The Glenville Glenville Mercury GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE ... ,ently group singing. ... if the...

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Transcript of The Glenville Glenville Mercury GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE ... ,ently group singing. ... if the...

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    The Glenville Mercury GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE

    Things To Cmne Tues. Dec. 9, EncUab Duo al eol

    Ieee Awll&ortam. Wed. Dec. 10, S......d &DDaal

    BoskelbaU Ruleo Clinic Tb....._ Doc. 11, West VlrriDia

    Tech pme-Debaie class In

    ~"'=: 12, Vktrola daDce at C}'IDIUISillaL

    Sal. Dtc. 13, BetbaaJ pme. San. Dee. Jt. Vespers RI'Tlce. Mo.oda,.. Dec. 1$, Three GDe-ad

    The welc~me mat Is ~ iD tbe. door or Pres. B. B. Beffln's ortl~e invitior students to eome in and ''I'd .a.cqualn.ted or problems." Dr. Benin aays \hat be ls willing and eacer &.o eld students in whatever man-nee he ean.

    Each day, when Pra. Heflin Is here. a period from 8:65 to

    Publillhed W eekl11


    More Meat Types, Bet ter Coffee S~n FoDowing StudentF~ulty Report

    pbJS at auditorium. ~~~ts."'iU be ob!ilened for stu-J Increased variety in menus anii SlDce Ibis lime halo been oet more planned. -ys o! serving pota-

    ulde tor students, why not use toes and appleae.uce are the achiev-1~ ed results !rom a study o! !00la Tech Th-.y alcM at lug Installed, and a new doorway 'rill be ~ tbn>\1111 uoe or a I P. m. 1 !::ms~ ::~~ b':;i~.!~-1\al:o 1\md whldl -wl be -- -.,.

    bunted from proftt.s of the center. PIONEERS OPEN ~m~ :o;:s~~a:~ ~J[ ='=let~: ~~:~ 1 nlre:>dy have cement noors ll.!d, and for student actiVIties. wiring ftnlshed. l>esldes a door cut

    oo11ege malnten~ cretf 1s w CAGE SCHEDULE through the old Wl\1!. 12 =~:: .. ~ !"&': j sin~ln~~ n.':t,be~~h~~ ~

    danclng :::~u:eda:.alltbe"":"-~ THURSDAY AT 8. ~~~ ... Lo~lsm~~"g~~~~ The o..n ~ the hope that for v, a!ld at times when guests are the center, pend!Dc an1val of equip- By Jobn Fryatt not m1ng the rooms they will be mtnt ~~/ormulatton of manage- Thursday night at 8 p. m., used for toUet rooms for the lounge.

    I the Pioneers of Glenville State colle~e will ~ke to ~he rampbell Sees hardwood m t h e 1 r openmg \.1 game of the 1947-48 ca~e sea- 1

    son against w est Virginia World Unrest

    !ems was appointed by Pres. H . B. Rerun and James Colllns, president frC. the student body.

    Faculty un, W ama, FrankbJ1.dge and Clarksburg; Albert Groves, Qassa.- being At the top ot 11 tree on a pace. w-:;~!11' Ml.thllda. 'waY; and Carl Custer, Parkersb}lrg. lower bran""h being England and Tattered Clothes Tell Tales da~ ng dtoured the Uhited ~tes I (Continued on Page 4} Rt thP tr~k be1ng the ~sUm Coonskin caps, and tattered and ~ ana a several times, ranking "bear.'' tom remnants of Dogpatch dUds

    !!,~~~~ w1: co~es andtunhl- .~ One-Acts Billed The Bear ; s g!"eat bluffer ac- lay scattered about on the lawn, . Y ave 8 sung a t e eording t, the soeake: , -:nust tirst mute ev1dence of the struggle Wich

    ~nli:r1~~~n~ ~~e members ot 1 At GSC, December 15 remove England from the interna- ensut>d when the sh out from the m:nt 11 ya Y at Govern-, t1onal picture before deallng wtth crowd went up, "They're off!'' Alth~u: ~ ottftw~ti i Three one-act, plays wlll be pre- America . Russi9, in order to main- Capping almost a , week of ra1lles, gram n~be 1n ~0 d on ~ sented in Glenville State college tnin an irritated feeling between (Continued o~ -page 4) ev land rs c u es mus c om I auditorium, Monday, Dec. 15, at Yllnkees and Br lti.shers, rubs the gtv~ parttcui~r ~:::, ~nth~~ 8:ls. p . m.. repom M~

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    U.S. Cannot Withstand 2nd Pearl Harh,or

    ON the CAMPUS The past Sunday was a day which, if the criteria of world brotherhood were to be reached. could very easily pass as any other Sabbath. Instea\1, Pearl Harbor Day is a time when every living American should be reminded of another J By Ball and BoUins ~un~ay-

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    Site of Pionee! -Tech Battle Thursday ~iJ~;e ;.!;::dk to I REFEREES . WILL. ~~ee~~;e ~~~ea~~ar~~~=~ MEET TOMORROW treatme-nt for Cystitis for several

    dafu~ting that she f .. ls well, Miss 2n_d .Annual Court Rules James says she Will continue teach - Chmc Slated Wednesday

    T omorrow night at 7:30 p. m . in I ing In the biology deparfulent.

    MORRONE, MATES the college gymnao\um, the North-ern West Vl.l"gln1a Board of Ap-proved Basketlball Officials w 1 11

    WIN MAA TITLE ponsor the Srond Annual Basket-tall R ules clinic. Seventeen Central West Virginia. John Morrone and his volleyball

    LOwe's fletmen met Eil- squad wen t undefea'ted through four and team 1n the first ga'mes to win the intramural volley-evenir~ and disgested Glenvillr S ta te eoUece gymnasium, wh ere the Pioneers will meet b3ll championShip which closed last

    ---,,-. . -ba.,.C146ea~m~ah~t the T~h G Olden Rears In the season b&sketball opener, Th ursday, Dec. ~0e~k.a~:e~~J>i:~ra.=~ : l':!e W~ _ Q ;:ll:::a:t:B:P::m.=======~~~:.;:;::~::-;:~- t.hree wins and one defeat each. 19 th -bened 1 Led by Bob H11rdman, Paul Tar-~- ey w~ I The ba---lled Boston ~~ Sox .. v . Lou S trader Dor ....... v ~ asu.a. and Glen annoy, M'Orrone s r.:s Reed, and ' Rub; S nnrf8 are labeled as the team to beat for Rocket:; had little trouble in breez-

    the losing team 1"' the 1948 flag 1n the American lea- ing through to the championShip Bonnie Reynolds, ROUND-UP guJ~k P~'::".ser llk~n~unl~st~;r with victories over Cook, wright,

    Craig, and Margy J ack. s~uld cause other AL rivals a lot of W~ottc~~~ Kw~lingfourth in the ~rtJ,,.n,jl"ernext contest, D~~o:!'i By Jobn Fryatt headaches along with hard-h ittin g standings with two wins and one

    , but hammered Afte& the Thanksgiving holidays Te~ ~::S ~d c:om~~ ~e~~~ ~~l~T ~ =~~:. with the same as She aid have passed and with football sea- ~:die nves:~n m bo:nd) w~ale Tournament play ,))egan last

    in rioting Luvone son practically gone, everyone 1.s P ennington will be playing before Thursday night and will finish be-46-26. At the end turning to his favorite basketball a borne- town crowd Dec. 19, wh en fore the ChriStmas holidays. After

    hal:!, the SOOTe stood atl teams throughout the ccuntry. the Pioneers encounter Bluefield vacation days intramural basketball tie, and the howling fans A-ga.!n Kentucky appears tO have the college a t Northfork, W . Va. . will begin.

    tense as the second balf got un- top ranking team along with Utah Coach carlos Ratliff will also be Standings: w L and Notre Dame close behind. returning to a home- town gym next Morrone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 o

    'Jol~in' Joe DiMaggio, star center Frtday. &atllft coached at North- Dishauzi . . . . . . . . 3 1 elder or the world champion New >fork high school for several years Westcott . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 1

    York Yankees, was voted the Am before the war where he developed Cook . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 1 erican league's most valuable play- some top-notch ball clubs. Curry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 2 er last week, Winning by the nar Some of the rans should attend Kesling . ... ... . . . . . . .. . ..... . 1 2 :~~to:e;ss~: ~~id o~~~~ :~t!ul~d~=n~~awn:'h~: WhtU! .... . ........ .. .... 1 2 Ted Wtlllams, the circuit's batting chang,:s. It might save several ar- Ellyson ' - 1 3

    chanrpion. DiMaggio previously had guments. i.':t:~: .::: .':: .':: .' .' .' .' .' .' .' .' .' .' . .' .' ~ i earned the Kenesaw Mountain A.-B Looks G ood 111 Opener Landis Memorial award in 1939 and Led by Captain Dart Wilmoth 194( with 27 points, Alderson-Broaddus

    WVU ~......, Bowl Bid ripped the lld off the state collegi-West Virgin1a university turned. ate basketball season last week,

    down an offq to play in the Harbor winning a 64-32 victory over a bam-bowl game Jan. 1, at San Diego, storming pro Great Lak~ team of calif. The athletic council h-as more former Navy stars. .

    played only the smaller college teams.

    A t tnls writing, no deer were re-ported killed by college students although sever al of the boys took the week off to go to the sections of West Virginia that were open to

    important business to be taken care Again West Virginia univei'Sity

    ~~nsu~h ~:!e~b~--~~h~ =~n{tss~k=l~e ... : r :~~ .-Y-o_u_m_ak_e_n_e_w_s_h_oes--o-ld-. Kern and oust Athletic Director tng the season Mounbaineer fans

    deer hunting.

    RDy M. (Legs! H awley. will be wondering why tbe team We make old shoes new Cam Henderson 1s starting his doesn't rate higher in the nation al

    33rd year as basketball coa:ch and standings, forgetting that WVUlha.s his 13th at ~II college. Cam'S ,-------------teams have won 235 games against only 82 defeat

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