he Glenville Mercury - Glenville State .2013-12-20  he Glenville Mercury ... ace DIMes who...

he Glenville Mercury - Glenville State .2013-12-20  he Glenville Mercury ... ace DIMes who -have
he Glenville Mercury - Glenville State .2013-12-20  he Glenville Mercury ... ace DIMes who -have
he Glenville Mercury - Glenville State .2013-12-20  he Glenville Mercury ... ace DIMes who -have
he Glenville Mercury - Glenville State .2013-12-20  he Glenville Mercury ... ace DIMes who -have
download he Glenville Mercury - Glenville State .2013-12-20  he Glenville Mercury ... ace DIMes who -have

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Transcript of he Glenville Mercury - Glenville State .2013-12-20  he Glenville Mercury ... ace DIMes who...

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    he Glenville Mercury

    Staff Augmented By New Professors

    B7 K&&hrJu BralmoD ad4ltions and six replace-

    been made to the CQl-EdwlD P . A.1klns,

    The additions physical edu-

    mathe-; and G. Gordon Ki :tgsley,

    dean of men. 'llr. Josephs formerly of Bullet.

    PL, 1s a Bachelor of Science gra-

    ::~~~ ;:;e~~~~:;~eh~r=~~~ \ degree at the University of Pltts-lnlrgh.

    G . Gordon Kingsley is a gradu-ate of New York State TeaChers college and received the Master of Arts degree in guidance at Colum-bia university. He is a native of Cambridge, N . Y. ,

    Mr. Newman, of Charleston, W. v . was gra.nted both the Bache-lor of SCience and Master of Sci-ence degrees at West Virginia uni-versity.

    New instructors and courses taught by each are: Dr. Wilda Lea .Montgomery, elementary educa-tion; Seth Riley Adams, chemistry; Dr. John A. caruso, social studies; Frederick Eckman, English; Edgar B. Elder, English and journalism; and Mrs. Lillian c.11addock, home economJcs.



    Publi8hed Weekly

    GSC Enrollment' Marks 10 Per Cent Increase -------------------------------------- A Message/rom the President Figures Show

    * d The opening or this school year has

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    With one of elaas ever to enroll in ~~~ville s..te ~ ~usting themselves to the many iitU8ls of eo'ilege m; 1ritli the student body being governed .bJr a new .aDII competent student council, with a new quarter B,Y8tem .beU!g introdueed and with the activities of "Jane and Joe College" marking a balanced social life, THE MERCURY. takes th.ia oPIIGl'tUDity jlo. welcome new students, faculcy members aDd tpi8fer students to our eampos.

    . The genial friendship, typical of our students and fac-ulty, will be an mdiapensahle aid to your progressive goals. The fruita you gather from your efforts here d!!J)e1d solely upon the manner, in which you fertilize and cultivate i!le potentialities which you possess.

    Each of you has selected this institution .for certain partjcular re~~Bons, and the reasons are as diverse as the number of atu'denta comprising your academic group. Col-lege can he considered as a medium to success, a medi11m WhereDy each pf us may gain a goal in life. ,

    Th stan a new term off rlllht. '!.bls Issue nf lhe ll0J'C!117 ,1nat woUldn't be cOmplete -err-one kDcnrina what ta ~ "" the campus.

    Someof last~-----'l'ldo .. tile- for UUlomlleo Oil Ballle~ofaee.-be look their v..... IOCIJl -lcbool wu - ba the IIPdDc

    John Wblte and Mary Elder ere among the flrat couples to1 1118 1f "two can nve aa cheaplJ as one."

    Mr. and Mra. BJiJ Wiant alae are spreading Joy over lhe campus and giving advice to all lhe olher young couples, since lhelr summer wed-ding.

    !tlabae P'rymler 'Wall snatched from our campus by a home town

    . You have selected Glenville State college as that med-iliiD, and you may rest assured that it will provide you with the proper tools for the foundation ~ which you will build that goal. The manner in which you use these tools casts ita responsibility not upon the school, but upon you,

    bo~o~~~ like a well-fed "I'WI been 1oing out ttith 11 Frenchrrum U>hiapering to nW' onW:: ::P:; ~ ~~ ""::: _Rep_:_rin11jd _ _!.._trom ___ Aprll_:_-'.~1948--lsau--e-o_f_Esqulr&--Copyrl_: __ _:c.:.,.. -=--~-1_9111_. _. ---BDssell Slack were married ID J)e... I tober a. Many evente ~ JD eember. OPBB&TOB WANTED . the pre-war feotlvala Will boi lleld.

    However, lhere are aome of last Ally8ne h~ a - for Miss Martha Galllel, nf ..,...._ year's couples bact who haven't a ndlo opera&or Ia uked. to ville, w11l be crowned Quea:a .Billa completely mede up lhelr mind& contact !llr. lohll a. Waconer. XI1I and will reign oer a collrt Iff

    Glenville State College is your college. E;ach of you has an im110rtant role to play in the development of this institu-f;ion. Its standards rest entirely on your shoulders. Carry it wen.

    yet. some 30 Pestlval Prlnee,... --

    h~~~~e.:"!::S ~ :~':!,gw~ Alpha' Psi Organizes ::U,ttngAnalle1!'i:'!~::.!: .:{t spots. Theee two must have a lot to 7 New Members Initiated Four Muses," will be preoealed em

    ta:u:'hbo;;re and Jack S1mon st111 seven new members we~ lnltiat- ~:~t tournament with joUitll occupy 1ZW1n seats at lhe movies. 'ed Into Alpha Psi Oml!ga, national and other fe>tures r.- of

    M M IF BoJ' l Sf Junior Childers must haw a honorary dramtlc fraternity at Ule mtheedl'~!!\_'!,~owlllf "ebea~!f ercury USlngs I ormer ar . fondness for lhe dlnlnl hall. He ls reorganization meeting lalt' oprlng. -~ ~ ~u- -ceonUnued frOm l'alre u


    To Coach In Japan seen waiting lhere after each meal. The IIBW memb""' were: Payne Valley" on October ?. 4D afd :e-je"!. 111~..': ~~n:r:t !~~ Lt. Earl Spencer, to~ student ~~risk-:.:=:::: ~~~;~J:=: ~:.r~~::L:.~-= rtf and I mean terrlf. land basketball star of Glenville, Da.,...o - oanlnd Oftr UUl ~~~al,;.,d ~ta :" lhe J>l'C)gram. A feapae of Clot Ia&

    This year's freshman cllss -..Js to Ueft recently for Tol

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    Chalk Line Chatter Bobcats Are Next Ofponent For Once Tested White Wave

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    R. B. STORE

    Veteran Wesh!yan Eleven Will Test Pioneer Line; Seven GSC Lettermen Back


    or 2851

    Glenville ' Taxi Service

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    Leaves StafF Members

    Will Continue Studies For Dodorate Degrees

    Roger Amos, freshman, Is a member of the livestock Judging :-'""''"'"" team which wtll participate tn " contest at the SOutheastern States exposition, In Richmond, Vtrgtnls, October 3 and 4.

    ADios, a graduate of Parker.lburg btgb school, wW represent West Vtrgtnls In the contest.

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    as in college shops every where, ice-cold Coca-Cola ia always on hand to compMe the enjoyment of a between

    classes pause or an afterno6n date. lu an important part of student life-Coke bolong1.