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  • The Glenville Mercury Number 26 Glenville State College, Glenville, West Virgin ia Friday , April 3 , 1981

    P8L Conference *****************i He / d! Parkersburg South High *' Friday, April 3, the Phi Beta

    Lambda will be holding State PBL

    Conference at GSc. Reglstrat ion for

    all members will start at 2:30 p.m.

    The first meetin~ will begin at 3:30

    in the ballroom with speakers Dean

    Peterson, Smokey Harris and regional

    vict)-president-Tom Wilson, welcom-

    ing all member~ After the welcoming,

    campaign speeches by those runmn~

    for state are going to be given.

    The first contest will be~m at

    7.00 p.m. with a series of tests to be

    given. People entellng the contest for

    Glenville arc' Accounting I - Mark

    James, Accounting - Mary Ann Ar-

    mentrout, Business Administration -

    Dorothy Hathaway. Busincss Law -

    Jeff Borah, Office Procedure - Becky

    Coberly, Office Communication -

    Hea ther Hickman, and Ex tempor-

    aneous Speaking - Lois Miller. Barb

    White and Dale Carney are entering

    the Mr. and />1", LB.E. At 9:00 Iriday, a closed dance

    will be held in the studcnt union.

    *' School Stage Band /Choir will Saturday, breakfast will be held at !

    7:00. At 8:00 tests start again, with *' *'

    perform in th e Glenvill e State

    Coll ege auditorium at 1:30

    *' p.m. Monday. April 6. More Melanie Brown entering correspond-ing secretary; Leslie Walker - cor- ~ than 100 stud ents wi ll present responding secretary II; Sandy Dusky *' a program of Madrigal to Pop - e>.ecutive typist and Mr. & Miss * Music, und er the direction of r.B.E. mterview. Smokey Harris is

    running for Who's Who in PBL.

    An assembly will be held at 9:00

    ! Thomas Walters and Daniel *' Thomas. The progr;lIll is free ! and everyone is invited to

    a.m., combining both PBL and .high *' attend. school counter-part 1 nLA. Speakers t**************** for this will be President Simmons *' A part time sales rep resent-and State President of PBL and rBLA. ! ative position is being offe red.

    TIll' by-laws of the organization will *' Cand idates can be In coll ege. be discussed at this time and the * Student s sell in Fairmont.

    * campaign runners will be introduced *' Clarksb urg. Charlesto n and , ur-for the "",cond time. ! rounding area lor" Xerox

    At 9'35 am. voting for accep- * Company ou t of Cincinnati. tance of by-laws and state officers * Ohio. will be held. A buffet luncheon Will ; Contact C reg Love in C.n *' FranC':tH, Davis

    Mi>s GSC follow this in the ballroom at 1: 35 ~ cin nati by calli ng 1800-5 13 * for PBL members. After the lurr * 621-2200 or during the week *' cheon, installation of new officers ! of April 6 call 1-1I0(}62H570. ! Francene Davis Becomes ::~nb:o~~:e:.nd contes! winners will :"****************i '81 'Miss Glenville State'

    Fiddle Puppets To Perform ! The Kappa Delta Pi is spon,.,ring! "Celebration" ,vas ;/1(: theme *' a book drive. The books arc to be * of the 7987 Miss GSC pageant ~ giVen to underprivileged ch ildrclL !and for everyone involved it *' Anyone WIShing to donate booh * was a celebration as Fran Davis ! for this great cause m.IY drop then' !became the reigning Miss Glen-! Off at Clark Hall or the Studenl * ville State College. The contest * Affatrs Office. !began at 7:30 with a dance *********** ******~* routine that featured Angel God-

    was Lou Da,'idson who sang "Baby" and accompanied her-self on guitar. Miss Davidson was dressed in a white gO\\'/7. Marilyn King was number si>. and she performed the compos-ition "Ice Castles" on piano. Miss King wore a light peach

    "Gogging'" "What is it'" " Is it

    bigger than a bread box?" Well, for

    those who don't know what clogging

    is, this year's "GSC Week and I ield

    Day" will enligh ten you. Clogging is

    a Southern Appalachian folk dance

    that is a blend of Scottish, Lnglish,

    African and American dancing. Any-

    one interested can learn clogging at a

    workshop to be held Thursday, April


    The fiddle Puppets are four ex-

    perienced dancers who are dedicated

    to the preservation and development

    of clogging. Members of the dance

    grou pare Rod ney and r ileen Su lto n and Bev Stiver and Eddie Carson.

    Rodney and Eileen Sutton and Eddie

    Carson were the found mg members

    of the group.

    All of the members of the riddle

    Puppets have vast expellence in per-

    forming at the major folk festival in ! n,ere will he a 4-H rlCelio3 1 dare!, former Miss GSC and the United States and Canada. Clog- ""- 8 00 ~

    ;: S"nday, Ap ril 5. at : in *Executive Director Gus Pel/it ging workshops have been conducted

    by them in the Chicago rolk restival, * dIe Media Center. ! and Miss West Virginia Pamela ~*****************Paugh providing a rendition of

    the Great Hudson River Revival, the the song, "A Celebration." Philadelphia Folk Festival and the R '~ Next on the agenda was the Wheatland Bluegrass and Old-Time arenSteS eam bathing suit competition which Music Festival. I ifi had the only tie of the contest

    In add ilion to the clogging work- Qua t' t'e'c T ,_ Oe J 1 r.J, '" and saw Dena Dunlap and Donna

    shop, the fiddle Puppe!s offer in- Bumgardner as the winners. struction in the calling and formation " I \\'ish !hat peoplc knew aboul Next came the talent com-of square, round and con!ra dancing. Ihe team a nd ho\\ far thc team has petition which featured the girls The four member troup hails from gone. We are a young team and in numeric order. Fran Davis Gambrills, Maryland. are doing well in spHe of our appeared first and performed a

    inexperience," stated Bobby Nichol-

    son, coach of the I 'orcn~ ics Team.

    Mrs. Nicholson is speaking of the

    198(}'81 rorensics Team which h3\

    placcu in the top five in l:ach lourn-

    ament. Glenville placed fourth in

    the State Tournament held at Park-

    ersburg Community College this past

    weekend. Glenville finished behind

    rairmont, Ma"hall and PCe.

    Three members of the team qual-

    ified for nationals during the State

    Tournament. Eddie Harbert placed

    fifth in Persuasive Speaking. rran

    Davis placed third in Im promptu

    Speaking and Cindy Stewart Qual-

    ified in Extemporaneous Speaking.

    dramatic interpretation of [mily Dickinson. Ms. Davis was dressed in a white lace gown depicting the Victorian age of the author's time. Donna Bumgardner was number two and she performed a magic show in an outfit of black shorts and vest with a white blouse. Number three

    Evening gown competition features nine lovely models.

    Glenville will see act ion this week-

    end at Marshall University. Those

    who have not yet qualified for

    nationals will get their final chance.

    was june Casto singing "Don't Cry Out Loud" dressed in a white smock and blue jeans with a red beret. Also part of Miss Casto's attire was a Raggedy Ann doll .,..,;hich she held during the song. Connie Tanner was contestant number four and she sang the song "You've Got a Friend. " Connie was dressed in a purple tunic and black silk pants. Contestant number five

    lace gown. Karin Dix was con-tes tan t number seven "ho played an arrangement of songs on the flute. Miss Dix ,vOre yellow pants and white satin shirt. Vicki Kerriqan, contestant number eight, did a twirling routine to the music "California Dreaming." She wore a black body suit with black slippers. Dena Dun-lap was the final contestant and she performed a medley of the songs "Happy Days are Here Again" and' Come to the Cab-aret." ,~liss Dunlap was dressed in black pants, white satin shirt, Silver vest and a sequined derby. The talent contest was won by Fran Davis.

    The final competition was evening gown and again the con-testants went by numeric order. Fran [)avis, contestant number one, wore a black sequined gown. Donna Bumgardner was the sec-ond contestant and wore a peach quianna gown. A brown rust gown was worn by contestant june Casto. Connie Tanner was attired in a spaghetti strapped maroon gown. Lou Davidson wore a burgandy gown with a fishnet top. An off-the-shoulder ruffled purplegown with a bustle

    (cont. on p. 4)

  • Page Two THE GI ENVILLE MERCURY ~~~--------------------------~--

    Friday, April 3, 1981


    Theory Of Zero Year Obstacle To Reagan Shakespeare wrote, "Come what come may, time and the hour runs

    through the roughest day," and on Monday, March 30 this quote

    bears reverance to the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan's

    life. As President Reagan was leaving a Washington hotel, a gunman

    suddenly opened fire, hitting the President and three other people.

    Coincidence or not, the prediction of a president elected in a year

    ending with zero became a reality as the bullet pierced the left side

    of Reagan's chest and ricocheted off a rib and lodged in the left lung.

    Also seriously wounded was press secretary James Brady, a Secret

    Service agent and a police officer. For a few hours die country was

    thrown into confusion with people trying frantically to alleviate the

    horror, but the whole episode would not go away.

    When something like thIS happens, everyone asks the question, 'why,'

    and somehow each individual must fmd his own answer. How can

    a society produce such people and why must these people hurt someone

    eI,e before they are locked away. As SOmeone once said, "We enact

    many laws that manufacture criminals, and then a fcw that punish

    them." TIle assassinators of presidents are given life terms bu