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Transcript of ~MERCURY The Glenville · PDF file · 2013-02-22The Glenville Mercury GUEST...

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    ~MERCURY .1 .J

    ~ MUSINGS Student Newspaper GLENVIUE STATE COLLEGE Published Weekly The Glenville Mercury

    GUEST WRITER, ADA IC. WILSOI --- Volume 17, No. ta t'f Glenville, Weat Virginia, T ueaday, February 26, 1946 Single Copy 5 Ceate

    ~tmON DEPE: Tho lut -=~:=~~~~~~~----------~==~==~~::~:===~~====~~~~:~~~------~==::~::~::~::==~----=~i: !:rc~':m'";.n.;;dv:t:!:~ Hard to Visualize Amount of Food 2 Former Students WILSON SPEAKS ....... baYe enroUod this s

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    Pqe Two

    The Glenville Mercury .....

    Student Weekly Newpaper of Glenville State Colle::re . . .

    Published eaeh Tuesday by the eluse.s i.n Journ:1Jism in Glenville State Col1ege and entered at the post o!fice, Glenvi11e, W . Va. , as second~class mail matter .

    Sbcription, Per Year, SO Cent.a

    All communications should be addressed to The Editors, The Glenville Mercury, Glenville, W. Va .

    Copies distributed free each week t.o graduates and former students sening with the Armed Forces .


    SNOW Remembe!r when you were

    seven? When the snow feU, you pressed your face close to the frosty window and with your eyes following the fea-thery drops to the white gll'ound.

    There was magic in gray mornings when with much tramping on the porch your father came from the outside. sh.aking ltih!e molten f lakes from his heavy overcoat, and you bundled tightly to build a snow house or pull ii wagon up and down, up and down, until you had a maze of pri-vate ' '!railroad track>" around the yard, to the barn and back, and toward the pasture field.

    Then night came you had a roaring fire , but you lingered u.ntil the darkness came, lind da1kness comes late '"hen the


    ('j l~..,.

    Reprint .. from lhe Much i&sa:c '" 'Jo-..


    Ltlt.erie e lfaU

    Tbe new aemester hasn't onlJ brought new faces to the C.mpua, but new fada and fashions aa well .. Somehow there seems to be more things new and dif.ferent among the men and women.

    The brand newest thing in jewel r y- is dischar,re buttons-and speak.. ing of jewelry.b:ave you noticed all the silvel"Nare Mary Lou Law hs1 been flashing around? Sharp-huh!

    Editor . . . Gray Barker Ma.naging .E.ditor . Ada K . Wilson News Editor . . ... Peggy Cottrill Business Manager .. . . tCJiff Stal~ naker

    snow has stopped and the-------- ------ - - ---------- -

    Dr . Haught commented on the four red shirts worn by Jake, 11ogrs, Bailey and Mclntt.sb at the party u week or so ag? . And who said those fur lined jackets that Ray King, Charlie M:u:!, Jack Byres and Nick Murin are wearing aren't tops?

    rGJenna Browning really is a s1ick chick with that rooster sweater .

    Sports Editors . . Jack Byers and Muy Ann Ellis Adviser . . . . . . . . . Opal Vincent

    West throws long purple sha-dows from the house. the clo-thes line post, and the willows by the frozen creek. . . .

    Notes From . ...... . The Robert F. Kidd Library


    Guess. everyone has seen Coz.'1 new Benrus-.


    The snow f ell yesterday as we sat by the fire reading. We went to the window and pressed oUir face to the pane, whHe outside the flakes came down whirling. sometimes falling lightly on the window led,.e.

    A Jist of new books in the Rob- The members of the Senior Class Notes from F .F. KID.O Library I SENIORS MEET John Hamelton's dungreea and blue denin ehirts are doing a good job of catching the femenine eye-

    Wibat about that girl! Alma Douglas, Carolyn Hull. ert F. Kidd Libraey is as follows : met Thursday morning immediately I'I'I>es~ little girls in Prueh braida

    look cute, too. Lun Maude Rader, Betty Rose Hardman, Lucille Riddle. Mary

    Kay Shu.mate, Katherine Hall and llbzlne Riddle.

    +Brave Men, Ernie Pyle; l'he Bat. following aasemb" and vot ed to tle Is The Pay Off, Inca;son ;I have two exercise. this spring; China. Firhts On, Pan-ChoaYing; .Baccalaureate Sermon and tOom-


    Ro'binson Crusoe, Clark : Guns For Titi, Huot ; Report From Red China, Forman ; Here Is Your W.ar, Pyle : Montana High Wide and Band-some, 1Howard; Throqgh Japanese

    meneemenL For the past two yean, heeause of tnns.!orbtion diffi culties, the two exercises haTe been combined.

    On the Campus

    Each week as you glance over our columns, you

    "We will watch the snow later," we said as we settled back to the chair and re-opened the pages. Eyes, TolisdbUsi American Guerilla -------------

    Mry K. Sla ... te ,wpuldn't It be wonderful if-Dveryone stopped wallli6g on tile In the Philippines. Wolfert: Nor

    Death Dismay, MqCiy; Conscient-Inquiring Reporter fail to miss a certain amount

    of space devoted to local . b_usi-ness firms who have suff1c1ent interest in students IUI.d . tb.e College to pai)' us for inserting their me.,.ages.

    Late that evening we look-ed from the door and found the snow had stopped. It was damp as we shrunk back from tile sultry air. The rain had been falling long, making the ground sloshy and muddy, lind a feeling of repulsion came instead of the wind.

    Ious Objectors In The Civil War, -------------rrasst ,,

    I'I'I>e first step Bennett and the building didn't tllt ped on it?

    between Loaia Aministratioa

    w"ben you atepo

    They have two reasons for doing this. First they feel that the College is responsible for a large part of their suc-cess as businesses and that advertising rea~hing -College lltudents really pays. Second-l:y, they ~ave a f"!endly and renoine mterest tn the Col-)~ge. Both these faetors are

    hldlapensable to a college JleWIIPa 'Per'

    These Jldvelrtisers want no "thank you's" other tha_n 1oar talti.ng time to read thell' mea,ages. A"d after you've ~ad them. we suggest Y!IU patroniz-e those who have m-tere.st In us and advertise In :yo'or newspa-per.

    "We have grown ol~,H we murmured, opening the book again.

    Veterans Going to School Prove _to b~ Good Students

    Wright; Plans T-lte

    up their great friecldablp! The iats from Weston dldll~

    read ~ spon. page of the Clarb-burc E

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    A'Qil.niil, Beecher lteed Elected Honorary Co-Captains of Pioneers

    rbrd froiD CJarb. .-lor In the .,.,uere. ~~eec~. r......... t1 er RHd, and bUBband of the for mer Mlu BarberA M0110nrer of .Baldwin, attended GlenY!Ue Rich School and wao a mo111ber of Glen "riUe't State B.a..mpionlhlp baak. etball team 1941. He oatered the eollup In the '-II Ill 'U and wu llleiDl>er of the Plon

    amotharod Hlllkle'a ~lea iO to 11 to ,..,....... Reed eoolr 21 olsoto dul'- ~-o ~or Harny II to m-1 !'he llterDat.eV hot and cold Plo- 1 th aecond ekl Ja.r tbe l111r the pme, made 1& a11d wu


    ~ It f th __ _. " we p of fouled ., twlee, b -1t . ~"!!!:"!' wltill .. 110 baj~. Ollloen ... tN &qiM 11 to 4 to.., .,._ exi\JIIIted a fine performonee. s-n tieketa loUt soh to? " "

    ttnoblac .....,. forllalll for tbll up a oa"'-aUal lead lad then - The Pml~ro haft l>Hn maoh ad - who wtah to buy lllniflo WiMi1r, .Jr.;, tWale to plq, lllcA ad "' 'l'ldory wbilo addlac auotloer -bbed liT the 1- of Wllotoell - Will pay .1 . 20. theae pm01 llarla, oat wlllo a knee Jal~, u o"r elliot pollfta Ia Dnal - JoJul.. olld Marin. It Ia lloped that Whit- lnolodlntr to . ,.atad to be ,....Y b!l' ......:......t .,n wu ..._., point aan Wftlo ll\e lnt'1 name Will be baet ill tho n- OM Glenorillo player. Bob 'thoh-


    tlloe. Earloa with. 4 po111411. ap. Ina. hat bHn ill the peat ,..,. c~a,. Slcrlat' Panthera lbo.,.. theV Thlo Will be the lut ,.....e loT and wheathor he will be abloo 4 .. _._ ... .._

    mjpt by lh~ ..... a Tlrero the Ploneoo before onterlq the ploy In the meet Is ancootahl wllll Sl...ut l...Sinc t1oe IICOJ"iDC bar- touma~Mn\ at t .. e~~tunmoa. Ilardi Ttnbtheh. Coaeh Nlo with It ,...... wlolle llarol4 ' 5 lad e. to tako llarra. Karia, HaD Clld Cloulie l'llft -at~ 10 aociL IIWF"ll,....., plat sl.d ,_ 4n -It lo a loquciou ..,t -rd lor tile ,....... played a be1IC --~ ap o-,_ ...U. -111Joir11 pemta N'o rool ,....._ Ia andou to be 1o lead bla ....,.._ Ia tha -m.c -~~- -.It, elnw or -- eotu.a.. Pia~ -. 11- Ia tM Tile ._uollal ladiYiohaal baU~ race lor _...,. "'- lor the ,._ a praedeal ~ - facto.

    - wllll 1....... ';::===========: 3oa IIana ~ ....a. -li

    DeliCia.. ...... atlaeC-----

    ., ........ s-....1 ..... 1-

    LC).(j. ~" U&\&JIWrr

    -a ........ ,_

    ..,d TRUST CO.

    ~--F ...... D-............ Cup .....

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    T ue"" y, FebrUAry 26, 1946 THE GLENVILLE MERCURY

    Beecher Reed P roves To Be Sparkplug Recent Weddings Are Announced On Coach William Whetsell's Team

    V.M.H. Girls Defeat H .S. Lassies 17-10

    ln a prelin~inary game last Wed nesday night, the Vet'()na Ma'Ple Ball girls ov.erc.ame the High School girls by a score of 17-10. This game was f.astmoving and the spectators saw some fancy floor work from the high school girls.

    The winners were led in by Joanne Gawthrop who made most of her shots by using riJ!ht.J.handed shot. Fb1lowing' close behind Gawthrop wns pint.!ized Kathryn Elliott, but she was guard-ed close by the High School's small, but mighty Joan Barrett. Morris ton also got her utwo cents worth'' in by making 5 points. Down on the defensive side for the VMB vids. Muie F'un desM"VeS praise for t he ~arne she played She wn.s always right on the &l)Ot when need-ed and aided by tricky J oan Fore man a nd R-osie Stalnaker. who is a strong guard. The high school ~iris f-ound it hard t.o break loose to do much scoring.

    "Coach Murphy's girls were led by Faye Kight, Sophomore and Ca