The Glenville Kincaid, in an effort to ... Sharon S. Bogard, Parkers ... THE GLENVILLE MERCURY The...

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Transcript of The Glenville Kincaid, in an effort to ... Sharon S. Bogard, Parkers ... THE GLENVILLE MERCURY The...

  • The Glenville Mercury Glenville State College, Glenville, West Virginia Friday, January 25, 1974

    The GSC Forensics Team are preparing for competition. They are, front row.l-r: Skip Kincaid. Anne Isenhart, Brenda Steele. Back row, I-r : Woody Wilson, Bob Dye, Ms. Katherine LeiseringCoach. and Dave Brown.

    Forensics Team Awaits 4 Tourneys

    The Glenville State College For-ensics team, under the direction of Ms. Katherine Leisering of the Speech Dept., is busily preparing for four speech tournaments this semester. The first tournament is scheduled for March 8-9 at a college in W. Va. to be named later. Skip Kincaid, in an effort to increase her entries in the National' Finals, for which she's already 'qualified in Persuasion and Prose Interpretation, will be competing in Poetry Interpretation, Humorous Speaking and Dramatic Duo with Dave Brown.

    Bob Dye will be competing in Prose Interpretation, Woody Wilson in Prose, Poetry and Humorous. In addition to these, Anne Isenhart will be competing in her first tourn-ament, having entered in humorous speaking and Brenda Steele will com-pete :n her first tourney in Persuasion.

    Tho;:; second tournament will be the Marshall U. Qual/Prep Tourney to be held early in April in Hunt-ington, W. Va. Last year Glenville started on its present winning streak by taking its first two trophies ever at this tourney.

    The third tournament is a spec-ial tournament to be held at Ohio University in April ca lled the "Spring Fling." Its primary purpose is to help in a final effort to qualify people for the National Finals to be held the last weekend in April at N_Y.U. branch in Plattsburgh, N.Y. Glenville is hoping to qualify a maximum of six people in twelve events at the Nationals.


    At 8:00, January 26, 1974, in the auditorium, student body and facul-ty members will be honored wi th a performance by the multi-versatile rock group, ''"New Colony Six". The show is being sponsored by the Lyceum Committee.

    The group itself is composed of five multi-talented musicians, who have all had many years of profes sional playing experience and musi-cians, who have al1 had many years of profcssional playing experience and musK,\1 training: -

    B0t> ~iorton plays Hammond B-3 organ and electric piano. He has an excellent lead voice and has played with a number of outstanding groups, among them Rotary Connection.

    Jerry KolJenbUIg plays lead and rhythm guitar. He studied music theory and co position at the Chic-ago Conservatory of Music for three years, and has orchestrated many of "New Colony's" hit records.

    Bill Herman plays double-bass drums and sings lead. He has played in many types of groups: country, jazz, hard rock, and Las Vegas show groups.

    Skip Griparis sings lead and plays both lead and rhythm guitar.

    Ron Anaman plays bass and sings strong tenor lead. He a lso plays drums, congas, guitar, and harmonica. Ron prefers count ry-rock and loves steel guitar.

    All in all "New Co lony" is a tight-knit group of five musicians dedicated to their profession: com-municating with people through music.

    Dean's Honor List Released, 322 Students Make Grades

    Dea n Maze has released the na mes of 322 students who made the Dean's Honors List. Retaining this recogni-tion for one semester, each student made a quality point average of 3.2 or more on twelve or more hours taken during the first ~mester of 1973-74.

    Below ar~ the 31 stud en ts who made straight A's for a 4.0 aver:lge: Jimmy D. Adkins, Strange Creek, Braxton lCounty); Linda K. Allen, Weston, Lewis; Barbara G. Bartlett, Huttonsville, Randolph; Judith S. Berry. Weston, Lewis; Janet H. Bowl-ing, MarLington. Pocahontas; Mariann DeRico. Buckhannon. Upshur; Gaye D. Fife, Parkersburg, Wood, Mona W. I'loyd, Slab I'ork, Raleigh; Tina L. Haney, Pt. Pleasant, Mason; Pam-ela S. Hardman, Glenville, Gilmer; Robert O. Hardman, G lenville, Gil-mer; Marci::l. L. Huffman, Parkersburg: Wood; Sherry W. Jones, Linn, Gilmer; Vicki S. Jones, Ivydale, Clay; Charles A. Julian, Wheeling, Ohio Co.; Bar-bara J. Lawson. Spencer, Roane; Opal J. Marsh, Alum Bridge, Lewis; Linda L. Mathews, Vienna, Wood: Monica S. Roby. Sand Fork, Gilmer; Patricia J. Shaver. Napier, Braxton; Louise M. Shinaberry, Durbin, Poca-hontas; Linda S. Siers, Grantsvillf', Calhoun; Francis L. Spiker, Parkers-burg, Wood; Carlis L. Sprouse, Nor-man~own, Gilmer; Ellen M. Walker, Strange Creek, Braxton; Lois D. Waters, Burning Springs, Wirt; James-F. Weaver, Mt. Zion, Calhoun ; Bar-bara M. Whitaker, Vienna, Wood; Linda D. Wilson, Elizabeth, Wirt; Shirley Winter, Given, Jackson; Shei-la E. Young, Ravenswood, Jackson.

    The following students made the required 3.2 average to quality for the Dean's Honors List: Karen P. Adams, Troy, Gilmer; Carl R. Allo-way, Belpre, OHIO; Karen A. Allo-way, Belpre, OHIO; Nedra K. Alltop, Normantown,Gilmer; Sharon C. An-

    derson, Parkersburg, Wood; Sandra J. Arbaugh, Burnsville, Braxton; Mari-lyn A. Armstrong, Buckeye, Poca-hontas; Janet F. Aylestock, Weston, Lewis; Catherine L. Bail, Summers- -ville, Nicholas; Karen M. Baker, G len-don, Braxton; Terry W. Baker, Bran-dywine, MARYLAND; Leah Ellen Ball, Milton, CabeU; Naomi P. Ballen-gee, Duck, Clay.

    Teresa W. Barb, Marlington, Po-cahontas; Michael L Barr, Langs-ville, OHIO; Thomas E. Bartlett, Arnoldsburg, Calhoun; Stephen Z. Bell, HWTicane, Putnamj Robert L Beverage, Arbovale, Pocahontas; Rich-ard A. Black, Buckhannon, Upshur;

    Linda J. Blake, Burnsville. Braxtonj Margaret L. Blume. Charleston, Ka-nawha; Sharon S. Bogard, Parkers-burg, Wood; Joseph F. Boggs, St_ Albans, Kanawha; Katrina B. Boggs. Gassaway, Braxton; N. J eanette Bon-nette, M.arietta, OHIOj James M. Boone, Sandyvil le, Jackson; Teresa S. Boso, Parkersburg, Wood; Mary M. Bredon, Vienna, Wood: Keith R. Brightbill, Weston, Lewis; David L Brown, Vienna, Woodj Kevin W. Brown. Mason, Mason; Thomas E. Brum, Marietta, OHIO; Bruce H. Brum mage, Wellsburg, Brooke; Mark E. Bumgardner, Mt Clare, Harrison; Paul M. Bumgarner, Elizabeth, Wood; Arwanna E. Burroughs, Sutton, Brax-ton; Reba ~ Butler, Pipestem, Sum-mers; Richard N. Butler, Norman-town, Gilmer,

    Vincenzo A. Butta, Charlesto n, Kanawha; Michael Calhoun. West Union. Doddridge; Linda L. Ca nter-bury, Elkview, Kanawha; Patricia Canterbury, Walton, Roane; Crista L. Caplinger, Parkersburg, Wood; James R. Carder, Hurst. Lewis; Den-nis W. Carpenter , Walton, Roane; Day R. Carpenter, Upper Glade, Webster; Tommy V. Carper , Arnolds-burg. Calhoun; Karen A. Case, Cam-den-on-Gauley, Webster; Sharon L. Catalano, Spencer, Roane; Deborah L Cavender, Nitro, Kanawha; Janice E. Channel, Newburg, Preston; Susan A. Chapman, Weston, Lewis; Marla G. Clifton, Paden City, Welzel; Reba J. Coby. Ripley, Jackson; Cynthia Coffindaffer, Cottle, Nicholas; Joyce B. Cook, Blair, Logan; Steven B. Cooper, Weston, Lewis: Gary L. Cotton, Pt. Pleasant, Mason; Connie S. Cottrill, Lost Crcek, Harrison; William H. Craig, Weston, Lewis: Becky S. Cummings, Sias, Lincoln; Harold J . Cunningham, Glenville, Gilmer; Harold R. Cu nningham, Tioga, Nicholas; Janet E. Cunningham , Man-nington, Marion; Donald G. Cuppett, Princeton, Mercer; and Katherine A. Cur ia, Moundsville, Marshall.

    Others include Avonell S. Davis, Craigsville, Nicholas; Deborah C. Davis, Oay, Clay; Anna P. Deem, Parkersburg, Wood; Cathy L. Deem, Mineral'Wells, Wood; Stuart C Deem, Parkersburg, Wood; Bryan L Deever, Parkersburg, Wood;Carol L. Dennison. West Union, Doddridge; Joann De-Rico, Buckhannon, Upshurj Katluyn M. Douglas, Ivydale, Oay; Unda W. Dyer, Cowan, Webster j Mark C. Echard, Glenville, Gilmer; Hayward A. Edwards, Glenville,GilmerjKimbra B. Ellyson, Glenville, Gilmer; Deborah A. Erwin, Glenville, Gilmer; Janet

    S. Erwin. Charleston. Kanawha: Cathy L Eye, Gauley Bridge, Fayette; Leslie R. Facemeyer, Mikon, CabeU; Danny A. Fawcett, New England, Wood; Timothy Fitzsimmons, Pt. Pleasant, Mason; Toney J. Floyd, Beckley, Raleigh; Kathleen Fluharty, SistersviUe, Tyler; Brenda K. Freeman, Heaters, Braxton; Kathy L. Friend, Gassaway, Braxton; Roger L Full, Elizabeth, Wirt; Robert J. Gainer, Glenville, GilmerjWiIliam T. Garrison, Buffalo, Putnam; Joseph J . Garton, Jane Lew, Lewisj Patricia Gherke, Grantsville, Calhounj John T. Given, Gem, Bra.xton; Linda S. Glass, Rom-ney, Hampshirej Larry J Godfrey. Grantsville, Calhoun; Deborah K. Goodwin. Washington, Wood; Joanne S. Gorrell, Parkersburg, Wood; Barbara J. G raham.Craigsv ille, Nicholas; Don-ald C. Grecne, Sutton, Braxton; Michael A. Gregory, Summersville, Nicholas; John P. Gumm, Tanner, Gilmer; S'haron 1(. Gwinn, Beckley, Raleigh: Jeanne C. Hager. Hewett. Boone; Lois A. Hall, Palestine. Wirt; Terrence S. Hamilton, Marietta OHIO; Vicki S. Hammel, I'rench Creek, Upshur; Glynn T. Hanes, Pt. Pleasant, Mason; William M. Hanna, Richwood. Nicholas; Mary K. Hardman, Glenville . Gilmer: David O. Heishman, Wardensville, Hardy; Thomas K. Herold, Winfield, Putnam; Melanie L. Hess, Elkins, Randolph; Randall D. Hess, Clenden;n, Kana-wha; f'rancis D. Hickman, Elkins, Randolph; Susan W. Heiner, Glenville, Gi lmer; Harold L. Hoeltzel, Paeon-ian Springs, VIRGINIA; Leigh A. Hoffman, ParkerSburg, Wood; Edward W. Holbert, Bellington, Barbour; Debbie L Holcomb, Erbacon, Webs-ter; Priscilla D. Holder, Ansted. Fay-ette; John K. Holle, Webster Springs, Webster; Merrild A. Hoover, Heaters, Braxton; S~ron L. Horne, Ripley , Jackson; Richard C. Hubbard, Wal-ton, Roane; Thomas; E. Humphreys, Harrisburg, PENNSY LV ANIA; Randy R. Hunt, ValleyFork,ClaYj Stephanie S. Hunt , Cby, Clay; Cayla L. Hunter, Elkview, Kanawha, and Deborah L Hurst, West Union, Doddridge.

    Continuing the list are the names Terry M. Ingram, Parkersburg, Wood; Jeffrey L. Jackson, Purcellville, V A; Brenda R. Jarrell, Baltimore, MD; Buddy Jarrell, Baltimore, MDjMarilyn Sue Jones, Spencer, Roane; Curtis L Keesec