The Glenville .The Glenville Mercury Vol. XXXVIll. No. ... Sharon Foglesong, Spencer, ... tary;...

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Transcript of The Glenville .The Glenville Mercury Vol. XXXVIll. No. ... Sharon Foglesong, Spencer, ... tary;...

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    The Glenville Mercury Vol. XXXVIll. No. 8. Glenvi lle State College, Glenville, W . Va. \\'cdn~sday. F'eb. 1967

    GSC Lyceum Series Features 'Caradines ~


    GSC's third program in the lyct.u rn ser ws will be tomor rO\\ . Ft:b. 9 at 8.00 p.m . in the campu') auditorium featuring The Cara. d ines--Rtchard Dye-Carradtne and J aclyn Lord They are t he lead1ng drama duo represented by Red-path Concert and Lecture Arttsto;; of Philadelphia .

    The Caradines are noted for such dramat ic pt rformances as The Brownings, Queen Elizabeth ar.d Lord EssEX, He and She, Joan of Arc and Charles, Laur a and Jim, and others. This hus band-wife team has appeared in Des l\loincs . Iowa : Gainesville. F'la .. Detroit . ;\1ich. a nd High Point Col-lege, N. C

    Sh.tkcspca rcan Comp .n~ .. dcettd Jncl} n Lord to portrn) JuhCl nf ter audtllonang ncurly 50 actrc .. scs Uurmg tha~ run of Romeo nd Juliet she \\a -. ~een by Rtchard Dyc-Carrnduu; and tng:~gcd b~ h1m to play th(' samt.. role an a \\est oa~t production

    After portraying Shakespeare' s lovers for seve ra l month!, Jadyn and Richard di scovered that rea l lif( romance had develeped ard were married. The RO:K. FORO REGISTER. RE,PUBL IC ;, quoted t hat " Jadvn Lord is not on lY a comely ingenue but a su~r. lative actress.''

    In a meditati ve mood aTe William Monk, l" hris Carlson a nd Ma ry Ann Wolfe as they rehearse for the Feb. 16 opening of BECKET on the GSC s tage.

    Richard Oye-Ca rradine- is con sidered to be one of the- most bril -liant young actors in the- United State! today. In the past ten yea rs he has appeared in such ma jor role-s as Clarence in RICH-ARD I l l, lago in OTHELLO ; Ro-meo in ROMEO AND JULIET, and Richa rd in RICHARD II.

    With JacJyn Lord , he has ap. pc

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    Page Two

    Appreciation Verbalized

    Dear Miss Davis: I want you aU to know how

    much I appreciated the co-oper-ation from students, faculty, ad-ministrat ive staff. clcrkal s taff and Building and Grounds per-sonnel in moving the library, This gestu:-e is a good indication that you appreciated the faith the tax payers of our state put in you when they appropriated money for the building.

    i and the other members of the library staff will remember that day all our lives.

    Sincerely, Albert Carlson Librarian


    Thirty-four s tudents have re-cently been admitted to a program in teacher education and as a r e-sult are eligible for admission to higher education courses. They were admilled to the program up-on the basis of recommendation by the division of education and psychology and records in the registrar's office .

    Seniors admitted to the teacher education program include Connie Lou Allen, Phillip Henry Berry, [.a rry Leotis George, Rodney Coy Jamison, Doris J t:an Locke. and Phillip Emerson Pitt.

    AMONG THE JUNIORS admit h:d are J u d i t h Ar.r.e Barnes, Thomas Julian Blake, Stanley E :o rl Sovles, Dolly Sue CarPenter, Richard Har~ld Dawson, Wilyne Cla rk Gi le: pie, Sha ron Candace Gree-nleaf, Kathryn Ruth Ha ll, C a r o I y n Sue Hoover, Robert Wayne Jackson, Willil Kate John sotl, Hazel Ann Kuhl, and Guy Franklin Lewis.

    Other juniors are as follows : James Lee l\loorl', Philip Glen 'r.fowrey, Romilda Ann Neal. Char-les Russel Ott. 1 arry Edwin Par-sons, Gail Ware Saffle, Mar ily11 Sue Sinnett. Bill Edward Sum-mers. Dennis Lee Taylor. Marilyn E lizabeth Taylor . Samuel Julian Vrtrney, Heber Howard Vealey, and Richard Lewis Wagner .

    Only two sophomores .are among the students: newlv admitted to teacher education. The two are Marian Kav Carpenter and Bren-da Kay shaver.

    Alpha Sig Plans Ball Feb.ll

    ATTENTION ALL \V 0 MEN! Now is the Lime to put on your formal attire and ask your fa v-orite man to the Alpha Sigma AI pha Sweetheart Ball. What could be a more appropriate time for sweethearts than Valentine's Day?

    Music for this forma: affair will be provided bv West Virginia Tech' s VIP's. Admission for the dance will be $3 and dancing will be from 9:00 p.m., Feb. 11 , to 1:00 the next morning. Couples will be chaperor:Ed by Mrs. K~y Chico, the Lorne McCartneys, and tne Nicholas Murins.

    An election for the Sweetheart couple will be held Feb. 10 in the student union. The entire student body may vote for a penny and nominate for a nickel.

    The new members will a lso ~pon~or a mix on Feb. 10 from 7:3010:30 p.m. The pur.pose of the mix is to boost school s pirit and the students are requested to wear b'uc and white. Active members will also raffle off candy.

    Prof. Joe Moss To Judge .Shbw April16 -May 16

    The annual s pring art show will open Sunday afternoon, April 16. and will continue through May 16, according to Mr. James Rog ers of GSC's an depJrtment. This show will be open for student en tries from ali W . Va. :it ate col-!f.'ges and uni\'ers ities.

    0 ))e ning the spring art ~how will a ls~ kick off a week-long series of fine art activities known as Fine Arts Week.

    Mr. Joe i\11oss. professor of a rt at West Virglnia University, will serve as JUdge of the art show and wit! select the winning entnes for the show. Because of his con-trr.IVersial painting, West Virginia Moen, in 1963, M;. Moss is perhaps the state's best known artist.


    Mrs. Mary Fest , nurse. is now back to work full time after an illness. Prior to this . she has worked only half a day. Feb . 1 was her first full day of work.

    There are new hours for the in-firmary_ On Monday through Fri day, it is open from 9-12 a nd 14.

    Newl~ elected TKE officers are: Row 1, Gary Hills; Row 2, left to ri!!ht . Thomas Cox a nd Steve O 'Neil ; Row 3, Dan Shumate and David Bennett; Row 4, Charles Keefer, Woodrow Wilson, LJndon Da,is, and Austin Boswell.

    THE GLENVILLE MERCURY Wednesday, Feb. 8, 1967

    Education Honorary Inducts 12 Jlt"embers


    LAST NIGHT, 12 persons were formally initiated into Kappa Del-ta Pi , the national education hon-or soc1ety. These new members have been pledges s ince Jan. 12, and have been accepted for mem-bership by the national office.

    Membership in Kappa Delta Pi is by invitation only and is open to juniors in the upper one-fifth cf their class. A 3.0 average Is re. q u i r e d, and candidates must pos~e-ss desirable personal quali ties and leadership attributes.

    MRS. JEAN ADAMS and Mr. James Brown, both assistant pro fessors of education. were among the initiates. Beth Mrs. Adams and Mr. Brown hold M.A. degrees from West Virginia University ,

    Other new members are Sandra Beale, Sher!'l Bode, Twila Collins, Barbara Davis, Sue Fulks, Charles Keefe1, Carol Kessler, Elaine Me. Henry, Donna Mills, and Betty Ann Ward. All are members of the junior class.

    Sandra Beale. a business and library science major, is secre tary of Women's Hall and Alpha Delta Epsilon, and Sheryl Bode is chaplain of Majors' Club, a member of SEA, a participant in the WAA intramural program. Last yea r . she was a me mber of the women' s varsity basketba ll teetm.

    TWILA COLLINS, another of the initiates, is majoring in elemen tary education and was a mem ber of the Collegiate 4-H Club for two years.

    .~nother Collegiate 4-H Club member . Barbara Davis. is a lso a member of SEA a nd Literary Society_ She is president of Wes. ley Foundation and vke-president of the state ::\1cthodist Student Movement. as well as a member o{ Campus Religious Council and


    At a recent meeting of Tau Kap. pa Epsilon Fraternity, officers for the coming year were elected. They are Prytanis. Go1ry Hill ; Epiprytanis. Thomas Cox : Cryso phylos, Charles Keefer; Gramma-teus. Dan Shumate; Histor, David Bennett; Hypophetes, Woodrow Wilson : Hegemon, Austin Boswell ; PyJorte.;, Steve O'Neil ; and Stew-ard of the House, Lynn Davis.

    New officers will be installed on Saturday, Feb. 18, in the old Louis Bennett Lounge from 9 a.m. til 3 p.m .

    Sometime early in May is the tentativ(- date of the annual Court Ball. This year the Ned Guthrie orchestra has been contracted to play for the event.

    Tickets are still on sale for the 600 D Fiat. They can be obtained from any active or pledge any-time before May 10 at Sl.OO each.

    As part of the constant project to improve the Teke house, con struction is now underway on ~ study room in the basement. Also, the planting of pine trees around the, frat0rnily house is another project soon to be launched.

    West Virginia Province IX Lead-ership Conference wiU be held at the Uplowner Inn in Huntington on Friday and Saturday, March 17-18.

    Wes Pierce, director of chapter services ; Bill Muse, pro\'ince su-pervisor (Ohio); I. L. Clovis , past grand Epiprytanis: Gene Ballard, our province supervisor ; and other members of the international headquarters staff will be in at tendance.

    Among other featured events, there will be a luncheon S3turday afternoon. an Hawaiian Luau Sat-urday evening, and the " Ship-wreck" Dance Saturday night.

    editor of the MERCURY. SUE FULKS is a member of

    Chi Beta Phi, the national honor ary science fraternity, and of SEA. Charles Keefer is also a member of SEA. He is treuure-r of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity and of the junior class, and dur ing his freshman yeu he was a member of the debate team.

    President of the Campus Relig-ious Council, Carol Kessler , is one of the new mem hers. She is a member and past president of the Baptist St u d e nt Movement on cam pus and is viceJ]lresident of the state BSM. She is historian of SEA and circulation editor of the MERCURY.

    ELAINE McHENRY is a mem-ber of Chi Beta Phi and Lite rary ~ociety, She serVes as a counselor and member of the dormitory board at Women' s Hall a