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The Glenville Mercury A11D ILUIIJID YOU 1 Student Newapa))l'r--Glenville State Teacher College--Published Weekly

T o Ret.d the Advmimll V..Cb Wff/1111> In the Mereuey; You'll FiDII

Wbat Yoo Want


eo~- al tqbljplo s PROF. R. E. FREED ~-- .............. 1 - - .. -~E....- Colle a elnalnldar Ezp...,.

,._. Sc::booJa Part ia Dete~ne ;

87 ..,..,. w.- Hall Named P>eoideat IIA'Cit JIQII AGAIN

BACK. to visit the ~ oftic e came three f.ormq ..,. mem-bers tile put Sat.ur4111',Mu. Ward , mu.qbtl' ..utor the J111t rear and pn~eat u.tludor Ia CaJhoun County llilh Scholl;. ~ped in k>DC C!.D.Ouab to ~ ..... time of 6J, Marjorie ........ former Mer-CUI nporta'...-.-. loDe enou,rb to ._.. ..., of proof, and ,.._ w. ~ lr . wlwiM eol-_. L .. wltlt. int.Jft& wbta J

a ,_...,... aDd be a ...tor, .... wt:tlb. tho omc. eqaip..

. ,...ti1nE:JUIY QUEEN DLOND J-.nae Strteklillc, of D Clarii:lborc, wu Mleeted queen of 'llhe Ontral Wa t Vil"'inia Stra11111ftr7 Feltlftl a t a pnvkw lllte put week in the Wealeyan Col lep aodftorialb. Sbe ia a fre.ahman at t.1u1 UahenitJ . . . COIUIENCEMQIT SPEAK ER ft1L. W. H. S. Wbitc, hroth!"r oC U DeaD H. L Wf. ito and p~ldut. f1/f f.h,p.'w rd St.ate Tc:~ben ~ .,; u be c.ommeaceawnt .,.._ at bolh !.he Grafton aad ~ hifb 1choolL He be--pa Ida teach~ career a.a prin-.q.a .t Ftemillg\On .

rrsrR nM

A ~:.:~AJ~ lia plue bleb crubed a-r Oadu&oo neeaU, aQd a Nek-

. ar-ad _.,r, of &he. wreck it oa ,... 11 of &1M April 18 t.ue o~ ---.. . . . -..c:& HUDDIBS

G. !.~ &be--= ..... died TbiU'WidaJ o1 .. MArt Ml8ck ia a Cllarlenoa boqltal. a. ... abo cWrman of the Wdt V._ia Democratle Esetatlve

'OoluUttH. Be Md beea ill ttee April 11, when be auft' an a~ taek at eorona17 tboblboRa wblh - an iaapedion wur OJ atrike-dddn Widn with


'f'be Ql~n~ill~ f/'J. ercury STUDENT NEWSPAPEJl CW GLENVIu.

STATE TEACHE&S C0UZGE hbliabed ~ Taeeda7 liariba &be adaool ,._..

~.~.ffie~o~~,J::,r~ ~:d= ..U aaatter. Svbatriptioa price, lU~ u-. for e ....

M .. bu : Wut Viqiaia btereollqi.ate Pr .. ~Uoa, Wee' Vi.rcin.ia N.-...pu Couaeil, Ju-.aa,ted CoUqiate Pre ... Diatribator of Collecia\4! .,..._ Reprnea\ed for aatio_. adnrtiliDJ' . b7 ~oaal AdertiliDJ' Serriee, lac., N ... York CitJ.

Tuaday, April 29, 194~----

Chemistry Day A Review Of The Past, Preview of Future

lriSITORS to Glenville's tenth annual Cbem J istry Day were presented with the unique epportunity of viewing the materials of liv-... in the past and previewing what to ex-pect in the future.

The old spinning wheels, the coffe~ mills, tile old clock with the wooden clog wheela aad old guns of various kinds showed how early settlers in thi& region made a living from the raw earth and reared their families der adverse circ.umstancee..

IThe }"Huse of Magie'' demonstratiuDJ

~----.1 CAMPUS CARTOON Ca p~I"S ~~.-,.~;;:;:;;;;;;;~====-:: ."--~--

* * " AC:.-JS ..... A-I.ilo lor C:oll- II-AM,_ ..

When the " King of tho Campua Romeoa!' (R. Q_t,tdner) took leave ot abteDCe the put week all faeee turned to his ro,.Sl predecnaor and running mate, JL Tracy, who is doinc time with Lola Lee B., a local high acbool Miss. May your roip, Mr. Tracy, be ' loft' and fruitful one .... B. takee a betk seal as Earle S. vnderyoee an operation at Morgantown . . . F. White takee aa early eet-Mld at&Tt for Richwood .... Several college male. enjoyed a Saturday night jamboree at the Kater Broth-ers' n.ncll iD Jane Lew" . S. Mart:hio paJa the campus ud B. Bran11on a abort vilit.

aturtbreaker--.1 . .StalnAker and 1D. Queen arrive 11.t the parting line as J. Fitzpatrick, Mgh tchool lad, appeus on tH Verona horizon. .. , "Doe'' Harlan has been .. ked t o pay rent at VeNn.& Mapel. .

ftN THE RCCR.D: Whit Collecw tudat. -. V dlac i be~m.- mON popt~.~ar....,. ~~q .... .u uy time In paaainc a.,y Uae 4ormtt.oria oae caa

-- tM .... of a fuorite rec.'f'd..lll.- floati ... tbJroaP ..., open whwlow 014 Ja ~ lNt .... hi arraac-. ill favorS. "Swet-t Georcl Browtt." (Oke.h) hr tH Xftpa b .... .. .& ..... ,...,._ po U. Xnpa, ofo eo.._. P-i-c behl'l'k wkll llie ..... A - .. for JittodoooL . ''OW JIUl 8treua" S. .. .._w,... ........ .. r. the._

Goodmatl arne.-- of "Keao17 of a -r (Blaebirod) Belea Ponul'e ~ u4 Gooctmeu Clloru1 11ft top&. For cla.JmeC an.. It's a mult btQ'. Tbe fJipoftr', ''Cora Slk. ..t.ould Do:t be aUchW wltlll B. Ponwt apia ...a. lzinl' . A to.,. noord ben at da-.a la U.. ~ Shaw arraacemeat ol ~~~ the BeaaiDL"

f\N WITH THE .EOW: Tll.e pla.J wu &be W.

c:o:a~Ji:r:~b0: :~~!:dt~~~ ~h~ )Raman voice can control moving objects, hw a moving wheel apparently can be halt-.. 10 that it can be examined while in mO-tion, how the voice can travel on a beam of ~t, and many other scientific wooden.

;:~o:1~. 1::: c~-:~ b:~:h:o...:

U down FainnoDt .. r tAe put week-nd for ftftt CoUep deleptu to tH Tri-&ate AJpba Pai 0... ConnntJoft: .. Three o.....n. "Saztclar eo. ""' Puoa,' "The Count ur.d tile WM,_cliq Gout.'' ... " The MaD in the S\alla, .. bnnlcbt laQI'bter t. -to the alread:r liTelr meetlq. IDcl~ "StnuLar Co.u FiTe Peeoe' la oa. of tbe tllre4l p)ap

Aa the demonstrator explained, it is not bown for certain how many usea can be aadt: 1! some of these inlltruments. but it ia ale to aay that every demonatration which Mt made will aome day be uaed for ihe bet--1ennent of mankind.

The man who combined theee two visions, 6at of the put and the future, is Mr. John a.. Wuner, instructor in chemistry, who teunded Chemistry Day several years ago aad who has been instrumental in making a an event of atate-wide importance.-Aibert Woofter.

He Would Learn How To Manage Family Budget

W the aim of education ia to teach youth to lclo better the more desirable things they are aobtg to do anyrway, then it ia reasonable to .. ume that colleges should offer some new tppea of courses. The greater number of col-liCe students will be driving automobiles af-tertheybave been graduated.T'!teir Jncrea.a.ed Mftling power will enable a greater per-cen-tace of them to own and operate can. One ..t of every five persons today owns and ,eperatea a car. ln fact, the entire American JtOPulation, if they desired, could be com-fortably gliding along the roads at one time .,..._could be a nation on wheels. Probably tlaree out of five college students will drive, &lid will be forced upon the road with little or no training as to how to operate the ve ... I e.

Many of them will, as an almost neces--.ry life function, establish homes. They will oo and win maidens, but wbat then 7 Look-ilq' backward to their college careers, they will search in vain for some plan whereby dtey can make tbo~ ends meet. Nothing pre-Milt& itself. The wives try their hands at eooking iheir first meals with the result that after a week or two the husbands are so arty starVed that they tell their wives .rather impolitely that they can't cook "half well as Mother .. " The wives cry and home ~.. mothers they go. Another match has lteen struck on the rock of unpreparednese jaat because they were not warned to watch BOr prepared to face the job.

The family budget they have to face could have been gotten in college. Many oth-er practical aubjecta should be taught. These ..Wde.nts may not be in the proper place in a Machen co1lege, .but the fact remains they wtll need some things they didn't get.--Cleo

. Berry. ------~~------

YMCA Forums to Offer Study of Democracy

BECAUSE a crat deal of emphasis is being placed on democracy, 'ibut more on the me than on the nature of the way of life wtaich the name denotes. perhaps, the YMCA will aponosr a aeries of open diecu8Sions to e beneath t.he surfa.ce of thia subject.

Discussions stimulate thinking. When as reeult of thinking, facts and opinioru are c.entributed by several people in a discussion, Q,e trut h bu an excellent chance to come "t on top. Through consideration of the fundamental reasons that lie deep in the na-twe of man why dmocracy is the most whole--HIDe form of government, and through a careful scrutiny of U.e alleged advantages et dktatonhip, the di&cussiona should give te those who attend a better lmcnvledge and preciation of democracy. Such knowledge .. especially needed by thoee who are g~> ... out to teach others.

Consideration in the d.iacu.asions of in-. temal wealmesaes and outaide forces that

tlaftaten demoerae1 in America will reveal ~ta on which we ahould ponder.

The diaeuaaions will be worthwhile aDd an not Ulr.el1 to fall , but the extent of sue-e.- will be detennined by tne interest mani-,.,. by atudenta aDd faeul\7.

To aan democracy, many people are will-.. to


.;._------------------1'11.:..:=. CLEIIYIU.E IIDCUIT --AB::~~~VER Spring Sports Prop-am Open


I Spo.-ts hal lEI" I TEAMWILLMED' WINS ISTGAMEIN. KnoWn Traweler, Lecturer and . I TECH THIS WEEK SOFI'BALL LEAGUE Leader Speaks Here /'()NCORD'S Mountain Li.ou tuJ bll proud of the lle.'feiab brother.,

Auspice. of YMCA Chapter "'Fairmont can bout ottbe Owna bo)'s and Jlonil Huv~y wiU likely lo~W remember the Pauley brothers, but tbe .PiODters al&o U.t Match of FiYe Sinclee Aacl The CoUece intnmural ~

Bp CLYDI: DOTSON a pair of brothers in Aarutt aDd WilHam ~e last two of the Two DouWa to Be Pa.pecl leacue, orpniud the 'l*ilt wMir wiU. Sherwood EdQ, aothor, ledwrel', world