The Glenville Glenville Mercury ' ... Battle Is the Pay Olf,"' looks as if It RECOVERS FROM...

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Transcript of The Glenville Glenville Mercury ' ... Battle Is the Pay Olf,"' looks as if It RECOVERS FROM...

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    The Glenville Mercury '

    Student Newspaper GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE Published Weekly the student Siucle CopJ 5 Ceab

    Jaebon's llliU the eertaiDQr had a 1100d

    -~.!!!!!""'" were n~ne o1 us. wbieb Eight Students wu the Ia~~ delega-

    Janett Cunningham Elected President to me of Attend Meeting Mias Bessie Boyd iBcU, CoUoge in-

    wu only At Jackson's Mill structor, entertained eight lfUe&hl group. At with an Eute.l' Breakfat at her

    f"riday evening we home on Kanawha Drive, Glenville. " Well, Glenville Glt!:nV'Ule CiUte College wns repre Gueatl we~ Mrs. E . G. Rohrbough

    already.'' (Do sented by t.i_g'hl students ~Dd on~ in of Wubiagton: D. C., Mies Addie be c:ould have meant !ltruetur :l the Student Chri!'tiau Colceley of Parkersburg, Mias Rache.l ~tlq 10 mueh!) Coth- Conl~rence ~~ld at Jackson'! Mill }fyer:s af Athe.ns, Mrs. J ohn R. Wag-

    prorided a great. deal n--er tha week-end. Those re()r~!~nt- :ner, Mit:! Ivy Lee Myers~ M:s.s Alice IOinc to the estent of ln,r tht" Cnllesre vwcA wen: Tbe.lma Arbuekle, Mrs. Herbert F. Withera.

    enra mattruses to pu Ry:.t."t'\ 'U\d Evelyn Finster, nft'XL year'! and Jln. Nota v. Roberts or Glen cue she got eold. Bel ln president and viae-pre!t;dent, re- ville.

    of a Fuller Bruah u.le 1rec.tively an.l Helen Taylor. presi a telephone eall with :e"t . ~ MCA pre.\idcnt. DnviJ. T cw-

    while we wait-- ,11; Prrch f"risn Jrf"nup, An c nnd strtet-car was auperb. ~ath..rine WHbers. Mary K. Smith.

    A W~-E~ c.bue.k. taclip:t s~-:rdary), Clarence U:tder-diJCUSIIOn rrouptP wood. Jr., and Peggy Jun. Adam. a

    We c.ertalnly werP junior in G1em~ille High Seht'nl: and for thought (and other Miss Ros Funk. Col1ege inliitructnr.

    Thelma Ryan Is New President Of 'YW' Chapter

    tra~ning .n~ a The Coltega had the large! t dele Thr!ma Ryan, sopbomore of Spen outlook "" racul preJU~tces, ,tation thue in respect to srhof'l1 en- cer, was elected president of the

    and otber timely rol1mt.nt. Otbe.r sel"ools repr

    there was Mn. Fra.ncea ginia Univeu.ity (28)~ West VJrg10 n:ore of Wuton ; seuetary, l robelle a hicb sebool teacher from ia Wuleyan (3); Weat Virginia Clark. freshman of Weston, and Bridce- She bad a grand per tate (1): and three from a Mary- treasurer, Maxine Wright of Sand uu! certainly Mowed tho land cnllege, Frostburg .State "reac:h- Fork. They suce:eed Norita GAllien,


    in Gilmer County's fhe high school!\ a sophomore and before her eledion have realized $309.47 from the sale to the COuncil pres.idency had served of .t~c:rup paper collected and sold in numerous capacities as a Counc::tl during the past two months. offic:cr.

    There'll Be Fun Aplenty Thursday, April 27, At Local Benefit Basketball Game

    lf fun To'ill bring in dolla rs for the R~d C!'t~ s nntl thereby increase the flow o( bll)od plasma nnd other es-~cniinls to the wn:r fron t!'-1 then fm1 it- wi11 be here Thursday e-vening, April 27, when members of the Col lege fft~ulty :md ollher locn I peoplf" J!O ' 4ali Out'' for the war effort When t hey grapple with teams compo.sf!d of students in a benefit bo.!iiikctbatl

    ameo o be Played in the gymna!'lium. Plo.ying wilt st3rt at 7 :30 p. m.

    Dr. D. L. Haught and other fac-ultY members inrluding Dean R. T

    he would participate, said he wv perfeetly wi11ing to have his name nn the team., but modestly added he didn't know whether he could play very mueb. Mr. H. L. White thought the idea' was ''funny.'' wondered what players would wear, and added be would "try to keep up," a.1thougb

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    College Girls On Civic Club Program

    rnwft.nd, Linn B. Hickman . . John R. Six College girls, Nina Craigo, \Vngner, and H . L. White. plus Stan- Juanita W~stfalt, Lucille Hardman, Icy R a il . C'Oach in Glenville High Nina Moore, Leona Williams and Sc.bool. Rudy Wiseman nnd Doy Peggy' WiUiams fur nisbea special F rick. will play the "Pioneers/' music at a meeting of the Glenville with Hayw:~rd Gr.ove-1, Jaek Harris- Civic Club, Monday, April 3, at ~' D, Wi!l~ton Collins. John Wagner, whitlt tinte Miss Crystal Summers Homer Paul Bec:ken , and Clarence was reelected pre~ident; Mrs. H. Y. Undcrwond, J r. in the Hneup. Clark, vice-president; Oneta Arn Well, B omer Paul Hec:kert., our es-

    teemed sophomore.. hu reecived let--ten and other UluaL.rated matl:!rial u.railll' him to attend Reppert'' School of Auctioneering. Live Stoek Jadginr and Pedigree Study. I quote: uThls school e:nables you to become a Real Auctioneer. a Super-Salesman." We're wondering wheth r we'll ever hear Homer Paul over die 'B1ae.' advertbing tobacco with a beautiful chant! P. S. For any onr who il inteuated, 1 undeutand t here

    -forty !leniors who will complete work a nd be applic:.ants for the Baehelor of Arb degree to be awarded.

    Principal Earl R.. Boggs will at.- The other feature on the night's old, recording !ecret.ary; Mrs. M. R.

    18 a 'home Rudy eourae!

    Dr. Elliott is well known in Glen ville and has appeared hue on At leLct two previous occaeiona aa a !.peakcr, once at the Baptist Church and once at the ' College.

    Preceding the exerdses in the audito~ium. a!'l academic procession will be organized in the gymna1ium a:nd proceed ncros.'l t he campus to adminietration Ball.

    The commencement exucises weTe

    tend n meeting o! the Secondary prog-rnm wi.ll Le a. game betwee:n a MeClung, eorTesponding secretary; School Principals at Huntington, team including Miss Ro~ Funk. Mis Mrs. Stanley H all, treasurer; Mrs. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. He Lnu.ise Whitlow, foculty members; Rob

    \\"bile in Huntington, 1\f_r, Boggs ' Mrs. Paul WooUfurd. l)trs. l\1. R. Me: Dr. A. E. Long of Weston. who dis--will be a guest of Dean Otis G. Wil- ~ Clung, Mrs. Lestelle Mu~phy, a-nd I eussed eustoms, the. school system, on, oo-t Mars.ha11 Co11ege. a former Mra. Linn B. Hiekmnn, and the Col ~net ot'!ter fen,tures of In.dia.

    member of the College tacult)~ here. lege girls engaged in Red Cross Work 1\liss Margaret Prunty, College Mr. Boggs is a me.mber of the com- on the Compu.s. nurse. outlined plans for the r.UJ"rent

    mittee on nonatbletic activities. President Haught, when 3Sked if c:ancer control drive.

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    The Glenville Mercury

    Stadeol Weekly Newspaper of CJ.,nvill.. State College

    Publisbed e1 .:b ruesday during the schoo. year by the cl e;o in journnlis_m. " the pos offict. s second class mat!. Su b cr1ptio1, prke for the year 1s $1.00 ; for the semester. &Oc. Address atl communications to: The Glen-ville Mercury, IJJenviJle, West Virginia.

    !JELEN TAYLOU Managing Edito

    STAFF MEMBERS Ruby Messengnr. Catherine Withers. David

    Tewell, Gray Barker, Janette Cunningham, Thelma Ryan, Hayward Grove>.

    Linn B. HicJtma n .. . . . . .. . . Facu lty Adviser

    Student Christian Movement Is a Worthwhile One

    Several Coll~ge tudents attended the Stu-dent Christian conference of Area VIII. held I the past wee!:- nd at Jackson' Mill. Students not acquainted with ywcA work ~ay wonder just what t hjg conference had fo! 1ts purpose I and i/ it really waswiJrth attendmg. .


    For organizaUilnal purposes the M1ddle At-lantic Rel"i011 i~ di,ided into five geographtcall areas. The REG IONAL PURPOSE: ''The Stu-dent Christian Movement of the l\Uddle Atlan-tic Region is an active fellowship of men a1d -------------------------women who desire to be definitely, personally, j N F radically Christian ; and to join in the endeavor Otes rom . . . . . . to make real the life, principles and teachings ITh R b F K'dd L 'b of Jesus among t>tudents, especailly to individ- e 0 ert . 1 1 rary ual lives, to radical, political. economic, nation- --- .-------------al, international and other _aspects

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    r. -------~

    Rudoll Per~onalily

    Vicki Vola Pretty Vicki Vela. the efficient

    sec:retary of .. Mr Gn:trict Attor

    Miss Emma Jane Berry United In Marriage To Sergt. Harold James P rice of Weston

    Scrgt. Jooeph Herold, Miaa Elaine BroWD Married

    U S. Nsval Reserve, .ond Mrct. W hi uey'" (S -tlon Wl r J Wednes t l g. an Ensign in the USNRJ w~Te days. 8:30 p r- r",'lT' rut"'ks in Glenville Tuesday evening t o visit ODP of the b ig

    Miu Emma Jane Berry, daqllter of Hr. and Mn. Jl. 0. Berry of Lima Street, Glenville, and Sergt. Harold

    !\fa1Tied, March 10, at the panon James Price, son or Mr. and 1ln. 11;tu u! the Crace Baptiat Church, Clarence W. Priee of Weston, wen

    vi~itots of their par Jl.n. Chades P. WU,.on Ensign Cbarle! Wilson

    Wilson. Samuel ws.s be tronsftrred to

    bul wu delayed for allowed to come

    of Charles ask-granted, a few days

    to come home. Sam April 8, and

    Monday. been promoted

    For the pasl he ba! been with the

    South Pacific area. Glen,.;ne .Pathfinde.~. enjoyed a te.lep"

    with his eldest son, L Holt, Jr., who stopped

    en route to (military to ret. new plane, which he

    wJI1 pRot whUc on duty with thP Nan) Ren~ne. Mr. Bolt. had not heard from hi son aince September

    Through Dr. Kyle Bush, attecbed to a hospital staff in Pearl Harbor Dr. and Jlln. J . C:. Shreve hav learned that their son, P!c, Fred Sllreve, USMC, is con\'ale.scing in o pct11t bospjtaJ from injuries su.ffered neently in action in the South Pa tdlr. Pfe:. Shreve burst ear ...... bat. ac.c:ording to Dr. Bush, ia ..-,...,nc well. a.-. Sexton Wright, stationed at.O.., Lee. Va . has been I'J"IIduat-~~ a highly specialized com~t ..S lldtalnistrative training course 1/ Quartermaste.r Sc.hool there ... Ia now qualified to serve as a key .-.commi.uioned