The Glenville Glenville Mercury . ... chestras aa Stan Kenton. ... l'ciAeaalng creative ability,...

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Transcript of The Glenville Glenville Mercury . ... chestras aa Stan Kenton. ... l'ciAeaalng creative ability,...

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    The Glenville Mercury . GLENVILLES'I'ATECOLLEGE Publillhed Week&

    Branch of the Normal school olrlclally was established on

    :f:o':h ~~~,.;:: ~~~ l~~t=~ tll tbe r.ouo .. ing Jan. 14. 18'13. YoliiiC llepreoeDio Claoo of 1900

    Borl- ~ represented was of 1800 oby Pormer State Sen. Guy B. Young, Olenvlile attorney. other early classes represented were Profs. H. Laban 'Vhite ~ Bessie B. BeD '08, Hunter W!Uting '08, Goldie c. James '11, and Librarian Alma Janet Arbuckle '09.

    ID a sketx:h, '' Thlnp We Remember, .. written by Prof. Be.s~ sJe B. Bell, she rea.lled, "This utUe

    (Continued on Page 2)

    Mereu~ musings

    Note: Ouest columnist toda,:# Ia Dan Rengera, III&D8g'lng eclltor or THE MERCIJRY, wbo Ia serving as editor for this laaue.

    Reader.s beware I The regular writer or this column. dr!Yen to In-sanity bf wlt, ls tak1ng a much needed re.t becaoaa of a bad cue of writ-It Ls t.b,._ hav:IDg.., arm twlat. eel couch!) rudely, lwu told by ''slave muter" to ~ort. tor a change rattler !.ban-~.

    Webater COUDI!ana take notice! ID .alrlclatlng class, wheo Johnny Ro-mano relates experiences beyond the horizon or human capacity, Prof. OUioa R&tWf's lone comment is, "It could cDlly happen in cowen. ..

    The way smne 1Dstructora gtve out.lole wort, a stranrer would tbJnk they were trJtnr to make ever:r GSC student, a Sinclair Lewis. It aeems as if each one thinks his

    COonttnuecl on Page 2)

    "Don't Scotch Me, Be Scotch Savin', " Pipes Arbuckle

    Note: .

    "Rhythm on Reel" Set For Feb. 25 by H-e Ee.

    Dan BeJqen so. Portsmouth, O)llo, MERCURY News Editor, II IW!rYIDc u peat editor this week, complliD&' aD news. edltiJic all c.opy, and canylnr - all renen.t hmetlou of the EdJtor.

    Scholarships Are Accept~

    At last, vlrtuallY lor rtnt time tn tbe history of collelle.

    1 GlenvUle stete students wU1 haft the opportunity to danee to

    milslc or nationally known bo.Dda. come Friday, Feb. 25, with such or-chestras aa Stan Kenton. SOIIJil' Dunham and the MlDa Bros tur-nlShtng the rhythm from 8 p, m.

    Scholastic Awards Have MMgin Over Last Year

    1Scholla.r$llluckle Ia - VIDB poct-carcla [Or tbe library irhlcb wlll be

    'I!~ enroUecl In schools and coUeSea under the G . I . BW must coJI!ill7 wlt.b regularly prescrib-ed st&hdards and practJces of the eclw:&tlonal tnstltullons during their ~ or enroUment, Veterans Ad inlnlstratiDn said. .

    8tudent-Yelerabs must abide by all tbe rulea 01114 rOilllatlons. or U..titu,tlons where they are enroUecl. Tbey must matntatn satlslac.ory academic maru. Wilful misconduct or \l11Bat1staetory pro g res s are grounda fot: wtthdrawal of subsls-tellee and tuition paymtnts.

    =~~. '=1":~1: 'lhla coUectlon tbere Ia a post card Electric Milkers It!staUed o& Ule Ql4ell. bo>IJie In OlenvWe, and At Glenville State Farm Cll;bd soon had tbe 'that time U they ID deelre. tart IJoyd ll. Jones.

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    Aid Sought By Student Government The good old American philosophy of life, "wanting some-

    thing for nothing,'' which has always been a headache to any IJl'Olll1!88ive administration is not limited to national govern-ment alone.

    We Americans, who are concerned with having the best _government, the best education, and the best social reforms, .constantly contradict ourselves by opposing taxes and any ..finaDcial aid which would bring such reforms about.

    ty; is much the same with Student government. Students readily admit that such an organization is necessary and are willing to bring their problems to this body to be solved, yet they are reluctant in contributing anything to the success of such a bod,y. 1 Perhaps the problem has never been mentioned before, and the only reason nothing has been done is the mere fact that students are not aware that such conditions exist.

    Any student government is esb;blished for the benefit of the student body as a whole, and its primary purc - tbal thda Uke = fo~ fr"c':.t J;le&an and &be ~-(Continued from Page ll I ~ing aides were MH. Edwin P. ;;:"%':. =~':"';;nna rot :U.u:~ u:'at ~= ove:= !POlleY or deailq wltb tboae wbo ID-

    eo-ed first approacll tbe blc fi'Ont Adklna, Mrs. Byron Y. Fleck, Mro. her fiDremalla ...-bod _.. whelmed tbe Pioneers. terrere-'!"bO tblDk qolllat tbe door ar Glenville State Normal Jamea 0 . Jones, Mra. Ma.rsball, and nall jobo ralllod lbo.t -J! Glenville .:Ill 45 6S 85 at~te. tend &be mind or tbe-ocbool on a snowy day in early Jan- Profs, Julla C., Jeanne B . Don McPberson, tbe wavy-balred Wealeyan .... . ... ... 211 44 57 ?8 oan ":!.pie ill DDI ao IIJIIall tbll\ I' uary, 1906." Scott, Ma'bel V. Todd, and Clarlll3a hombre, waa Observed the otber wW te warped by teocblnp or radi-

    Oeneral history, HA!RVEY's WWiama. ----'-- ~In -gorblatb~ ~: Le~!!~!::?t !di= ;) c-t, ~~~e baa only . to rerer GRAMMAR, and double entry ChPmistry Club Bumsvllle Babe, PonY Ann' Wiant, and try to forget :eir action, or qaln to 'tbe old l' tb_,.. Al- bookkeeping baa been atudled bY.j

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    , Febnwy 22, 1949

    Pioneers Drop Ninth Conference Hoop Tilt

    B7 BoDDie Rolllns Put-fa

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    NCA Asks Dr. Heflin A ppear for Meeting

    Pres. Harry B . Heflin has been requested to appear before a com-mtttee from North central associa-tion ot' colleges and secondary schaols at 3 :40 p . m ., March 28 at the Palmer house in Chicago, It was learned this week..

    Along with other colleges request-ing admission to the association, G lenville state will be evaluated and the announcement fill be made

    ~~ :;::; ~:::~~h~~:!j~~~llege Dr. Herun points out that Glen-

    ville sta te may not be accepted-" there is a strong chance that this may be .so--:but it will be made known the changes necessary to be admitted it such action is desired later.~

    Friend, B.en, The