23. Promotion criteria Awareness Knowledge Liking Preference Purchasing 24. Monitoring/feedback Conduct an online survey: Attach with E-paper online surveys that is Create an online E-paper community page: creating customer communities on the Web, on Facebook, via mobile devices and within widgets that can be embedded anywhere Use a hosted feedback forum: UserVoice's simple hosted forums and widgets allow customers to submit and vote on ideas for the newspapers, which can then be turned into a prioritized list of feedback. 25. UserVoice is also available for your Facebook Page; for example, Ubank is using UserVoice's Facebook app to listen to their customers and actively respond to and engage with these users Ask for feedback on Facebook and Twitter as well on blog: as posting a question or poll on your Facebook Wall or via Twitter or blog can use this approach to get fast insights into new newspaper , new branding or even new locations or lines of business