The Glenville .The Glenville Mercury Sumber II Glenville State College, Glenville, West Virginia

The Glenville .The Glenville Mercury Sumber II Glenville State College, Glenville, West Virginia
The Glenville .The Glenville Mercury Sumber II Glenville State College, Glenville, West Virginia
The Glenville .The Glenville Mercury Sumber II Glenville State College, Glenville, West Virginia
The Glenville .The Glenville Mercury Sumber II Glenville State College, Glenville, West Virginia
download The Glenville .The Glenville Mercury Sumber II Glenville State College, Glenville, West Virginia

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Transcript of The Glenville .The Glenville Mercury Sumber II Glenville State College, Glenville, West Virginia

  • The Glenville Mercury Sumber II Glenville State College, Glenville, West Virginia Wednesday, November 3,1982

    Professor Elected to Office Dr. Barbara W. Tedford

    \\as elected vice-president of the West Vlrgll1la Association of College English Teachers at ItS recent meetll1g at Jackson's Mill. She served as treasurer for the past year. . Dr. Philip Bordiant, of WVU, will be the new president: and Dr. Warren Wooden, of Marshall U. will be treasurer.

    Dr. Tedford first became a member of WV ACET in 1960, when she was an inrructor in the English department at DaVIS and Ell .. illS College. She served as secretary 111 1964. the year of special Shakespeare birthda r cele-brations, and again 111 1979.

    Associate Professor of

    English at GSC slIlce 1975, Dr. Tcdford has presented three papers bcfore the group at Jackson's Mill: "The Satinc Banquet in the Works of Thomas Love Peacock," "Flannery O'Conner and the Social Classes," and an analysis of a film made by Dr. Chris Orr. "The Landscape of Tartarus: A Reading of "SlsYphv~ \\as a Good Old Bo\.' "

    Glenville State Collcge faculty havc alwa\ s been vcr\, active in WV ACET En~lish professor Esp\' Miller, William Simmons, and Chris Orr havc served terms as prcsidcnt. Attending tillS fall's meetll1g wen: professors Virginia West. W,lynl' de Rosset, Chris Orr, ' and Barbara W. Tedford.

    "Roots" Class Offered A "Roots" class designed

    to help pcrsons trace their family histor), will be offered throubh the Glenville State College Office of Concinull1j.i Edu-caClon. The class will meet from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, ov.l1. In Room 107. Science Hall, and from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday, ovember 13. Instruction' will bc provided by Dr. Bruce Flack, Professor of History, who has taught "Roots" classes several times during the past five years.

    On Thursday, Dr. Flack Will Introduc~ partiCIpants to techniques of genealo-gical research useful 111 tracing one's family

    IlIStorv. thL Saturday mcetll1g will conSist of a field 'trip to the West Virginia Archives 111 Charleston allowlI1g the utilization of both Wcst Virginia and Virgll1ia sources.

    Persons wishing to par-ticipate should contact thc Office of Continuing Education at 462-7361, Ext. 120. Enrollment is limited: persons who have not pre-cnrolled will be acccptcd the first nigh t of class onl)' on a space availablc baSIS. The collegc reserves the righ t to cancel the class 111 case of insufficicnt enroll-ment. A fee is charged for participation.

    Rehearsing a love scene from Act I of "Buefoot In The Park" are Lou

    Davidson and Mke Dotson.

    The Pioneer Cen -ter has a Button machine that it will rent out to clubs, organizations, groups and individ-uals for a small fee (% of profits).

    Forum Discussed The Student Congress

    of GSC held a 'Student Forum' on October 28, at 12:30 in the Verona Mapel Room. rhe Forum for students to come vOice their complaints and opinions about campus related topics to the Student Congress. However, the turnout at thc forum was surprisingly low.

    Mrs. Banks (Raeleen McM ill io n) discusses getting a job with Corie

    Bratter (Lou Davidson).

    One problem discussed was the 'apathy' on campus. Also, thc lI1tra- Cast Readies Performance mural program was Newly weds. New York discussed. Ideas wcre in February. Eccentric tossed around for some neighbors. Albaniean cui-solution to the 'apathy' sine. Mix these ingredients or lack of interest on with a late party and too campus, To pull the much alcohol. The product school closer togethcr, is going to be disaster. This pOSSIbly thc R.A. 's can is exactly what happens in get the floors competing the Neil Simon three-act and becoming intcrested p lay BAREFOOT IN THE in GSC, making it a PARK. BAREFOOT is the campu,-wide proJect. first play of the GSC 1982-One solution to the 83 Theatre season. Per-intramural program was formances are scheduled for to have the PhYSical 8:00 in the Auditorium, Education Majors Club November 11, 12, and 13. gCt II1volved and to BAREFOOT IN THE choose student commit- PARK is one of Neil tees to help plan the Simon's early Broadway Intramural program. successes along with THE Other topiCS brought up ODD COUPLE, The p lay were the so-called 'Quiet is a zany comedy about a Hours' of GSC and the young New York married health-care at GSC. couple consumed with

    . passion. They bounce from Chapter Plans Meetmg the passion of romance to

    The Glenvule State the passion of illogical College Student Chapter of argument. Mike. Dots~n, the Council for Exceptional a freshman English Major Children will hold its first from Parkersbu rg, and meeting of the semester on Lou. Davidson, a sen ior Tuesday, November 9, from E.ngli~h and Or~1 Commu-4:00 until 6:00 in Clark n lcatlOns Major from Hall, Room 101. The topic Williamsto.wn, play Paul for the meeting will be: and Cone Bratter, the "Everything you wanted to newlyweds. The ro le of know about teaching, but Paul was creat~d on were afraid to ask!" Several Broadway and In t he teachers from nearby Hollywood fil~ by Rob.e~t schools will participate in a Redford. Cone was ongl-forum and will share their nated on Broadway by experiences in setting up classrooms during the first year, discussing what to expect during the first two years of teaching, and telling about what to do when the unexpected happens. All students and faculty are invited to attend, share their exper-iences, and ask questions. For further information, contact Dr. Clifford Young, ext. 300.

    Elizabeth Ashby and on film by Jane Fonda.

    Corie's mother, Mrs. Bank} (Ethe l to her f riends) co mes to life o n t he GSC stage in t he ab le body of Rae leen McMillion, a se nior English major from Summersville. Mrs. Banks wakes up in the t h ird act on the thick rugs of Victor Velasco's attic apart ment. Velasco, the eccentric neighbor, lives frenetically through the

    physic and physiognomy of Danny Bayer, a senior edu-cation major from Parkers-burg.

    The cast is rounded out beautifully by the cameo performances of Joe Stephens, a sophomo re English Ma jor from Parkersburg, and Bi ll Anderson, a junior from Summersville. Step hens plays Harry Pepper, a breathless telepho ne repairman who is becoming leary of long distance. Anderson appears, also breathlessly, as a sixty-year: old Lord and Tay lor's de livery man.

    T ickets for the t h ree performances go o n sa le T hursday, November 4, in front of the aud itoriu m and in the lobby of the Pioneer Center.

    Director Mrs. Linda McKown has been enthu-siastical ly assisted by props chairman, bookholder, and stage manager Lois Mill er, a senior business majo r from Shock, West Virgi n ia.

    Literary Publication Schedules Meeting

    The editorial personnel of Trill ium, a publication of poems and short stories by Glenville State College students to be published in March 1983, is now selecttng material from what has been submi tted.

    There will be a meeting on November 4, and on November 18. Those interested in attending should check the bulletin board outside of the Language Division in the Admil)istration Building for the time and place.

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    Hunters: Review The Basics As the slow rising fog elevates from a sleeping campus and a

    cold chilly morning leads to the promise of snowy days in the future, hunters of Glenville State College gather their gear and travel to a favorite hunting spot. Hopefully. after a few hours of hunting)they will return to the campus with their desired prey.

    The scene I have just described is one of serene calmness but with a pull of a trigger or a slip of a foot it could turn into a nightmare of terror, the idea of being careless while hunting should al\\lOys weigh heavily on the mind of an experienced hunter. It seems that every year a human being is needlessly shot or killed by a faultless hunter. This kind of tragedy is one our campus need not experience.

    I hope that all hunters of Glenville State College take time to review the basic safety rules of hunting and use these safety tips wisely. Remember hunters, your life is more important than a trophy to hang on a wall!

    Betty Wells Editor

    Ferguson Concert Reviewed How does one describe the Maynard Ferguson concert? TOO

    GOOD! The band was a group of professional musicians from different states and he proved to us how he became wealthy and famous.

    The selection of music \\lOS good (With the exception of too many solos) and the sound was terrific. The sound and the high notes that came out of Ferguson's trumpet were awesome. The band played numbers from their two new albums, "Hollywood" and "Storm." They also went back in time and played some of the popular, older songs. The biggest hit came when they left us "with a few words from Sylvester Stallone" by playing "Gonna Fly Now" (Theme from Rocky).

    Maynard himself did act personal with the audience and seemed to be a common and entertaining person. Most of us liked this. He didn't put on airs and sit on a pedestal. As far as I am concerned, Maynard Ferguson is welcome here any time.


    The Student Newspaper Phone 462-7361 , Ext. 2 90

    Published weekly and entered as second class ma,l at the Post Office at Glenville, West Vir-91n ,a 26351 . Subscriptions $5.00 a year.

    Janice Boggs

    Editor . . . ... ... . . . . . . . . . . ........ .. . .... ...... Betty Wells

    Associate Editor . .... .. ... .. .................... Debbie Moore

    Assistant Editor ... . . . .. .. . . .. .... . ..... .. . .. . . .. Canon Smith Sports Editor .. . .. ..... . .... .. . . .... . . . ......... Steve Keenan

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