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Transcript of Creating Jobs For Glenville

  • 1.Creating jobs in Glenville Using free computer software

2. Intro Video 3. Digital Lifestyle dashboard

  • Everyones account is based upon their own preferences and favorites
  • Relevant news, culture, events
  • Connect into existing accounts you have
  • Built in Video Help

4. Start a Virtuous Circle

  • Community organizations help sign up trainees
  • Learn basic skills, leave comments
  • Volunteer for local tasks
  • Find interesting things to read, watch or listen to
  • Earn points from volunteering and from on-line activities like blogging and making friends

5. What do you do WITH your dashboard?

  • LeBron James news
  • Hip Hop video of the day
  • Member Showcase
  • BET RadioOne updates
  • Local documentary production Our Story

6. Relevant Information

  • Art Gallery opening and Dance performance
  • Diabetes 2 help concierge service
  • Social Media ambassador contest
  • Community events

7. 1 click away from Help

  • At any time consult an on-line Video Help operator, ask them any question you wish!
  • Will provide a comfort level to everyone

8. Continuing the Virtuous Circle

  • Once youve invited a friend into our program
  • Take it to the next stage, exhibit motivation
  • Voice your own opinion
  • Start your own Group, make more friends
  • Youll be given more responsibility in volunteer tasks
  • Build trust

9. Earn your way to Internship

  • Made it through the vetting gauntlet
  • Points + Contributions + Relationship with your Group
  • Choose which kind of job you wish to learn

10. Natural skills = a Writer

  • Something youve loved all your life
  • Did well in school
  • Kept a journal, wrote for school paper
  • Now you get paid for:
    • Interviews
    • Transcriptions
    • Documentation
    • Editorials
    • Announcements

11. Work for Digital City Mechanics

  • Run a digital bureau
  • Moderate a network
  • Produce multimedia productions
  • Run internship program
  • All jobs of the future will require tech skills

12. DCM Internship programs

  • We pay for people to learn tech jobs skills
  • We place them in jobs
  • Encourage them to go off on their own
  • Help them start new companies

13. Embedded Social Media advocates

  • Social Media recognizes that people come first
  • Marketing, HR, Sales, Product management can all benefit from social media
  • Embed staff whom we pay

14. Jobs of the future = Creative

  • On-line media skills: video, photography, audio
  • Design, Editing, Production skills
  • Multimedia productions will drive our sustainable model
  • 1% create, 9% interact/engage, 90% watch

15. Even traditional jobs will change

  • Producing live events
  • Use technology to plan, schedule, sell tickets
  • Manage workers, assign tasks
  • Live webcast
  • Live production skills

16. Virtual offices

  • Tele-commuting: work at home
  • Tele-conferencing: no need to travel for a meeting
  • Virtual workplace: work wherever you are
  • On-line tools

17. Digital Bureaus scale up

  • Each bureau is one node of a network
  • Each bureau = $75k per month
  • 20 employees
  • 100 simultaneous trainees
  • Stage events
  • Live Video Help
  • Training classes
  • Computer access
  • Free dashboard software

18. Digital Citizens for a Digital Future

  • Get comfortable using computers
  • Learn job skills for tomorrow
  • New kinds of jobs

19. Looking for support

  • CWRU
  • Cleveland Foundation
  • Jewish Federation
  • Youngstown Business Incubator