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  • The Glenville Mercury Number 3 Glenville State Co lle~~, Glei1Ville , West Virginia

    ~flfo~5/e kLr~i:nl!Rs) ~l~t~d !Lori.Euler To Reign Chatrperson Tammy Court 16) Gilmer County The students of St~naker has r~leased a ten- High School Band , 17) Del- Glenville State College tattve pou:ade lme-up. The ta Zeta Float , 18) Delta have chosen the 1984 parade will be~m at 10.on .Zeta Officers, 19) Creative Saturday mornmg. The lme Learning Class, 20) Forest Homecoming Queen up WIll be as follows:1 ) Col- Festival Princess Sherri and Court to reign o\(er or guard , 2) Hon~rary P~; Stalnaker, 21 ) Bill Neely the Homecoming festivi-rade Marshall Earl WhItey Republican. State Senate ties. Adlofson , 3) GSC Band, 4) Candidate 23) Boy Scouts Ch . Mineral Wells Strutters, 5) 23) PBL Officers 24) Bin' osen to reign as P~esident William K. Sharpe Democr~ t State G S C Hom e com i n g Simmons, 6) ~SC cheer- Senate Candidate, 25) Tap Queen is Lori Euler, the leader~ and PIOneer, 7) and Toes Studio, 26) Tau 21 year old daughter of Gle~ville Mayor Delbert Kappa Epsilon Float , 27) Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. DavIdson. 8) Stude ~t Con- Girl Scouts, 28) Spring Hill Eu ler of Elkview, WV. gr~~ ?fficers, 9) MIss w.e t Junior High , 29) Black Wal- Lori is a sen ior majoring Vlrgmla Melanne. Pen nt~g - nut Festival Princess, 30) t?n, 10) .Alumnt Assocta- Shooting Stars 4-H Club, i n El emen t ar y a nd non PresIdent R. Terry 31) Glenville Lions Club , Spec ial Education, and a ~utcher , 11) WV Folk F~st - 32) Webster County Band, member of the Order of Ival Belle Alma G~eenhe f, 33) Ohnimgohows, 34) Gil- Lori Euler, Homecoming Queen Diana. Lori's escort will 12) Wesley Fou ndat1o~ . 13) mer County Ambulance, S t be Eddie Mazzella the Montrose Award Wmner, 35) Fire Trucks Coronation e p . t . 14) Clar issa Will iams Award * . The 1984 coronation of loneer masco , asenlor

    majo ri ng in Physical Homecoming Activities Outlined Queen Lori Euler and her Education and Social

    GSC students can top off the even ings .court will get underway im- Studies. Eddie is from continue to celebrate the activities. A thuse w ill be mediately following the an- Cowen, WV. 1984 Homecoming by held above the amph i- nual Homecoming parade. KelliJameson.asenior part ic ipat ing i n the theatre on Friday at 7 Due to th e construction of Business Administration activities that have been p.m. to rally the Pioneers the amphi th eatre, th is and Computer Science planned by the Student to victory. Homecoming major, will be represent-C 0 year's coronation wil l be th S I ongress. n Wednes- Day will begin with the Ing e enlor c ass as d . f fib I I held in front of Clark Hall. Sh a y , a WI e a trad itional parade down pnncess. e IS a tournament will be held Main Street at 10 a.m. Mr. Wayne deRosset will member of '0. of D., on the Verona Mapel immediately followed by be the announcer, and GSC Sigma Sigma Sigma Lawn from 3-6 p.m. A the coronation of Queen President William K. Sorority. Kell i is the 21 D.J. mix will follow at 8 Lori at Clark Hall. The Simmons will speak and year old daughter of Mr. p.m. in the ball room. A 1 984 Homecom i ng and Mrs. RayJamesonof crown the queen. Shelly carnival style picn ic will Festivities w ill conclude Belpre, Ohio: Her escort Uk k ffu th t t Morris, president of the E tt S f IC 0 e ac IVI les w ith the annual Home- IS ver parr 0 on Thursday at 4:30 p.m. coming Dance from 9- Student Congress, will in- Clendenin,WV. Everett is above the amphitheatre. 12 'p.m. in the ballroom. troduce Dr. Simmons, and a Business Administra-Comedian Tom Parks Music will be provided present closing remarks. tion and Accounting will perform in the by "Staircase" and there Pam Perry will sing the Management major and auditorium at 6:30 p.m. to wl11 be a $1 admlsslon. I the son of Mrs. Jean A rna ,;a ter and th e GSC

    banJ v. ill perform .

    Dance Scheduled All alumni and friends

    are invited to a post game. party Saturday at the football field. A canopy stocked with deli food and drinks w ill be available.

    A l umn i a r e al so invited Saturday night to atten d th e annu a l Ho me c om in g d ance held at the recreation center. " Pastels", a seven piece orchestra, from Clarksbu rg w ill perform. Joe Dranhak will be catering the event. The dance begins

    Joan Bays, Sophomore Princess at 9 p.m. Jackie Myer, Junior Princess

    Douglas. --Junior Princess is

    Jacquelyn Myer. an Elementary Education and Early Childhood major from Wilbur, WV. She is a member of the Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority , and the daughter of Mr. alid ~s. Jerry Myer. Jacquelyn's escort is Stephen Morris of Clarksburg. He is majoring in Petroleum engineering and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alden Morris.

    Chosen as Sopho-more Princess is Joan Bays, a Social Science major from Lodi, Ohio. She is a member of the Delta Zeta Sorority, and t he daughter of 'Rita Smith. Joan's escort is William Clark of Doswell , . Virg.nia. Will iam is a Surveying and Business Adminis-tration major and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clark.

    The Freshman Prin-cess is Deidra Burrows. She i s a Special Education major from Parkersburg . and is sponsored by the Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority and a GSC cheerleader. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. William Burrows.

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    Kel/i J arneson, Senior Princes.<

  • '.,e 2


    Homecoming Welcome Given As Editor of THE GLENVILLE MERCURY, I would like to

    welcome all alumni back to Glenville State college for the 49th an nual homecoming. Many changes have taken palce on campus but Glenville is still the same small and friendly campOs.

    Homecoming is a time for friends , students, and alumni to get together and enjoy the festivities planned. The Student Congress and others have worked extremely hard to plan Homecoming and if everyone participates Homecoming should be very seccessful. "Go For The Gold" is this year's homecoming theme and the Pioneer Football team will "Go For The Gold" vs. the Yellow Jackets of WV State at 1 :30 on Saturday . The parade, Queen's coronation, and dances are also planned for Saturday.

    Again, welcome to alumni of Glenville State. I hope'the current GSC students, faculty, and staff enjoy themselves as well.

    Jackie Mullens Editor

    President Offers Greetings I would like to welcome all alumni, students, and friends to the

    1984 Homecoming festivities . If you are returning to Glenville, I hope that you enjoy yourself, rekindle old friendships and leave Glenville with many more happy memories. If you are a student I hope that you take advantage of all the activities that have been

    planned. The Student Congress has engaged the services of a spectacular

    band for Saturday night 's annual Homecoming Dance. Also, Saturday 's Homecoming parade should prove to be one of the best.

    Sincerely, Shelly Morris Student Congress President


    11w StudInt ... 11 .... ....... 482-7311,.Ext. 290

    .............. Iy duriRg thelChooI y.f. ..... a..,..... e.IIar _______ . _ ................................. M ...... AlIa Ii. e.IIor .. __ ............... _._ ........ -... MitdMIII ~ ~ e-tdi .. _ .. _ .......... _ .... _ ......... .s- tc.... __ Bolon Iporta..-._ . ____ .. _ .... _ .... _ ... __ . Joe WIbb'

    .......... - .. ------... - ..... - ... - .. Soott K~ Eric aIico

    ~'-"-v"'- .. _ .................... _ ..... Scott MlNlas.r....

    Can, .. ap. ...... _.~. .... __ ... _ .. ~ ........ T ...... I., ......... Nicholl, ...... June Brown

    MitI:II*I Moore CIn k I I.. ___ .... ____ .............. ..MitzI Whit.t Copr e...r ._ _ __ ... __ ... _..8edI ... I' cxT" la' ____ .. _ .. _M .. ......, R J a ., DIrtI K..-I. S1IIlIy Morrill

    AprIl,... ..... ...,.

    The Glenville Metuay September 19. 1984

    Orgalliialioaal I.w. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA

    The brothers of LAmbda Chi

    Alpha would like to take this

    opponunity to welcome every

    one back to Glenville State ColI-

    lege. We also hope you all had a

    very nice summer. And also we excema a welcome to newly~r

    rived freshman.

    The weekly meeting ""s held at

    7 p.m. in Wesley Foundation Sun

    day the 16. Plans were discussed

    for building a float for the home

    coming parade.

    brothers please


    All interested

    contact Jeff

    A big THANK YOU goes to the

    Ladies for their work on the

    homecoming banner! The brothers are remmded to

    check the bulletin I bo.ard for activities and are urged' to

    . participate during homecoming.

    The brothers wish to congratu

    lations Brion Coates OI} his ap pointment to Chapter Historion.

    All brothers are asked to wear

    their shuts and support the Glen

    ville State Pioneer Football Team

    on Saturday.

    See yo' at the game.


    The Iota Omega Chapter of Tau

    Kappa Epsilon held its weekly

    mee'ting ThursdJzy, Sept. 13. Ac tivities for Homecoming Week

    were discussed. All chances for

    the grocery give-

  • The Glenville Mercury September 19. 1984

    Pioneers D r 0 p First, 22-0

    Bunny Taylor

    Taylor To Receive C. Williams Award

    The Clarissa William~ Award, presented each year to a top female athlete from the preced-ing year's graduating class, will be presented Saturday to Lavern " Bunny" Taylor.

    Taylor, who graduated in May 1984 was a four-year part i c i pant i n women 's basketball. She was named to the AII-WVIAC team in each of her seasons as a Lady

    Pioneer, as well as earning All-Tournament honors four consecutive years.

    Bunny carved a place for herself in the GSC record books last year by becoming the Lady P i oneers ' a ll - ti me leading scorer. In her f ou r seasons , s